First Memory by Anna W.

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In The Giver the first memory given to Jonas was snow. If I were to give a first memory to someone it would be vacation. I would do this so their first memory would be a good one! The memory would start with flying in a plane to reach the destination. I wold make the destination be Hawaii! The vacation would be for a week and it would be filled with family fun and activities. One memorable activity would be snorkeling. Another reason why I would give this memory away first is to let the Receiver in training experience an environment much different from the environment he or she lives in!


The First Memory to Give Away by Franny

In Language Arts class, we are reading a book called The Giver. The main character in this book is named Jonas. He lives in a community (that I am guessing is in the future) and the community has gone to “sameness.” This is where there are no feelings or harmful things and no temperature or weather, etc. There is even no color and the people are assigned jobs. Jonas is assigned the role as Receiver of Memories so that the rest of his community does not have to bear the memories of life outside their own and of the world and their community, and back, and back, and back. He is being trained by the Giver who gives him the memories.

If I were the Giver, the first memory I would give, to let the new receiver understand, would be of family. This would be because it would give the receiver a chance to know that there were many ways of living a long time ago, and people lived differently by ways other than the ways of the community. It would give a good start to what the Receiver would be receiving, and it would give me a place to begin to explain. Plus, family is happy memories and it would be good to not start out with an intense, or painful memory.

A Memory by Alex P.

In class, we are still currently reading “The Giver”. The Giver is an aged man who has burdened with the memories of the world and previous generations, before there was Sameness and Climate Control. The Giver has a successor, the Receiver, who has to accept the memories of joy and grief.

If I were the Giver, the first memory I would give is the memory of the Olympics. This would teach the successor about the diversity there once was. It would show him or her that differences is okay, and that he or she should not be afraid or ashamed of them. It would also give him or her the experience of pride, excitement, prejudice, and joy. The scene would be during the opening ceremony, when all the athletes representing their countries proudly walk in the procession. It would show all the faces and traditional dress of each nationality, you would be able to hear music and the announcer saying the name of each country. This would teach the Receiver to appreciate each person’s culture and talent (which in this case would be the different kinds of sports).


First Memory By: Ellie

In Language Arts class we are reading The Giver. The Giver is an old man that has memories of the world before Sameness.

If I were The Giver I would give away the memory of cherry blossoms blowing off of a tree in the spring because, firstly, cherry blossoms are beautiful, and secondly they smell really nice from a distance. In the memory I would include a meadow where the cherry blossom tree is on top of and a garden with the most vibrant colored flowers that would smell sweet. I think that the Receiver would enjoy this memory because of the beauty of it all.


The Giver First Memory by David

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In our class, we are discussing what memory would be the first to give to Jonas. If it was my decision, I would give him the memory of all of the Receivers before him learning to be a Receiver. This would show him how important the job was, and how it can be good and bad. It would show him to live his job, and be proud.


The First Memory I Would Give by: Kay Y.





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In language arts class we are reading The Giver by: Louis Lowry. The first memory I would give is when I got my dog! I would give this memory first because it shows love, family, pets and caring all in one memory! She bounded up to me and jumped into my arms, she liked me and my sister and was so lively, and happy my family knew we had to have her! She played with us, climbed on top of us and stayed with us. She was welcomed into my family instantly and well loved from the second we saw her. It is truly one of the best memories that I have!


The Memory That I Would Give Away First by Grace






In the Donnelly Blue Language Arts class we are reading the book “The Giver”. In it Jonas, the main character, is the new Receiver of Memory, and the current Receiver of Memory is in the process of giving him all the memories in the world.

The memory that I think I would give first is the memory of a birthday party, because everyone is really happy, and you are getting presents, and everyone is feeling love, joy, friendship, closeness, warmth, and happiness. Everyone is having fun. You would also experience, cake and other good foods. That is why I would chose a birthday party as the first memory I would give to someone.

What should be Jonas’s first memory? by: Ashwin Singh

In the book The Giver , the giver gives memories of the past to Jonas. The first memory Jonas received was sledding down a snowy hill. If I was the Giver I would have given the memory of the ocean. That would have shown Jonas the beauty of the outdoors and show him that the world is much bigger than just the community. It would also ease him into receiving memory because there would be no pain involved and it would be relaxing.

Pacific Morning

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First Memory by Isha

In chapter 11 in the giver Jonas receives his first memory. We were asked what If we were the Giver what memory we would have shared with Jonas. I think my first memory I would have shared with Jonas would have been color, one of the things that is hard not to notice if you live in the world we do. We see it everyday don’t we?  The exact memory I would give him would be of a rainbow that you can see from the corner of your eye when a sprinkler is on.

Another thing I might have given Jonas as a first memory is when its raining but the sun is still out. I love it when this happens, its so beautiful. He would see the sun and rain two in one and both really beautiful!

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