What should be Jonas’s first memory? by: Ashwin Singh

In the book The Giver , the giver gives memories of the past to Jonas. The first memory Jonas received was sledding down a snowy hill. If I was the Giver I would have given the memory of the ocean. That would have shown Jonas the beauty of the outdoors and show him that the world is much bigger than just the community. It would also ease him into receiving memory because there would be no pain involved and it would be relaxing.

Pacific Morning

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3 thoughts on “What should be Jonas’s first memory? by: Ashwin Singh

  1. I really like the idea of showing Jonas the ocean. I think it’s time he sees more water than the river that connects his community with another (supposedly). I also think he needs to know about the beach as well. Nice post!

  2. Well said Ashwin nothing like the peaceful ocean to represent the outdoors.

  3. I agree. Your idea was good. I liked it. Although, personally I think you should describe it more.
    Still, I liked it.

    Rod P

    PS: Why did nobody look or comment on my post? ūüôĀ

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