Picture with a Dolphin by Annie N


Photo from FlickrCC

I was in Florida with my family and we went to the Miami Seacuarium to see the whale show. I got soaked because I walked up to the area where the whale jumped up because I was really hot that day. After the show was over I saw a man yelling “Swimming and pictures with Dolphins!” over and over again. I asked my mom if I could swim with one since I have always wanted to so we asked how long would the swimming be and he said 30 minutes so it wasn’t worth it so we took a picture instead. We where waiting in line and you could see the dolphins jump out of the water on to a little wet and slippery platform. It was finally our turn. The man said that the dolphins name was Indigo. He jumped out of the water and right in front of us. He felt hard, rubbery, wet, and cold. ” Smile” and it was over. I wish I could go to that day again.

India by: Ashwin S.

Well I’m in India right now visiting my relatives. Internet isn’t that good. So I decided to check out the blog and here I am. Well, I’m with my uncle who’s a retired military doctor, who’s a heart surgeon. I’m having seeing my relatives. Playing video games and running around outside. It’s really hot and the monsoon hasn’t been doing its work here in Uttar Pradesh ( a state in India). I went to Agra recently and saw the Taj Mahal recently and it was one of the most amazing things I’ve seen. One of the things I’m not enjoying is the huge electricity shortage. In the place where I am the electricity goes away every hour. It goes away because not enough people pay for it and a lot of people who don’t want to pay for it just tap electricity from electricity cables. Well that’s it for now.

Syracuse! by Matthew

Hello! I haven’t posted in a while… I just got internet on Monday. I moved from Durham to Syracuse two weeks ago! We are still painting our rooms, so I have slept on the couch the last 9 days. I joined the YMCA and their pool is AWESOME! It has a basketball hoop in the 1 foot section, a huge heated slide, and much more. The lakes up here are awesome too. We drove over Lake Oneida today. It was awesome. I’ve been without TV for 2 weeks. 🙁

In other words, SYRACUSE IS AWESOME!

Hi Guys! By Rod

Hello from Boston! I’m standing here in my mom’s apartament staring at the hotel HYATT.We just moved out of the old house and I saw the new family move in yesterday.( just to be secure) You can see everything from here! Even a white bird flying very close to the window. A police car’s siren, the guy being pulled over, (not to be spying) im watching the whole thing! The cop just pulled over a van and the guy is being summoned for a ticket, if you know what I mean. It’s very nice over here and say hi to my friends for me!

Sorry, I can’t post a picture on this computer.

Hi Gus!

Highlights of 6th Grade! By: Forbes C

There were several fun/challenging highlights of 6th grade. Something that I learned academically are some really good study habits. My favorite way to study is by using Quizlet! Every single teacher of mine were amazing! In 6th grade we got to go to Camp Cheerio. Camp Cheerio was sooo fun! I was a new student this year so at Cheerio I got to meet so many cool kids in are grade! These are just a few of many highlights from the 6th grade!

Reflections for 6th Grade By: Cheyse L.

I think this year was exciting. I had so many different experiences and I met new students throughout the year. I have improved in so many different ways and I still can work on some of them. I have many goals for next year but the big one that I want to work on is focusing in class and homework more. I made many mistakes during the year and it has helped me create new goals. So I want to continue doing what I do and become a better student each year. I have really enjoyed the 6th grade and I’m going to miss it.

Sixth Grade by Tatum

We are finishing up our sixth grade year!:) Sixth grade has been an exciting year! I learned many things this year! I mainly learned how to study for tests. I think that fith graders can look forward to the wonderful events we have, the amazing teachers, and learning new things. I especially liked field day this year because it was our last field day, but I am very excited for sports next year. Sixth grade has been a very fun year!!!!