Reflections for 6th Grade By: Cheyse L.

I think this year was exciting. I had so many different experiences and I met new students throughout the year. I have improved in so many different ways and I still can work on some of them. I have many goals for next year but the big one that I want to work on is focusing in class and homework more. I made many mistakes during the year and it has helped me create new goals. So I want to continue doing what I do and become a better student each year. I have really enjoyed the 6th grade and I’m going to miss it.

iPad Stylus By Cheyse L.

Today in class we got to test out three different kinds of iPad styluses. They are Bamboo, Amazon Basic, and Cosmonaut. My favorite is the Bamboo because of many reasons. One reason is that it is the smallest and has a convenient clip. It will be easy to carry around on campus. Another reason is that it is easy to grip and feels comfortable in my hand. The Amazon Basic was good but it felt a little easy and it wasn’t as easy to grip. The Cosmonaut is to big and hard to grip. That is why I like the Bamboo best.

The Giver by Cheyse

If I had an assignment in The Giver I would be a Nurturer, Doctor, or a Entertainer. I would want to be a Nurturer because I love playing with babies. They make me laugh when they laugh and I have so much fun. I would want to be a Doctor because I’m into that kind of stuff. I have always been into that stuff even when I was a kid. I would want to be a Entertainer because I love to dance and sing. I have been dancing since I was 2 so I would be good at that. If I had to choose I wouldn’t because it would be too hard.


How Phase 10 Relates to My Life By: Cheyse L.

My family and I play games like Jenga, Life, Monopoly, Cadoo, Blink, Pictionary, Call of Duty, Halo, Temple Run, and Angry Birds but the one that I can really relate to is Phase 10. Phase 10 is a card game that I play with my sister most of the time. You go through 10 phases and you are trying to get through the tenth phase first. It’s a really complicated game. That’s how my life is complicated. In phase ten if you don’t get through the phase you’re on and someone passes you, you will still have to work on the phase you’re on. That is how Phase 10 relates to my life.

If I Woke Up As An Adult By: Cheyse L.

If I woke up as an adult I would wake up in a huge mansion in California with a huge aquarium in my room and a red Lamborghini. I would be super rich and have three children, two girls named Alexis and Jade and a boy named Jake. In our huge mansion we would have a swimming pool, hot tub, wave pool, recording studio, dance studio, massage room, bungee jumping room, skydiving room, flying room, pet house, and a private mall. My private mall will be called Cali Sun Mall it will have all of the coolest stores and eating places. My pet house will have tons of dogs (not too many) and will be a actual house a miniature separate house on my mansion. My husband will be super famous and I will be SUPER famous for singing and dancing. My kids will go to a private school for free and get anything they need from our private mall. I will have tons of albums, dvd’s, singles (popular songs) made by me all over the world and selling fast. My family and I will live happily forever after.

2012 is a New Year!!! by: Cheyse L.

2012 is a New Year! We all should make a change. We can do it and make better grades. I made some New Year resolutions as the Ball dropped in Times Square. My New Year resolutions are:

  • To make better grades.
  • To make new friends.
  • To spend more time with my family.
  • To do better in TDF (my dance company).
  • To do better in DST (my dance school).
  • To have fun all year long!
  • Many more!

Those are all of mine. What are yours? Thank you for reading. I hope you had fun as the clock ticked to 12:01.

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My Science Project: Chinchilla by Cheyse L.

For my science project I chose the chinchilla. I named my chinchilla Jessie, a long-tailed, and her friend Nina. Jessie talks all about her habitat, her physical appearance, her diet, her current status, and her reproduction cycle. Here are some cool facts about chinchillas:

  • Chinchillas are nocturnal animals.
  • Chinchillas fur is the most valuable fur in the world.
  • Chinchillas weigh up to about 1.8 pounds.
  • Chinchillas can live up to twenty year and some live longer.
  • Chinchilas release fur when caught by a predator.
If you want to know more you can read my article later. I’m excited about the finished product and I glad I chose the chinchilla. I hope you enjoyed reading this. Thank you for reading.

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