6th Grade by Katie C


In sixth grade I did a lot of things. Some of things are in Language Arts class where we drew brains, and put stuff in them that we think would be in our brains. In science class we built and launched rockets. In math class we learned about integers and in history we researched about a place in India and did a presentation to show the class. In art we drew a Victorian house. In French we had a French fest and PE we did fitness tests.

In seventh grade I am looking forward to many new things. Some things are school sports, after school and a study hall. Another thing I am looking forward to is school dances. Another thing I am looking forward to is picking my fine art. These are just some of the things I am looking forward to in seventh grade.

Membean by Franny

From: www.membean.com

Over the sixth grade school year, my Language Arts class has been using an online program that helps you learn new vocabulary words and keep them to have and use in daily life. The title of this blog post probably gives away the name of the program, but if you haven’t noticed, it’s called Membean. Membean is a pretty cool program.

Over this year, we have had vocabulary lists and Membean study sessions. My favorite part of Membean is that once you have learned a new word, you keep on being quizzed on it, even once you have cleared the certain level that it was introduced on. There are many other cool things like the fact that not only does it quiz your skill on the words, but it also quizzes you on the certain root words that appear in more than a few words. It quizzes you with word constellations (connections of synonyms were you have to fill in the word), pictures with words, definitions, roots, and many other cool word hooks. After you read this post, I hope you visit the site at membean.com. Thanks for reading!


Reflections for 6th Grade By: Cheyse L.

I think this year was exciting. I had so many different experiences and I met new students throughout the year. I have improved in so many different ways and I still can work on some of them. I have many goals for next year but the big one that I want to work on is focusing in class and homework more. I made many mistakes during the year and it has helped me create new goals. So I want to continue doing what I do and become a better student each year. I have really enjoyed the 6th grade and I’m going to miss it.

Sixth Grade by Tatum

We are finishing up our sixth grade year!:) Sixth grade has been an exciting year! I learned many things this year! I mainly learned how to study for tests. I think that fith graders can look forward to the wonderful events we have, the amazing teachers, and learning new things. I especially liked field day this year because it was our last field day, but I am very excited for sports next year. Sixth grade has been a very fun year!!!!