6th Grade by Katie C


In sixth grade I did a lot of things. Some of things are in Language Arts class where we drew brains, and put stuff in them that we think would be in our brains. In science class we built and launched rockets. In math class we learned about integers and in history we researched about a place in India and did a presentation to show the class. In art we drew a Victorian house. In French we had a French fest and PE we did fitness tests.

In seventh grade I am looking forward to many new things. Some things are school sports, after school and a study hall. Another thing I am looking forward to is school dances. Another thing I am looking forward to is picking my fine art. These are just some of the things I am looking forward to in seventh grade.

iPad for Sixth Grade by Katie

Photo taken by Katie

I think iPads for sixth grade are very helpful. When you need to do something, like go on a website for school, you can just get out your iPad and go to the website. There are many apps to help you get your work done. One of my favorite apps is calendar because I can write down my homework for the day. Some more apps that are helpful are Sketchbook x or Doodle Buddy because for blog posts and other things, if you need to draw a picture, you can use one of the apps. My favorite app is Evernote because you can take notes on it or your teachers can put something there and you can see it. I like the iPads and think they are a helpful way for sixth graders to learn.


Membean by Katie


In Language Arts class, we do Membean. Membean is a website that helps you learn new vocabulary words. I like Membean a lot because it gives me many different ways to learn the new words. I noticed that I learn best when I repeat the word and it comes back up every so often. Membean does that and the word keeps coming back up until I learn it.

We wrote the Membean developers letters. I wrote in my letter about where the “I’m done” button is and that it should be moved because it is right above the “Continue” button and sometime I hit the wrong button. The Membean team wrote back and said that they are going to move the button.

I really like Membean and I think it really helps me learn. I think other students should do it too. It is a great way to learn and it is fun too. It is fun because they have videos for when you get introduced to the word. The videos are my favorite part about Membean. Membean is a great way to learn new words and I love it.


My Ideal Teacher by Katie C.

In LA class we are reading the book The Giver by Lois Lowry. The Giver is about an ideal society. My ideal teacher would be a teacher that’s nice but strict. Also, they would be a good teacher, but in class we would have fun while learning. They would teach us very well so we would learn a lot. Every so often the teacher would give us some candy if we do very well on something. Also, the teacher would have us write on paper with pens and pencils, because you learn it better if you write it. They would be nice and helpful. The teacher would not give you a lot of homework, but some homework so we can get better at what we are learning. That would be my ideal teacher.


Community Service #2 by Katie C.

Photo Drawn by Katie C.

At Durham Academy we do community service. We did community service for the second time this school year. My advisory went to the Durham Rescue Mission Thrift Shop. There we sorted though cloths to make the color and sizes right. We would go through all the cloths and put the colors with each other. A few of my friends and I sorted one rack together. We help the people by making it easier for them to shop. We got to help people who do not have as much as us, and that made my feel good about myself. I love to help people and community service is a great way to do it. That is what I did for Community Service.


Lady Or Tiger by Katie

The photo of Katie’s drawing was taken by Katie.

The Lady Or The Tiger? 

The youth walked to the door with confidence. He trusted the princess. If she loves me then she will let me live a happy life with a fair lady, he thought. He looked up at the crowd and the princess. The princess looked like the sun in her golden dress.

Right before the youth grabbed the handle, panic shot through him like a rocket. He shook the panic off knowing the princess will do what she thinks is best. The crowd was so quiet you could hear the youth breathing. Hands reaching, mind spinning the youth reached for the door handle. He grabbed the cold, silver handle of the door to the right.

Then the youth turned and walked quietly to the door to the left. He was close to the door and for one last time, he glanced at the princess. She was mad and kept moving her hand to the right. He wanted to die because he would rather die than be with another lady. He opened the door.

The youth was surprised. Standing before him was the tiger eating the fair lady. The tiger dropped the lady and chased him. The crowd gasped and then started to cheer as the tiger chased the youth around.

The tiger leaped into the air. The youth screamed. Claws stretching, teeth snapping the tiger sailed through the air. The tiger landed on the youth. You could hear the bones breaking. The hungry tiger ate the youth. The princess watched as the youth died.

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