My Ideal Teacher by Katie C.

In LA class we are reading the book The Giver by Lois Lowry. The Giver is about an ideal society. My ideal teacher would be a teacher that’s nice but strict. Also, they would be a good teacher, but in class we would have fun while learning. They would teach us very well so we would learn a lot. Every so often the teacher would give us some candy if we do very well on something. Also, the teacher would have us write on paper with pens and pencils, because you learn it better if you write it. They would be nice and helpful. The teacher would not give you a lot of homework, but some homework so we can get better at what we are learning. That would be my ideal teacher.


Community Service By: Sam G.






A few days ago all 6th Grade students and advisors went to to serve our community of North Carolina. My Advisory went to a place in Carboro called TABLE. TABLE is a place where people all over the world bring in food for kids in Carboro schools that don’t have enough food to eat over the weekend.

TABLE has a great staff and they explained everything to our advisory when we went inside. First, we weighed the food and did a lot of math in doing so, then we checked the expiration dates on the items and put food that was not expired in one pile and expired in the other pile. Then we put all the foods onto a yellow cart and put the foods into bins by the shelves. The total amount of food weighed was 260.5 pounds! My experience was a great one knowing that I am helping people by bringing in food and organizing it, but the best part was doing it with staff and my good friends.


Wisdom Tales Comic by Michiko








In class we made a comic based on one of our wisdom tales. I chose a tale called Old Dog And Coyote. It is about an old watch dog who was sleeping while a coyote chased the farmer’s chickens. The dog went to find his own food and he found the coyote. He helped the coyote and the coyote helped the dog get the farmers trust back. I chose to do my pictures on Sketchbook Express on my iPad. For me, getting the pictures on to the computer was hard. I emailed them to myself but it continued to freeze. After I got the pictures on to the computer it was easy. I really liked doing a project on comic life and I hope I get to do it again.

How To Use Numbers in a Sentence by Nathan

So for LA we had to do a grammar project! I did how to use numbers in a sentence because I wanted to know how to use them to improve my writing. Here is one rule: if you have two numbers in a row, spell out the first. That means in a sentence like: There were 12 7 year olds in the room, you would change it to: There were twelve 7 year olds in the room. It was fun presenting all of the rules then giving a little quiz to the class (which they passed!).

Screen shot by me!

Camp Cheerio by Nathan

That was such a fun trip! The whole point of it was to get to know a bunch of friends. It was perfect for me because I’m new and I had three solid days to make friends instead of  squeezing it in with classes. The friends I had before camp I got to know even better and I know almost everyone now! Some of the activities included- rope courses, canoeing, mudslide, zip line, hiking Stone Mountain, archery, and many more!

The nights were just as fun as day activities. For the two nights we were there we split up into two groups by advisories (kind of like homeroom) and either went to campfire stories or energizer. I had campfire stories the first night. The second night of course I had energizers which was one of the most fun things there for me because I’m super enthusiastic. Therefore my friend and I went all out dancing and on all the activities. Finally, I ended up on the stage with the two counselors that were teaching the dances right when the whole 6th grade walked in and I was having a blast dancing to Party Rock. Next summer I am so going back!

Me at the top of the vertical playpen

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

Mudslide Fun! By: Ellie M.

While I was at Camp Cheerio I went down the mudslide, which is so much fun. I was very scared because the pool of water that I went in has a visibility level of about 1 inch. I was very scared but the counselor said that the other girls didn’t go until the very end and they regretted not going sooner. So I waited a few minutes and watched people go down the slide. They were going pretty fast down the slide. I was not surprised though because the slide was very steep. One person did a face first landing straight in the water because he sat up at the end and the momentum shot him straight into the water. This made me not want to go down so I waited a few minutes, but against my own will I went down. I lay down on the the tarp. I crossed my knees and the counselor pushed me down. I was scared going down the slide, but when I plopped in the pool I wanted to do it again. The original with the mud visibility was now almost gone as I went down the slide many more times, and by the end of the day my feet were all muddy.

Camp Cheerio Mudslide

By Mrs. Donnelly

Cheerio Activities By Joanna

The 6th grade trip was to Camp Cheerio. At Camp Cheerio we did a lot of fun things. Most of the activities were really fun. Some of the activities that were especially enjoyable were the zip line, the mud slide and the vertical playpen. On the zip line, we walked up a big forested hill with our portable zip line clips and zip lined back over the forest. At the mud slide, there was a hose and it spewed water over a slip and slide that was draped over a steep hill. I tried it even though I didn’t have a bathing suit on. The vertical playpen was a bunch of ropes that had wooden posts attached in different ways to them. Some were really hard and some were easier. I liked going to Camp Cheerio.


Photos by Mrs. Donnelly

Camp Cheerio Fun By Katie C.

A few weeks ago in school we went to Camp Cheerio. All of the activities were fun. One activity we did was the zip line. We also went on a mud slide and got very muddy. Another fun one was the rock climbing wall and the vertical playpen. One day we went canoeing on the second oldest river in the world. The hike was tiring but the view was very pretty. The cabins at Cheerio were nice and it was fun at night to whisper and talk.  I loved Camp Cheerio.

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

What App I Like- Ryan H

I really like PaperPort Notes because you can use so many things with it even talking to write the story or post like I made this by. This is a demo of how useful but using this, but I think it’s more useful than confusing. The following is what appeared on the screen when I used dictation. Dictation is when I talk and the iPad writes the notes.

” You can go so far with talking mixed stories or anything you’ll be so much faster if you have already low I say to make Justin Bieber yet to say just say animal Peion a piece of paper and maybe if you want to make a long long story but for example hairy Potter was so long he would cut the time at least half by just talking. Though there is a downside on this at their minds in a while it says things you don’t really want to say. I think if you ate yourself you can do amazing things with this is just a first copy and the Sociale what I can do with this if you go so far you can do so many things such a short time. I really think a lot of people enjoyed this app and I think it will be so helpful and I think we should always keep this is so fun. You can use it to have fun or do class work either one because you can just play around and use it to help so much. I hope we keep PaperPort notes”

Sometimes is doesn’t always record exactly what you say. For example, I said “Harry Potter” and it recorded “hairy potter”. I said something about a blog and it recorded “Justin Bieber”. If you edit you will be fine and it will still be a useful app.


Playing around with notes

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