Zip-lining at Cheerio by Sylvia

Zip-lining at Camp Cheerio was really fun. It was also really high, which made it even more fun. I thought most of our time was gone by the time we finished putting harnesses on and talking about all the rules, and the hill was very steep, but that wasn’t much of a problem. Actually, we had plenty of time, even though I only got to go twice. While I was on the zip-line, I felt like I was flying, but of course, that’s not possible. Then I tried leaning backwards. That was really fun. Unfortunately, I was the first one that didn’t get to go three times, so I just waited for everyone to come down. I was sad to leave the zip-line, but then I had the mud slide to look forward to.

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly


Cheerio Activities By Joanna

The 6th grade trip was to Camp Cheerio. At Camp Cheerio we did a lot of fun things. Most of the activities were really fun. Some of the activities that were especially enjoyable were the zip line, the mud slide and the vertical playpen. On the zip line, we walked up a big forested hill with our portable zip line clips and zip lined back over the forest. At the mud slide, there was a hose and it spewed water over a slip and slide that was draped over a steep hill. I tried it even though I didn’t have a bathing suit on. The vertical playpen was a bunch of ropes that had wooden posts attached in different ways to them. Some were really hard and some were easier. I liked going to Camp Cheerio.


Photos by Mrs. Donnelly