The Memory by Jenny






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In The Giver Jonas is being told many memories that are happy and sad from the Giver. If I was the Giver I would first give away the memory of memory of war. In this memory, a boy rode a gleaming brown horse across a field that smelled of damp grass. This was also a memory of pain and loneliness. In this memory there was lots of blood and horse riding, and it was very sad.

I would give this memory away first because it is a very sad memory, and I would want to give away all of the bad memories first. I would want to give the bad ones away first because after you go through your little stage of sadness hearing all of these sad memories you could hear all of the happy and joyful memories at the end to cheer you back up! This is my opinion of how memories should be told, what memory would you tell first?


Giver Memory by Sylvia

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In the book, “The Giver,” Jonas becomes the new Reciever of Memory. The Giver (the previous Reciever of Memory) gives Jonas memories that only he himself can hold. In the book, the first memory given to Jonas is snow and sledding. I think it would be fun for that to be the first memory but what I’m about to say is a good way to start.

The first memory I might give away is the feeling of excitement on my first slide in preschool. I might give this away because it would give a good start to the person I was giving the memory to. Or the accomplishment of my first step I ever took because it gives the person a beginning. I might give the anxiety of the beginning of a race, or the memory of a beautiful sunrise across the ocean, which gives you the feeling that it’s the beginning of the day. All these memories symbolize a feeling, and the start to something. I wouldn’t give away war first because that would scare the person and get them off to a really bad start.


First Shared Memory by Will P

If I were the Giver and I were to train Jonas, the first memory I would give away would be the memory of my last trip to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. This would be the first memory I would give away because it is probably my favorite memory. I would want to start Jonas off with an awesome and a very fun memory even though I wouldn’t be able to have it anymore. I wouldn’t care that I wouldn’t have it anymore because I have been to Universal (and other theme parks) many times. Also, I will go to these places again and I will go to theme parks I have never been to. I would simply want to ease Jonas into the process by starting him off with something very fun.

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A Memory by Alex P.

In class, we are still currently reading “The Giver”. The Giver is an aged man who has burdened with the memories of the world and previous generations, before there was Sameness and Climate Control. The Giver has a successor, the Receiver, who has to accept the memories of joy and grief.

If I were the Giver, the first memory I would give is the memory of the Olympics. This would teach the successor about the diversity there once was. It would show him or her that differences is okay, and that he or she should not be afraid or ashamed of them. It would also give him or her the experience of pride, excitement, prejudice, and joy. The scene would be during the opening ceremony, when all the athletes representing their countries proudly walk in the procession. It would show all the faces and traditional dress of each nationality, you would be able to hear music and the announcer saying the name of each country. This would teach the Receiver to appreciate each person’s culture and talent (which in this case would be the different kinds of sports).


Memory by Frederick

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If I had to give a memory, it would be me watching a movie. The reason why I would give away this memory because it is relaxing, with popcorn, soda, and candy. It would also be very interesting in that community because they have no such thing. I would probably show a sports movie because they don’t have sports either.


My Memory by Bella K.

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The first memory I would give away would be swimming, starting from the moment when you dive into the water and feel the sudden cool sensation. Or the moment when you look up underwater, you’d see the sight of the water above you which looks really cool, but the in the memory you’d be holding your nose so that there will be no pain in the wonderful memory (it hurts slightly for a minute if a lot of water go in your nose). Anyone would love to make themselves happy on a hot summer day just by jumping into what it would seem like heaven. Just keep swimming and don’t care about what’s going on up there!


What Memory Would I Give Away? By Davi


In Language Arts class we are reading a book called The Giver. In The Giver, the Giver gives memories to the main character Jonas, as part of his training. The memory then disappears, or fades to almost nothing.

I would give away the memory of the beach in Peru. I would give this memory away because it is one of the best I have. The community in The Giver probably doesn’t know what a beach is, so I want to give them that memory. The beach is fun, beautiful, and not always crowded. The residents of the town in The Giver would, most certainly enjoy a memory of the beach.

The Giver First Memory by David

Photo Taken of My Book!

In our class, we are discussing what memory would be the first to give to Jonas. If it was my decision, I would give him the memory of all of the Receivers before him learning to be a Receiver. This would show him how important the job was, and how it can be good and bad. It would show him to live his job, and be proud.


Memory I Would Give by Charlie

If I had a memory to give away first it would be of Pain. The pain I felt when I broke my arm. The Pain I felt when I broke my collarbone. The Pain I felt when I got a hole in my forehead (stupid freakin bed post). The Pain I felt when my foot got stabbed. Or maybe it would be anguish. The Anguish of losing my gerbils as a child, all 7 of them. The Anguish I felt when I had to leave everything in Australia, the anguish of leaving all those friends behind, knowing I would never see them again. Or maybe even Hate. The hate I feel towards people who hurt others.  The hate I feel towards the people who make it their unassigned jobs to hurt me. The People who have nothing better to do but to ruin other people’s lives. Or maybe to give nothing, for who would I be without all these feelings. Who would I be. Who.

The Memory I Would Like to Give Away First by Michiko

In Mrs. Donnelly’s blue language arts class we are reading a book called The Giver. In the book, the main character is a Receiver of memory. If I could give away one memory first, I would give away a memory of a birthday. It would start out with the excitement as you wake up knowing that it is your birthday and you are getting something new. Then I would have them feel like they walk downstairs to the smell of a wonderful breakfast and presents in shiny new wrapping paper sitting out in front of you. They would tear off the wrapping paper of one of their presents and it would be something they really wanted like a bright new laptop. Then they would take a bite of the wonderful breakfast that their mom made. They would be incredibly happy. Then the amazing memory would end.