Giver Memory by Sylvia

Photo by FlickrStorm

In the book, “The Giver,” Jonas becomes the new Reciever of Memory. The Giver (the previous Reciever of Memory) gives Jonas memories that only he himself can hold. In the book, the first memory given to Jonas is snow and sledding. I think it would be fun for that to be the first memory but what I’m about to say is a good way to start.

The first memory I might give away is the feeling of excitement on my first slide in preschool. I might give this away because it would give a good start to the person I was giving the memory to. Or the accomplishment of my first step I ever took because it gives the person a beginning. I might give the anxiety of the beginning of a race, or the memory of a beautiful sunrise across the ocean, which gives you the feeling that it’s the beginning of the day. All these memories symbolize a feeling, and the start to something. I wouldn’t give away war first because that would scare the person and get them off to a really bad start.


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