Comic Life Wisdom Tale by Keenan

I made a Comic Life about the wisdom tale The Boatman. Comic Life was really easy to use. I could drag pictures in, and all of the buttons were obvious. But Skitch wasn’t as easy. The thing I liked using about it was that there are different shape buttons that you can use instead of just drawing the shape. It was a little difficult to draw things because if I tried to draw over something, it would just drag the thing I was trying to draw over. It was also easy to just draw one picture, save it, and then draw things over it in later pictures instead of just drawing the background all over again. That was probably the most helpful thing that I did because it saved a lot of time. I would suggest using Skitch and comic life.

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Everyone Agrees to Peace By Alex P.

Image created by me

For my comic life project, I chose to write and draw about “Everyone Agrees to Peace” because I wanted to draw the characters in the story (rooster and fox). I drew all of my illustrations on Sketchbook on my iPad. Then, I transferred them through email on to the computer. Next, I installed the pictures/ drawings onto Comic Life where I organized them and added speech bubbles and other details.

The story is an Aesop Fable teaching others to be honest. It begins with a fox wanting a rooster to come down to eat him. He tells the rooster that all the animals agreed to peace, therefore, there is nothing to fear. The rooster was not deceived and cunningly told the fox that a pack of fox hounds were heading their way. The frightened fox ran off without glancing back.

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Wisdom Tales Comic by: Lana K.


Screenshot of my comic

Since we finished reading and taking notes on all of the Wisdom Tales, Mrs. Donnelly assigned a project. The project we were assigned was to create a comic on Comic Life of a Wisdom Tale of our choice. I chose the Wisdom Tale: Whose Dream Is This? from China. The reason I chose to do Whose Dream Is This is because I really like the moral and the story is simple and short, yet still portrays the moral. The moral for this Wisdom Tale is: Think outside the box and/or look at things from different perspectives.

Comic Life is a great app. It gives you many different themes to chose from as your format and isn’t difficult to understand or use. Above is a screenshot that I took of the Wisdom Tale comic that I created.

Wisdom Tale Comic of The Wild Strawberry by Noah









My L.A. class and I have just recently finished our unit on wisdom tales. We were asked to create a comic on Comic Life that was based on a wisdom tale. I used Skitch at the beginning but I found out that Sketchbook Express was better for drawing and switched over to draw my last few drawings.

For my comic I chose the wisdom tale: The Wild Strawberry. In the story, a man is getting chased by a tiger, he sees a vine on a cliff and jumps to grab on to the vine. The man thought he was safe, but then he saw a tiger at the bottom of the cliff as well. He saw a strawberry on the vine and picked it. The man ate the strawberry and it was only then when he realized how sweet a strawberry could taste. The wisdom tale’s moral is: Even in the worst situations, something will always be good.

Paca and Beetle Comic by Sylvia

Photo by Sylvia

I really enjoyed the Comic Life project because it was fun putting the story into a comic. I retold Paca and Beetle. I really like Comic Life because you can add all these cool fonts, colors, and patterns. Fortunately, I was able to successfully transfer a few Sketchbook drawings into Comic Life. Doing projects like these make me learn more about the apps and overall technology.

Wisdom Tales Comic by: Ellie

Comic by Ellie

In class we took a Wisdom Tale and made a fun comic. I did The Lion and the Rabbit. It is about a lion that kills for pleasure. The animals then make a deal that they would give the lion one animal each day in return that they wouldn’t be harmed. The first animal, a wise rabbit, tricked the lion into going to a well because he wanted the lion to think there was a very powerful lion there. The lion did jump into the well and the animals lived!

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Wisdom Tales Comic by Franny C

In language arts, we read a book of wisdom tales and took notes on them. After our wisdom tales test, we did a wisdom tales comic. For our comic, we used Comic Life and we put together a comic that showed the story of a wisdom tale. I did The Lion Makers. I really liked this project because we were able to do it sort of on our own time and in class time. I liked drawing the pictures and picking out the format for my comic like doing the text box and other words fill color! I like doing that kind of design-type stuff. For me, this was a really nice experience and I will definitely be doing more comics for fun and- who knows- maybe they will be for another class too!

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The Red and Blue Coat Neil M

This is my comic I made based on the Wisdom Tale, The Blue and Red Coat. The illustrations were all made on Sketchbook pro on the iPad, then transferred to the computer and put together using Comic Life. The comic was a project for LA. Overall, I liked this project a lot, it was fun to draw the pictures. The creativity was endless. I could change the size of each comic strip box, rotate, and make more. Change the font color and size. Add speech bubbles of any type, exclamation, regular, anger, thought, and imagination. I’m looking forward to posting my own Wisdom Tale on the blog too.

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Wisdom Tales Comic by Michiko








In class we made a comic based on one of our wisdom tales. I chose a tale called Old Dog And Coyote. It is about an old watch dog who was sleeping while a coyote chased the farmer’s chickens. The dog went to find his own food and he found the coyote. He helped the coyote and the coyote helped the dog get the farmers trust back. I chose to do my pictures on Sketchbook Express on my iPad. For me, getting the pictures on to the computer was hard. I emailed them to myself but it continued to freeze. After I got the pictures on to the computer it was easy. I really liked doing a project on comic life and I hope I get to do it again.

Squirrel and His Foolish Friends by Davi

Squirrel and His Foolish Friends


Once upon a time, there was a forest. In this forest, there lived a tribe of squirrels. All of the squirrels in this tribe were daredevils, except for one squirrel named Bob Scaredy Squirrel.

One day, Bob was talking with his friends, when they heard raucous laughter. Bob’s friends went investigating while he admired a caterpillar as it made its way up a tree. In the middle of its ascent, a lizard jumped from a nearby branch, grabbed the caterpillar, and started to run. As soon as it was out of sight, Bob heard a voice calling his name.

“Bob, come here Bob, you have to see this!!!!” Bob ran past the trees and saw, spread out on a cliff, a colossal log. Squirrels were running all over the log, their claws clacking against the wet wood.  Suddenly, there was a large crack and the log dipped a few feet. All the squirrels gasped, then started laughing. It seemed that the crack only enticed them more to go on the log, not to run away.

“Come on Bob,” Bob’s friends urged. “This log is really cool!!! It even cracked a little bit!!” Of course Bob, being a smart squirrel said no. When Bob’s friends started urging him even more, he started arguing. When the squirrels started chanting his name, Bob gave in.

He started to slowly walk towards the log, trying to not be scared. When he set one foot on the log, Bob started thinking of all the horrible things that could happen to him if he went on the log.

“No!” Bob declared, “I won’t do it!” And with that, Bob walked off into the forest. He walked for a little while, when he heard a large crack, and squirrels screaming, loudly at first, then slowly getting quieter. Bob raced back to find that the log had broken, and all the squirrels had fallen to the rocky ground below.

Moral: Do what’s right. Don’t give in to negative peer pressure.