Everyone Agrees to Peace By Alex P.

Image created by me

For my comic life project, I chose to write and draw about “Everyone Agrees to Peace” because I wanted to draw the characters in the story (rooster and fox). I drew all of my illustrations on Sketchbook on my iPad. Then, I transferred them through email on to the computer. Next, I installed the pictures/ drawings onto Comic Life where I organized them and added speech bubbles and other details.

The story is an Aesop Fable teaching others to be honest. It begins with a fox wanting a rooster to come down to eat him. He tells the rooster that all the animals agreed to peace, therefore, there is nothing to fear. The rooster was not deceived and cunningly told the fox that a pack of fox hounds were heading their way. The frightened fox ran off without glancing back.

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My Wisdom Tale Comic By Charlie E.










My Comic was on the wisdom tale “Blinded by Greed.” In this story a man is walking through the market. He walks past all the stalls, until he gets to the jewelry stall. He realizes to himself that if he steals all the jewels he would be rich. He grabs handfuls of them and starts running. He is trapped by the crowd until the policeman gets there. While in jail, he is asked why he stole all those jewels in such a large crowd. The man simply replies, “I was blinded by Greed.”

My moral idea for this story is do not let greed get the best of you. My experience with the programs I used, Skitch and Comic Life, have led me to dislike Skitch greatly and I have come to love Comic Life. I dislike Skitch because there are only a few tools and it is missing to many basic writing program tools. I love Comic Life because there is an abundance of different mechanics and tools. I think this project was very fun.

Comic Life Wisdom Tales By Frederick C

Mice In Council Wisdom Tales











In class, we made wisdom tales from Comic Life. I learned how to use Doodle Buddy and Comic Life even better. It was fun, but it took a lot more time than I expected. My wisdom tale is about mice in a house, who get prevented from food because of a cat. They had a meeting of how to get around the cat. One said to tie a bell around the neck of the cat. They liked his idea, but they asked if he could do it. The mouse never thought of that. The moral is don’t be boastful.

The Useless Tree Comic By Anna W.

In language arts we made comics on one of the wisdom tales we read. I chose The Useless Tree as my wisdom tale. I really enjoyed making it because I love drawing and it was a chance to be creative. I made my comic in Comic Life 2 and it was my first time using it. It was a great experience and I thought it was really cool that I could design everything on my own. I love drawing so it was fun that we actually got to draw the pictures for the comic.

The moral of my story was to not judge a book by its cover. Also, the other moral was that everything has a use. The Useless Tree is about a tree that is very crooked and ugly. It never gets cut down and is left all alone on the hill. Even though every day kids come and play under the tree, there is one man who thinks the tree had a use one day. I chose this story because I thought it would be fun to draw and because it would be easy to explain. I can wait to make another comic like this!

The Smuggler Comic By Katie C.






The Picture was made By Katie

In my class we picked at Wisdom Tale and made a comic telling the story. I chose The Smuggler as my comic. I chose The Smuggler because it was a funny story and it was one of my favorites. When we started the project we first chose a theme for the comic and then we drew pictures for the comic we chose. I chose to draw my pictures in Skitch. I chose to use Skitch because I can draw on an iPad and then pull up the picture on the computer without emailing them. Next we added dialogue and checked it to make sure it was correct . The project was really fun and I liked it lot.