My Wisdom Tale Comic By Charlie E.










My Comic was on the wisdom tale “Blinded by Greed.” In this story a man is walking through the market. He walks past all the stalls, until he gets to the jewelry stall. He realizes to himself that if he steals all the jewels he would be rich. He grabs handfuls of them and starts running. He is trapped by the crowd until the policeman gets there. While in jail, he is asked why he stole all those jewels in such a large crowd. The man simply replies, “I was blinded by Greed.”

My moral idea for this story is do not let greed get the best of you. My experience with the programs I used, Skitch and Comic Life, have led me to dislike Skitch greatly and I have come to love Comic Life. I dislike Skitch because there are only a few tools and it is missing to many basic writing program tools. I love Comic Life because there is an abundance of different mechanics and tools. I think this project was very fun.

The Lion Makers Comic By Joanna

Lion and people

Our class chose one wisdom tale each and we made a comic about it. I chose The Lion Makers. In the Lion Makers, three people in India bring a lion back to life and get eaten while the person with common sense is in a tree and keeps living his life. The moral of this story is that common sense is just as important as academic knowledge. I chose this tale because it is interesting to me. I liked drawing the pictures a lot, and I used Skitch for drawing them. I used Skitch because I can acces the pictures easily from both a computer and an iPad. For the comic, I used Comic Life. Comic Life has lots of useful things, and it is easy to use.

Skitch By Tatum T.

We have many apps on our iPads! My favorite app is skitch. I like this app because it is very good to study on. I think the best thing to study with skitch is maps. I think this because you can use a color to mark of the name of the city or country and then you can guess what it is and erase the line that marked out the word. Also, on skitch you can type and draw. I really like using Skitch to study!




Fun App on the iPad by Matthew

On the iPad there are many fun things to do. The thing I am going to talk about is an app called Skitch. Skitch is an app that is also on the laptops and the other Apple computers. I use Skitch for drawing, especially for my history comic that I am doing. The book that I’m reading is called The Ghost of Tokaido Inn. I am using Skitch and Comic Life, the program Finn is using for Finnotopia, to do my history comic. I also draw basketball strategy on it. That is how I use skitch.

Me Job (The Artist) by Josh

Picture by me on skitch

My story “Me Job” is going to be finished over break, (hopefully). I am looking for someone who might have an interest in illustrating it. You don’t have to do the whole story of course, but maybe you could do your favorite scene. If you have not read my story and would like to just comment, tell me. Your drawing could be on Skitch, a computer drawing program, for those of you who didn’t know, or you could send me some sketches. Finn, I would like to figure out how you inserted a head into Comic Life. I am interested in your Friends comic.

Here is another excerpt from “Me Job” Just to let you know, this will be the last excerpt that I will share. Like I said, I am really close to finishing the story.


Chapter 8

After our 60-3 blowing up of the Dynamite I went home and changed into street clothes. We picked up Rian from her house and drove over to George’s. I helped Rian out of the car. She took my hand and jumped down. “You played great!” she said sweetly. “I know!” I said. My mom left us alone. A waiter approached us and asked, “First date?” “Ummm yah.” I said. “What would you like to drink?” I ordered a Cheerwine (my favorite) and Rian got one too (also her favorite). I ordered a cheeseburger to satisfy my rumbling stomach. Rian ordered chicken fingers with fries off of the kids menu. “Drew, I was on Facebook the other day and some guy named @tractor4somewhere,USA started following me. Do you know him?” “Ummm yah I sort of know him. He’s been emailing me and following me on Facebook. My dad played with him in college. “Ok. Cool,” Rain exclaimed. Our food and drinks came. We ate happily until Rian’s mom came to pick her up. I whispered in my mom’s ear, “Can Rian come to Chicago”? I asked my mom. “Sure!” she  whispered back. “Mrs. Tecktiel, can Rian come to Chicago?” “Sure,” she said, “but let’s wait until Tuesday to tell her.” “Okay,” I replied. “I will.”

How to Use Comic Life 2 and Skitch (how to use them together) By Gus

I will be telling you how to make a comic on your computer. Yes, you heard me right. A comic made on YOUR computer.

1. Get the Apps; You can get Skitch for free of the App Store, whereas unfortunately Comic Life 2 Costs $29.99 (In dollars, for any foreigners who might be reading this).

2. Open Comic Life 2, and decline the updates and the email window.

3. Chose from a number of templates; once you open up your comic you can also chose the layout of the comic.

4. You can also choose a variety of comic bubbles, like the thought bubble and the angry bubble.

Let’s get to Skitch. Once you download and open Skitch, you will see two links. Push ‘Wipe’, which is on the bottom right of the screen. You can draw anything you want, like a circle, square, and you can choose from an almost infinite amount of colors. Once  you finish your drawing, you can drag it (there is a thing at the bottom of the screen that you can drag it from), after you save it, of course. Then open Comic Life 2 again (in the comic you already started, and you can drag the picture into the comic and voila. If you keep this up you will eventually have a full comic.