Me Job Chapters 13 & 14

Let’s hope this gets finished in the next 9 1/2 days of school!
Chapter Unlucky 13Simultaneously Mom and I were sprinting to the nearest police station. (In stadium) We quickly told the guy what had happened and he seemed pretty surprised that it had happened. “A story like this one doesn’t happen everyday you know.” We had to contact someone higher up in the police. We were never going to find Rian. When the police got to us we were taken through downtown Chicago to the police headquarters. They questioned me a lot. Some of the questions were like, Why were you there? and Who may have done this?, but the question that they got the most information out of, (it was a boatload of info that they got and it was very, very helpful) was Have you been in contact with anyone suspicious lately?

I let it all out, the pizza guy, Travie, and my call to Rian’s iPhone, which happened to have an app about how to find it, you know, the track my iPhone things. I told the men that.  My mom was contacting Rian’s parents, telling them what had happened. They weren’t mad about it. They were terrified to death and worried that they would never see her again. “WAIT A SECOND!” the police chief exclaimed excitedly. Give me that, he yanked the phone out of my Mom’s hands and said to the Tecktiels, “You must have an iPhone right?” Yes was the response. “Do you have a track my child’s iPhone app?” the chief questioned. Yes again. “Locate Rian please.” the police chief said thinking “Duh, the people these days really don’t think about this stuff before we question them” Her phone is at  233 S Wacker Dr, Chicago, Illinois 60606. “Oh really?” another policeman said thoughtfully. “That is the Sears Tower address!” “Perfect, Tom” whispered the police chief. “Rian is 2,030 feet high. “Even better!” said the genius policeman. “TOP FLOOR!”

Chapter 14

It was 2:00 in the afternoon when the SQUAT team arrived at the top floor of the Willis Tower. Most of them were clueless about what was going on. They reached the top of the elevator and saw an ad for Plawker Real Estate. What could be going on at a real estate place? Meanwhile the genius policeman was researching the Plati family and he found that Drew’s father had played football with Travie Hawker. The information was sent to the SQUAT team who quickly realized that Plawker Real Estate was a fake name for Hawker’s lair. They barged into the building and found a nice little office area with people working for real estate. The people never saw the SQUAT team who were all in disguise. They fell through a trap door and fell into a cell. Two of the members did not fall in luckily. The other men waited around as the rest of the group in the cell explored. They broke out of the cell furiously and found an older guy in his fifties maybe with a large beard. He was not recognizable as anyone. He was sleeping and snoring. Stupid tractor! He said in his sleep. Rian was screaming in another cell down the hall. No one could hear her, but she did hear men talking to Walter the dude who had a British accent (he was French and had horrible English comprehension, but had a great accent). Walter came to an agreement with them that they could roam the place searching. The guys heard a little girl scream, but investigated and found a wall from where her voice was coming from. They tried to bust down the wall, but that only got security from Travie going. The entire unexplored hallway was closed off.

Imagine Travie spinning around in this chair and laughing an evil laugh………..

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What I think Jonas’s First Memory Should Be by Josh K


In LA class we have been reading the book The Giver. In it the main character Jonas becomes receiver of Memory and is passed down memories of the past. It is a great honor to be the Receiver.

Jonas should have been given a memory of ice cream first because it is a memory of sweetness. Jonas would enjoy it and then later receive a harsher memory, like the concept of a giant world. The second would be brief, but just enough to get Jonas thinking. Jonas’s training and memories would start out very very quickly, but as he progressed everything would get harder and harder. Ice cream would be good to start, because Jonas has never had a choice of food. Someone has always done it for him. I think as the story progresses Jonas’s responsibilities and choices will increase.

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My Assignment in The Giver

In class we are reading a book called The Giver by Lois Lowry. It is about a utopian society. The main character, Jonas, lives with his parents and his sister Lily. He is approaching the Ceremony of Twelves. This is the ceremony where the kids get their jobs or ‘Assignments’. If I lived with Jonas the Assignment I would probably get  is some sort of speaker, or writer. I have always had good leading qualities (as many of my teachers in the past have told me), I am a good writer, and I have a pretty loud voice. I would spend my volunteer hours writing the scripts for the speaker, hoping to become one someday. This is the perfect Assignment for me because I would enjoy it, I am good at it, and I would become recognized in the community.

State Geo Bee Results by Josh K

Two Fridays ago I was sitting in small classroom in UNC Charlotte with my palms sweaty, heart pounding and nerve racking, when the moderator prompted my first question. “Which state produces more wool? Wisconsin or Wyoming? “Wisconsin!” I proudly say. I was then informed that the question was incorrect pretty much destroying my hopes to make it to nationals, which were slim. Throughout the next 7 rounds I went 5/7 and finished with 5/8 questions correct, disqualifying me from the tiebreaker. I did very well, but came out empty handed and a little disappointed. This year’s Geo Bee run for me has ended on a low note but still I am very proud to make it this far. I was especially  surprised to hear some of the other contestants get questions I wish I got. For example, in which country is the Sea of Galilee. (Israel) A viking ship was dug up off the coast of which country this past fall.(England). I very much enjoyed that weekend. It was very exciting. To read more about me copy and paste this link –

Extra info not in the link:

One kid in my room got 8/8 questions right

About 6 girls in the whole competition.

Someone I met got into the final round.

If you want to win the bee next year study for the state round with Caribbean Islands






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The Successful Failure (Apollo 13) by Josh K

I just finished watching the movie Apollo 13 in class. It is by far the best movie I have ever seen. It really touched me in a way. I can’t explain it. I was nearly in tears watching it. I knew about it before and how the oxygen tank exploded. In more detail, on day three of a successful launch the oxygen tank exploded causing lots of debris and many, many issues. Some of them include carbon dioxide damage, oxygen leak, power outage, possible frozen parachutes, and being off of course. Those were just some of the major issues. Apollo 13 never did land on the moon but the most touching part is the way thousands of people worked without sleep to get the men home. Up until then no American had died in space and Houston was not about to let that happen. It seems absolutely amazing that these astronauts made it home. This a good example of how thousands of people can make things happen. The movie is awe-inspiring and is a must-see. I don’t have words for it. What happened on Apollo 13 is truly unfathomable.

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Me Job Chapter 12

I only have chapter 12 ready right now. The story gets exiting here. Enjoy reading. Comment if you want. I love this picture. It fits perfectly with the clouds rolling in and the Sears Tower in the top right corner. Muhahahaha!!!!!!!

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Chapter 12 

It was all a blur, the first quarter. The Panthers and Cam Newton had jumped all over the bears, the score was 14-0, but there were already two fumbles a pick-6, and a rushing touchdown by Newton, but none of it mattered that much. I was having a great time with my girlfriend at a football game away from home. My mom went to buy us lunch. I decided to share a pizza with Rian, and she went to buy a sandwich. Suddenly, Matt Forte broke free streaking down the field, jukeing defenders until he reached the endzone. Touchdown Bears! Everyone around me roared. The bears had finally scored. I looked to my left, and Rian was gone.


I yanked my phone out of my pocked and speed dialed my mom. She never picked up. I dialed Rian trying not to panic. H-hello I stammered. “Hello Drew!” a deep, evil voice with a British accent shouted. I screamed. This is Walter, personal assistant to Mr. Travie Hawker, how may I direct your call. RIANNNNNN!!! I screamed. Dr-, it was cut off. People eyeballed me like I was crazy. Here is your food my Mom said, arriving with an armful of plastic containers. “MOM!” I yelled! Rian is gone! As Drew explained the situation to his mother Rian was approaching the Sears Tower in Downtown Chicago. Tape was around her mouth and she was tied up with rope. Walter dragged her into the elevator and 30 seconds later he opened the door to Hawker Real Estate. Nothing made sense. Why did Hawker want Rian, and did have anything to do with Drew’s father?

Qualifier by Josh K

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If you haven’t heard yet. I have qualified for the state round of the 2012 National Geographic Bee. It will take place on March 30th in Charlotte, NC. I am not sure how the competition will work, but I have an idea of how it might. Since there are 100 qualifiers there, my guess would be that they put ten kids in a room and the winner of each of the 10 rooms move on to the final round consisting of 10 people. The State winner  will be rewarded with a trip to Washington D.C and $ 250 in spending money. The National Competition will be televised live on the National Geographic Network. If you want to know what some questions are like, take the daily challenge at www this is what I practice on and will use to study. I should be on the leaderboard for two days ago quiz with 10,000 but that was only after I had seen the questions a few times. Time matters in the game so that means my time was fast enough that they didn’t take points off. I hope I do well in Charlotte. Hope to see me on TV later this year. There happen to be two sixth grade winners in the history of the bee. One winning the school, state and national bee on his first try in the geo bee. (Like me!) A sixth grader won North Carolina last year from Winston-Salem. I’ve seen the winning the national bee winning questions and I can’t answer any of them :(. Oh well. I hope to place in the top 10 but that is setting the bar high. I hope to do well in Charlotte!



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Me Job Chapter 11 (Twist in next chapter)

My story has been very boring lately, but I had to let some time go by before I let the story get suspenseful. The suspense starts here! Please comment. They are very much appreciated!

Chapter 11

We watched the movie about Chicago, Rian and I fell asleep out of boredom. Walking out of the theater my mom’s phone rang. She picked it up on the first ring and a friend from Colorado picked up. She had extra tickets to the Carolina-Chicago game. “Mom! You can’t turn those down.” I persuasively said. “I’m sorry Sarah, but we….” my mom trailed off. “We’ll take them!” She said. “You’re free for the game? Right mom?” I questioned. “Yes, Andrew. Of course.” My mother replied almost sarcastically.

That night. My mom had a meeting in the hotel, so Rian and I bought room service pizza. I heard a soft knock at the door, followed by the sound of a man with a deep voice saying, “Pizza!” A very big African-American man walked in. He was wearing a blue Matt Forte jersey and large Levi’s jeans. I accepted the pizza and handed the man a 10 dollar bill. The bill was snatched out of my hand and the man turned around muttering to himself, “Is that the little girl Tractor wants?” While we were eating, Rian peeped, “Who was that suspicious man?” “I don’t know Rian.” I said. After eating pizza and watching the Poinsettia Bowl between Wyoming and BYU. Rian climbed into the Queen size bed, and me into the pullout couch. When I woke up that morning it was 9- o’clock and my Mom was shaking me. “Wake up Drew; we have to leave for the game in an hour. I got dressed, put on my Raptors t-shirt, pants and a sweatshirt. We took a cab to the game early to avoid traffic.  When we pulled up to Soldier Field on Lake Shore Drive I sniffed the cool and crisp fall air. It was a great day for a football game, nothing could go wrong.

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Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes by Josh K

My book, Peter Nimble, is about a blind boy who finds mysterious eyes that have powers. He is sent on a quest to save a kingdom and encounters many obstacles along the way. If you like books about quests and adventure this is a book for you. It is about 300 pages long and I am not loving it right now, but maybe it will get better. If you have read the book already make a comment, if not try the book. I have a huge waiting list for books, some of them are The Limit, as James described in one of his posts, a Mike Lupica book, and Hothead by Cal Ripken Jr. Just as an FYI Peter Nimble is kind of a weird book.

As I was finding this picture, I noticed that the author has a blog, maybe you would like to have a look at that. The website is in the caption, but it is not a link.

Thanks for reading!

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Newspaper Poems by Josh K



Poems by Josh K

In class the other day we were taught how to make really cool poems out of newspaper. I chose a holiday article, but it doesn’t matter what you choose. On the article you decide the words you like and lightly put a box around them. Not coloring over your words make a grid by using a crayon and drawing horizontal lines across the words you don’t want. Be careful not to color over your words. After doing the same vertically, erase the pencil boxes so that you can see your words as blank spots. My poems read, “Heartwarming home, tradition extravaganza, families sip cider, share wonder.” The second one says” Atmosphere electric,when action night at a large level, packed home. Emerged strength, impressive.” Both of these are on a card for my grandma. They are easy to make and are fun. If you haven’t made a poem like this. You should try them, because they end up really cool.