Me Job Chapter 12

I only have chapter 12 ready right now. The story gets exiting here. Enjoy reading. Comment if you want. I love this picture. It fits perfectly with the clouds rolling in and the Sears Tower in the top right corner. Muhahahaha!!!!!!!

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Chapter 12 

It was all a blur, the first quarter. The Panthers and Cam Newton had jumped all over the bears, the score was 14-0, but there were already two fumbles a pick-6, and a rushing touchdown by Newton, but none of it mattered that much. I was having a great time with my girlfriend at a football game away from home. My mom went to buy us lunch. I decided to share a pizza with Rian, and she went to buy a sandwich. Suddenly, Matt Forte broke free streaking down the field, jukeing defenders until he reached the endzone. Touchdown Bears! Everyone around me roared. The bears had finally scored. I looked to my left, and Rian was gone.


I yanked my phone out of my pocked and speed dialed my mom. She never picked up. I dialed Rian trying not to panic. H-hello I stammered. “Hello Drew!” a deep, evil voice with a British accent shouted. I screamed. This is Walter, personal assistant to Mr. Travie Hawker, how may I direct your call. RIANNNNNN!!! I screamed. Dr-, it was cut off. People eyeballed me like I was crazy. Here is your food my Mom said, arriving with an armful of plastic containers. “MOM!” I yelled! Rian is gone! As Drew explained the situation to his mother Rian was approaching the Sears Tower in Downtown Chicago. Tape was around her mouth and she was tied up with rope. Walter dragged her into the elevator and 30 seconds later he opened the door to Hawker Real Estate. Nothing made sense. Why did Hawker want Rian, and did have anything to do with Drew’s father?