iPads by Nate







In sixth grade we got iPads. I use my iPad the most in either Spanish or Language Arts. In Language Arts I use it for homework, Membean, and in class for blog posts. In Spanish I use it for homework and studying. I can use Keynote for projects and Evernote for homework. My favorite app is Google Docs because I can do a lot on it. I think iPads were a good choice this year.

iPads by Charlie

This year we used iPads to test them out, for possible use for school. It was a huge success, in my opinion.  A favorite applications of mine was the BrainPop app. The iPads are special because they are a mobile learning device. The tech teachers put all sorts of learning apps on them! They were a really cool addition to the curriculum! By the the middle of the year in Language Arts, all we used were iPads! They are coming back next year too!

iPads by Bella K.

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The iPads have been a great new gadget this year. Many people prefer to have an Apple laptop instead, and I do too, but remember just to be happy with what you have because 99% of all other schools in the United States probably don’t have this iPad opportunity. It is true that the iPad did not reduce any books to carry, and many have not used the iPad a single time in some of their classes, but because of the other classes where we do use the iPad, it has been a huge help. some of The apps I have used for those classes are: Evernote, Sketchbook Pro, Reminders, Notes, and Google Drive.


iPads Michael S

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Photo from: http://www.zoo-m.com/flickr-storm/








This year we have been given the opportunity of using iPads. IPads are great for projects. The apps I use for projects are: Evernote, Pages, Keynote, Google Docs, Skitch, and Sketchbook. My favorite app would probably be Evernote because I love the layout and it’s really easy to use. IPads have helped me in a great way by taking notes, studying, sharing notes, and having access to teachers notebooks. I use my iPad in every class but rarely in math class. We mostly use it in Language Arts. I am very happy that we had the chance to use iPads.

iPads by Jack H


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At the school I go to we are assigned an iPad for the whole year, I use my ipad in all of my classes but I use it the most in Language Arts. In Language Arts we use the iPads for Membean, writing down homework, writing, blogging and some people read on their iPad.

The iPads also help me in other classes. For instance, in French if Mme. E asks use to look up a word in French, everyone in the class will use them to look it up. Overall, I think that the iPads helped my learning.

iPads by Alex P.

This year at Durham Academy, the middle school students all got an iPad each. They were lent by the school to us. We can take them home and to every class. iPads are great because they’re small and portable and we don’t have to go to the computer lab for everything with technology.

Some of our textbooks are on there and there are several great apps to help us study, such as Quizlet, Voicecards, and Trading Cards. However, they are a big responsibility and they also can malfunction. Another problem is that I really don’t like typing on glass. Also, next they are getting a lot of the textbooks only on the iPad. I do not like that because I prefer regular textbooks. It’s easier to flip the pages and highlight. iPads are also helpful because you can always access your emails and the Internet.


Experiencing an iPad by Sam G.

This is totally awesome that students at Durham Academy get iPads this year! We are the first Durham Academy middle school students to have iPads for this year. For Spanish we use the mobile version of Google Translate and for browsers we have Safari, Google, and Google Chrome. We also have: Reminders, Evernote, Calendar, Mail, Keynote, Blogsy, Kindle App, Nook App, Pages, Google Drive, Comic Life, Google Drive MindMeister. These are the apps I use the most every day.


iPads By: Ryan

IPads are great learning devices. I like using iPads because I can go online to learn things and search  when I need to. I also like how homework is in Evernote so I can access it anywhere. Another great thing about the iPads is that I can type out words instead of having to write on paper.

We use iPads depending on the class. Some classes we use iPads often and other classes we don’t use them at all! I like iPads better than paper because I can email and connect to other people. I thought the iPads were a lot of fun this year and I hope we will have them every year.


iPad by Vasili C.

This year with the iPads has been successful in my opinion because of teachers using it in every class each day. The classes that I use it in are Spanish, math, science, health sometimes, history, and Language Arts a lot. The only class that I don’t use the iPad for is band, but that is because we have no need for them. For next year I hope to get the iPads again.


iPads By Davi

This year at Durham Academy, every middle school student received an iPad. I think one of the ultimate goals of the school was to go completely paperless. This goal was not met. I am not saying that the iPads were a bad thing; they were amazing; a great help in studying and checking homework. It’s just that the iPads didn’t lessen the weight of our books, it increased it. The Otter Box that the iPads are in weighed too much. Not all textbooks were online, and those that were required Adobe Flash.

Despite all of these complaints, the good outweighs the bad (as it always should). I use the iPad in every class. I use it to check homework, and to study for quizzes. The iPad is much lighter than a computer (even with the Otter Box), and much easier to carry. Even though Adobe and Apple don’t agree (no Flash), most Internet things can still be done, with the exception of blocked sites. Looking back on the year, I realize that he iPads were a wonderful gift, and that we are lucky to have them