My Brain by Jack H


In Language Arts class we made brains that represented us. This is my brain and this is what I like and like to do. We also hade to make a Life List. A Life List is a list of things that we want to do over our whole life. My Life List  mostly has things that are to do with sports. My brain also has a lot of sports in it because I like sports. In my whole life I hope to complete  everything on my Life List.

Membean by Jack H

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In Language Arts class we are using a great program named Membean. This program helps everyone in the class with their spelling and vocabulary. There are several things it does. It teaches you new words, the definition for those words, and how the word is broken up. At the beginning of the year, I was not very good at Membean, but as I kept using it I got better and better. Membean is really easy  to use and I think all teachers should get an account for their students.

iPads by Jack H


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At the school I go to we are assigned an iPad for the whole year, I use my ipad in all of my classes but I use it the most in Language Arts. In Language Arts we use the iPads for Membean, writing down homework, writing, blogging and some people read on their iPad.

The iPads also help me in other classes. For instance, in French if Mme. E asks use to look up a word in French, everyone in the class will use them to look it up. Overall, I think that the iPads helped my learning.

“The Giver” by Jack H

In class we are reading a book called The Giver. We have not gotten very far but we have learned about the jobs that they are given when they become a twelve. If I think I went through this I think I would be a security person. I would fit in with this job because I like things to be secure. If are society had that system I think I would not like it because I could not be different from other people. That’s the job I think I would have if we had that system.


Hero Book by Jack H

I liked the hero project even though I am not good at arty stuff. I think my hero really liked the book I made him. When Mrs. Donnelly first told us about it, it did not sound like fun but at the end it was really fun. During the project it really helped to have Peg Gignoux there to help if anyone needed it. Now at the end of the project reflecting back on it, it was meaningful.

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Lady Or The Tiger? by Jack H.


Heart pounding, eyes widening, the man looked at the princess for help. The princess used her thumb to point to the right, but she did it so no one would see. The princess had seen the man with the other woman that was going to be his wife if a tiger does not come out. The man knew that the princess had seen them, so he had to ponder if she was telling the truth or if she hated him. If she hated him, he would be eaten by a tiger. As he looked at the door with tears running loose down his face not knowing what to open the left door or the right one. One step at a time, he look at all the people holding their breaths, some not looking, some eyes fixed on him as if they werenailed to him. On his tenth step, he tripped and the king got up and yelled, “Get on with it, I don’t have all day!” That was followed by an eruption by the crowd.

He got up and opened the door on the right out leapt a tiger. Now he knew he was going to die. He looked at the tiger running around the stadium, then at the princess, with the blood running out his face. She looked back with a wink. The tiger charged, so the man ran into where the tiger came from. The tiger bit the man and the crowd went dead quiet. The man grunted with pain.

Later, after everyone left the stadium the guards got sent out to get the man a bury him. The man passed out with blood loss. The man woke up under two feet of dirt. He quickly started to dig his way out. He was about to suffocate, but he broke through the dirt.

He got up, dusted himself off, and walked to the next city. From that day on, he was known as the man who beat the tiger.

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Talk To Your Teen by Jack.H


In the book we are reading, Cosmic, Liam gets a book from his dad’s room called Talk To Your Teen. It’s all about how to get closer with your teen. He needs this book because he is tall and they think he is an adult. He got invited to go to China and go on a thrill ride but there needs to be a dad and he and Florida are children.

If I were a parent I would make a rule about the food children can eat. At my house I eat A LOT of vegetables. So I would say that my children have to eat heathy food three times a week. That does not mean that for the rest of the week they can eat junk food. I would not make them eat anything, just their vegetables if they wanted dessert.

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