Hero Book by Jack H

I liked the hero project even though I am not good at arty stuff. I think my hero really liked the book I made him. When Mrs. Donnelly first told us about it, it did not sound like fun but at the end it was really fun. During the project it really helped to have Peg Gignoux there to help if anyone needed it. Now at the end of the project reflecting back on it, it was meaningful.

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Hero Project by Lucy W.

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

In Language Arts class we made hero books. Each student chose someone who they admired and someone they looked up to. It could be family, friends, or cousins. For my hero I chose my grandfather. We are very close. When I stay at his house, I always have the best time. My grandfather has influenced my life by teaching me to be caring, kind, and determined. Those are three of the many characteristics that he has. He always loves me and cares for me. I would not have chosen anyone else to be my hero. He is my hero, and it was so fun letting him read my hero book at the FRANK Art Gallery in Chapel Hill. I really had fun with this hero project.

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