Hero Project by David P

Earlier this month in Language Arts, we did something called the Hero Project. We wrote about someone who has changed our lives in a good way. I wrote about my grandfather. He survived the Holocaust when he was a little boy. My favorite part of the project was getting to write about and express my gratitude to my grandfather, Sam. It really made me feel good inside to be writing about him.

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Hero Project by Bella K.

In our LA class, each student chose a hero in his or her life. I chose my dad, which I kind of felt bad for my mom, because my sister ,who is in 8th grade, did my dad too when she was in 6th grade. Even if I didn’t get a chance to go to the reception, I had lots of fun doing the project. I saw how my art work was quickly forming to a colorful book. The scene took place in my house, with my dad dancing to the Gangnam Style, which is one of the three mini stories I have in my book. With the whole 6th grade’s masterpieces, many visitors to the Frank Gallery were amazed at our work! Good job everyone!

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Hero Project By: Ryan

I think the hero project was really fun and exciting because it combined writing and art. To me, the writing part of it wasn’t as fun as making the actual book. It took a lot of hard thinking and work to write and eventually put together. It meant a lot to my hero and a a lot of people appreciated the project. I think it extremely cool that we actually got a spot in the Frank Gallery! In fact, we inspired people so much that they also decided to do this project. In the end I think it’s a very touching, meaningful and fun project.

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Hero Project by Alex P.

Photo by Patti Donnelly- Art by me

For this project, I enjoyed how we used the visual arts to support our hero stories. First, we folded a large peice of paper so that we could create a secret room when one popped the book out. We painted the scene in our “secret room” first- where we would place our hero (or something that symbolized him/her). We used textured or print paper to make a collage. Our class layered the ripped or cut paper to depict our vision of our hero. On another side, we continued the setting and cut out a part to reveal the secret scene. Last, we glued covers and flattened it on the booklet. I had lots of fun and I would like to thank the artist who was teaching us, Mrs. Peg Gignoux!


My Hero by Davi

My hero is my uncle Dan Astrinsky. Dan was born in Lima, Peru and still lives there today. He lives in an apartment with his wife Ghila, his daughters Orit and Noah, and his dogs Chami, Chami’s seven puppies, and Facundo. Dan is my hero because he managed to quit smoking. Even though he started again, I hope that he can find the will to stop. Dan loves to participate in Extreme Sports, especially dirt bike racing. I admire him for this, because I think that dirt bike racing is pretty dangerous. In conclusion, I think that Dan is a great person, and that he can quit smoking once more.

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Hero Project by Lucy W.

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

In Language Arts class we made hero books. Each student chose someone who they admired and someone they looked up to. It could be family, friends, or cousins. For my hero I chose my grandfather. We are very close. When I stay at his house, I always have the best time. My grandfather has influenced my life by teaching me to be caring, kind, and determined. Those are three of the many characteristics that he has. He always loves me and cares for me. I would not have chosen anyone else to be my hero. He is my hero, and it was so fun letting him read my hero book at the FRANK Art Gallery in Chapel Hill. I really had fun with this hero project.

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Hero Project By Kira S.

In Language Arts, the whole sixth grade made a hero book. A hero book is a book that you basically tell a story about who your hero is and how they have affected your life. Your hero could be almost anyone, but you had to have some type of personal connection with them. My hero is my oldest sister Kara.

When I got the outline for writing our stories I had no problems thinking of things to write about my sister. These books were an amazing way to showcase our writing skills and how much our hero has impacted our life. After writing our actual stories, we had to make our books! We had a lot of help from a famous artist, Peg Gignoux.

Mrs. Gignoux was such a great help! Thanks to her, our books ended up in the Frank Gallery! Everyone was very excited to showcase our books in the gallery. Before we could put our books in the gallery we had to finish them! After finishing them, they were sent off with Mrs. Gignoux. Recently they were put in the Frank Gallery and we had the opportunity to show our parents! I thought the entire experience was fun and very exciting!

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