Giving Away A Memory by Kira S.







In Language Arts class, we are reading a book called The Giver. In The Giver the receiver and The Giver take away all the bad memories from the people in the community and even some of the good memories.

If I were to give away a memory I would give away the memory of deaths in my family first. I would give away deaths in my family because watching family members pass away would be something that I wouldn’t want to keep seeing in my mind. I would rather remember the good things about them and not the memories of the being sick or in pain. When losing that memory, I would also gain the good memories of them and the good thoughts about them. I would also rather give away the bad memories before the happy ones.


Community Service by Kira S

Every year Durham Academy tries to do at least two community services. Recently we had our second community service and my advisory went to Spring Arbor Community Home. I thought is was a great experience to go and talk to and do activities with the them. After we talked to them and asked them questions, we did an arts and crafts activity. We helped them paint flower pots and put a flower in the pot. It felt really good seeing there expression when we told them that they could keep the flower and watch it grow! When we were down with the pots, the therapy dog named Riley came and did tricks for them. In the end we gave them little gift bags that had little goodies in them. It was a fun and interesting experience!


The Giver by Kira S

In Language Arts class, we are reading a book called The Giver. In The Giver, we are learning how people are given “assignments” once they turn twelve. I think my “assignment” would be the yard work because I would be nice to keep up the crops and organizing the plants. Since I like to be neat and tidy and get things done efficiently. I think those are good qualities to have in every job or “assignment”.


Westing Game by Kira S








In Language Arts class we read the book The Westing Game. We recently finished the book and had a test on it. For one extra credit opportunity, we could dress up as one of the characters in The Westing Game. We had to have at least some resemblance to the character or something that is visibly important about them.

I dressed up as Sydelle Pulaski. I wore green glasses and limped on one crutch that had purple stripes on it. It was really fun to see all the different people dressed up as the characters in the book. It was a fun and easy way to earn extra credit! Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I usually would have to really like a book to recommend it, but I would definitely recommend this book! It has an amazing plot and many twist and turns to the novel. I really enjoyed The Westing Games and dressing up!


Hero Project By Kira S.

In Language Arts, the whole sixth grade made a hero book. A hero book is a book that you basically tell a story about who your hero is and how they have affected your life. Your hero could be almost anyone, but you had to have some type of personal connection with them. My hero is my oldest sister Kara.

When I got the outline for writing our stories I had no problems thinking of things to write about my sister. These books were an amazing way to showcase our writing skills and how much our hero has impacted our life. After writing our actual stories, we had to make our books! We had a lot of help from a famous artist, Peg Gignoux.

Mrs. Gignoux was such a great help! Thanks to her, our books ended up in the Frank Gallery! Everyone was very excited to showcase our books in the gallery. Before we could put our books in the gallery we had to finish them! After finishing them, they were sent off with Mrs. Gignoux. Recently they were put in the Frank Gallery and we had the opportunity to show our parents! I thought the entire experience was fun and very exciting!

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Lady And The Tiger by Kira S

In LA class we had to write a ending for the Lady and the Tiger. Here is my ending.


As the woman gestured her hand to the right, the man started walking towards the right door. Then the man quickly changed direction and started walking towards the left door! The crowd gasped in surprise! They couldn’t believe what they had witnessed. The princess was in complete shock. Now the man was in a life or death situation. As the princess was also in shock, she kept trying to motion her hand towards the right. The man stopped in front of the tall, brown door. Eyeing the door knob, he started walking closer and closer to the door. Hand shaking, heart thumping, the man was turning the knob. As he was turning the knob, he looked back once more to the princess and to the crowd. His life with the princess flashed before his eyes. A million things were going through his head. What if he did open the right door and it was the tiger and why would the princess motion to the right door if she knew it was the tiger?

The man slowly opened the left door. Skreechh! The door was opened enough for him to slip in and close the door behind him. The room was so dark that the man couldn’t see his hand in front of him. Once he was in the room, a sudden light appeared. He saw a girl with a long, purple dress, brown hair, and blue eyes holding a lantern. He couldn’t believe his eyes! It was the maiden. The man’s eyes started to adjust to the dim light in the room. He sighed in relief, although he did not understand why the princess wanted him to choose the right door which held the tiger. The crowd saw the doorknob turn, and out came the man and the maiden. The man slowly looked up at the princess and glared, and the princess hung her head in shame. He couldn’t believe the princess. The man started thinking about what was going through the princesses head when he realized that the princess didn’t want him to love anyone else but her. In the end, the man ended up with the maiden, but to this day the man still thinks about the princess.

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Talk To Your Teen by Kira S







In the book Cosmic, the main character, Liam, is reading a book called Talk To Your Teen. Talk To Your Teen gives you advice about how to handle situations with your teen. Here is my idea I would add to the book.

If you feel like your teen doesn’t come to you for advice or help, that might mean that they don’t feel comfortable talking to you or they know that you don’t listen to them. A simple but good way to let your teen know that you’re there for them is listening to what their problem is and think about how to help them. When they are being open with you, the last thing they want to hear is their idea being shot down or you not accepting the concept that they are proposing. Another way you can understand your teen is to try to put yourself in the situation they are in, then try to help them out by giving advice that you would want to hear. Once they feel like they can come to you with an open mind and they know that you will listen to everything that they tell you, they will most definitely come to you. What I am am saying is try listening for a change!

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If I Were A Grown Up For A Day by Kira S

Photo by Flickr Storm

If I were a grown up for a day, I would buy a mansion and two new cars. The first car I would buy is a black Range-Rover, the second car I would buy is a customized black and pink Mustang. After I buy the two new cars, I would drive to France for a shopping spring!

On the way to France, I spotted Justin Bieber! As much as I wanted to take him with me, I decided to leave him in peace. Before I leave France I would pick up new furniture for my mansion. Once I return from France, half of my day as a grown up will be over! I must move quickly before the day is over!

I would hop in my black and pink Mustang and rush to the spa! I would get my nails done and get a quick back massage. When I’m done with the spa, I would buy a two dogs for my new mansion. I would buy two golden retrievers. I would name one Cody and the other one Cooper. After picking up my dogs, I would drive home to my mansion and get them settled in. The last thing that I would do before my day is over is take a long nap in my king sized bed. When I wake up, I am no longer a grown up. I realized how much fun I could have as a grown up but being a grown up also comes with more responsibilities. I think I will enjoy my kid years for now!

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Book Review by Kira S.

Photo by Kira S.

In Language Arts I am reading Red Kayak by Priscilla Cummings. I first found out about Red Kayak in a book talk. I have really enjoyed reading it so far. It really keeps my attention thoroughly throughout the book because of the great details. I can easily get an image in my mind by all the details. I can’t wait to read on and see what happens! If you like a good mystery, I think you would really enjoy this book!

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My Wisdom Tale by Kira S.




In LA we have been doing a variety of projects. One project was to make our own wisdom tale! My wisdom tale called Running Away from Home, was about a puppy who ran away from home. Here is my wisdom tale story!

There once was a small , white Maltese puppy named Cooper who ran away from his home. One day he was walking down the street on a rainy day, and ran into a three brown, mean poodles named Cody, Paul, Peter who thought they were better than the small Maltese.

When the Maltese approached the poodles, the poodles said, “What are you doing at the side town you don’t belong here!”

The maltese said, “I ran away from home.”

Meanwhile, there is an old yellow Labrador across the street watching, but no one even pays her any attention. The poodles started making fun of the small Maltese. The Maltese kept walking and tried to ignore the mean poodles. Cooper started feeling homesick. Cooper started to find his way back home. Along the way an old but wise yellow Labrador retriever named Sandy, came up close to Cooper.

“I have been watching you run away from your house and get into trouble with those mean poodles,” said Sandy.

“You have?” said Cooper.

The old dog said, “I have and I also saw you not stick up for yourself when those poodles were teasing you.”

Cooper hung his head low and said, “I couldn’t do anything, the poodles were much bigger than me!”

“We are all equal Cooper. Just because they might be bigger on the outside doesn’t mean that they are better in any way,” said Sandy.

After Cooper thought about what Sandy said, he was thinking about how she was right. Cooper had an idea. He was going to walk back through that part of town where the poodles lived and tell them what he had learned from Sandy. Cooper started on his way back to that part of town. When he finally reached there, the poodles were eating out of their fancy bowls. When Cooper got closer to the poodles, the poodles stopped eating and trotted over to the Maltese. Cooper asked for just two minutes of their time. The poodles agreed to listen to what Cooper had to say.

“I ran into a very old but wise dog named Sandy, while I was trying to continue in my journey and she told me something that was very true,” said Cooper.

The poodles were becoming very restless with Cooper. At this point the poodles didn’t care about what Cooper had to say.

“We are all equal and you shouldn’t treat people the way you treated me earlier today!” exclaimed Cooper. “Just because you are bigger than me doesn’t mean you can treat me any kind of way,” said Cooper.

The poodles all thought about what Cooper had just recited to them. After thinking about what Cooper had said, the poodles simply agreed with Cooper and the poodles apologized. When the poodles apologized, they all quickly became friends.

Moral: Everyone is equal, don’t be mean 

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