Brain Project by Norman

In class we drew our brain and whatever was in it. On mine is what I am. I am a pet-lover, friend, sibling, entertainer, survivor, pilot, tech-wizard, gardner, superman, minecrafter, legging-wearer, and a student among many, many other things. I added the lightning, vortex, and the earth after. It was lots of fun thinking of what I am, and drawing things.


Brains by Jenny


To wrap up the year of projects our last project was to draw our brains and put the things in it that happen in our everyday life and that relate to our life. One thing I put was school because I come to school every day except for the weekends and this is where I get my education. I also put technology in my brain because technology has been helping me a lot in school lately and I use it out of school. Another thing I put in my brain was sports because sports keep me healthy, they keep me in shape and are a good workout. I also put my family and friends because they are a big part of my life and help me with things when I need help and always have my back. These were the things on my brain. What was on yours?


Community Service by Norman






On wednesday it was a half day and the other half of the day was community service. Our advisory re-mulched the beds of trees, bushes and flowers. When we ran out of mulch, someone went down to the mulch pile in the passengers seat of a John Deere and helped load it with more. After 2 bushes, 3 trees, and 1 flower bed, we were done. It felt good to help the school.


Hero Project by Jinger C.

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

Not too long ago in Mrs. Donnelly’s 6th grade Language Arts class, we finished our hero projects. We put a lot of effort and time and finally finished. I was glad to see all of our hard work paid off. For my hero project I wrote about my dad. The hardest part of the hero project was the art work for me. That’s why I am so glad artist, Peg Gignoux, was there to help us with every step.As we got farther along in the project the art work got more fun.

After designing our books we started writing. In my opinion, the writing was the best part. I loved writing about my dad and looking at the smile on his face when he read my book. He said he was very impressed with my book! I feel like this experience made my hero and me closer.

When we went to the gallery it was fun reading other people’s books and seeing what they wrote, and their art work, especially my friends. My dad said he was very impressed with my project. I didn’t think our books would come out as perfectly as they did. Seeing them at the gallery for first time was amazing. They were beautiful. If you haven’t gone yet you are missing out on a whole lot! Go to the FRANK Gallery in Chapel Hill, North Carolina!

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My Hero by Davi

My hero is my uncle Dan Astrinsky. Dan was born in Lima, Peru and still lives there today. He lives in an apartment with his wife Ghila, his daughters Orit and Noah, and his dogs Chami, Chami’s seven puppies, and Facundo. Dan is my hero because he managed to quit smoking. Even though he started again, I hope that he can find the will to stop. Dan loves to participate in Extreme Sports, especially dirt bike racing. I admire him for this, because I think that dirt bike racing is pretty dangerous. In conclusion, I think that Dan is a great person, and that he can quit smoking once more.

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My Wisdom Tale by Kira S.




In LA we have been doing a variety of projects. One project was to make our own wisdom tale! My wisdom tale called Running Away from Home, was about a puppy who ran away from home. Here is my wisdom tale story!

There once was a small , white Maltese puppy named Cooper who ran away from his home. One day he was walking down the street on a rainy day, and ran into a three brown, mean poodles named Cody, Paul, Peter who thought they were better than the small Maltese.

When the Maltese approached the poodles, the poodles said, “What are you doing at the side town you don’t belong here!”

The maltese said, “I ran away from home.”

Meanwhile, there is an old yellow Labrador across the street watching, but no one even pays her any attention. The poodles started making fun of the small Maltese. The Maltese kept walking and tried to ignore the mean poodles. Cooper started feeling homesick. Cooper started to find his way back home. Along the way an old but wise yellow Labrador retriever named Sandy, came up close to Cooper.

“I have been watching you run away from your house and get into trouble with those mean poodles,” said Sandy.

“You have?” said Cooper.

The old dog said, “I have and I also saw you not stick up for yourself when those poodles were teasing you.”

Cooper hung his head low and said, “I couldn’t do anything, the poodles were much bigger than me!”

“We are all equal Cooper. Just because they might be bigger on the outside doesn’t mean that they are better in any way,” said Sandy.

After Cooper thought about what Sandy said, he was thinking about how she was right. Cooper had an idea. He was going to walk back through that part of town where the poodles lived and tell them what he had learned from Sandy. Cooper started on his way back to that part of town. When he finally reached there, the poodles were eating out of their fancy bowls. When Cooper got closer to the poodles, the poodles stopped eating and trotted over to the Maltese. Cooper asked for just two minutes of their time. The poodles agreed to listen to what Cooper had to say.

“I ran into a very old but wise dog named Sandy, while I was trying to continue in my journey and she told me something that was very true,” said Cooper.

The poodles were becoming very restless with Cooper. At this point the poodles didn’t care about what Cooper had to say.

“We are all equal and you shouldn’t treat people the way you treated me earlier today!” exclaimed Cooper. “Just because you are bigger than me doesn’t mean you can treat me any kind of way,” said Cooper.

The poodles all thought about what Cooper had just recited to them. After thinking about what Cooper had said, the poodles simply agreed with Cooper and the poodles apologized. When the poodles apologized, they all quickly became friends.

Moral: Everyone is equal, don’t be mean 

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Comic Project By Kira S







In LA class we had to do a comic on any wisdom tale we would like to retell. I chose The Wild Strawberry. Using Comic Life was new to me because I hadn’t used it before. Although once I got the hang of it, it was really fun. I also enjoyed drawing my pictures and then using Sketch Book Pro to add detail to the picture. It was fun to learn how to use Sketch Book Pro! I did enjoy this project and I hope we do something like this again!

L.A. Presentation by Noah

In our 6th grade L.A. class, each of us could pick a grammar topic to make a presentation about. For my project, I chose the topic: Lie vs. Lay. I think the most confusing part of these words is that “lay” is the past tense of “lie.” Before selecting this topic, I thought these words were very easy, but after reading a few paragraphs, I noticed how confusing these words can be. In the end when I finished my project and presented it, I learned a lot about my topic, as well as many others that I listened to. I put some videos into my presentation that was a Keynote, which made my presentation fun for me to make.

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How To Use Numbers in a Sentence by Nathan

So for LA we had to do a grammar project! I did how to use numbers in a sentence because I wanted to know how to use them to improve my writing. Here is one rule: if you have two numbers in a row, spell out the first. That means in a sentence like: There were 12 7 year olds in the room, you would change it to: There were twelve 7 year olds in the room. It was fun presenting all of the rules then giving a little quiz to the class (which they passed!).

Screen shot by me!