Hero Project by Jinger C.

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

Not too long ago in Mrs. Donnelly’s 6th grade Language Arts class, we finished our hero projects. We put a lot of effort and time and finally finished. I was glad to see all of our hard work paid off. For my hero project I wrote about my dad. The hardest part of the hero project was the art work for me. That’s why I am so glad artist, Peg Gignoux, was there to help us with every step.As we got farther along in the project the art work got more fun.

After designing our books we started writing. In my opinion, the writing was the best part. I loved writing about my dad and looking at the smile on his face when he read my book. He said he was very impressed with my book! I feel like this experience made my hero and me closer.

When we went to the gallery it was fun reading other people’s books and seeing what they wrote, and their art work, especially my friends. My dad said he was very impressed with my project. I didn’t think our books would come out as perfectly as they did. Seeing them at the gallery for first time was amazing. They were beautiful. If you haven’t gone yet you are missing out on a whole lot! Go to the FRANK Gallery in Chapel Hill, North Carolina!

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