Brain Story By: Ryan


This is a story I wrote for sentences in LA:

One SATURNINE day on the cruise Little Timmy lied PROSTRATE vomiting on the ground next to him when suddenly the boat began to OSCILLATE. The swinging was violent as if a herd of elephants were ramming into the cruise. While this was happening there was a faint sound that sounded like, “lolololololololololooo!” Little Timmy thought he was hearing things so he dismissed the sound. Little Timmy went to his room to get some pills that made him SOPORIFIC. He woke up to see two massive police officers that were about to PINION him. “W-wh-what have I done?” Stammered Little Timmy. “Sorry kid, wrong room,” the officers thumped out. The boat started to rumble again, and that was when Little Timmy heard the sound again. This time he went to investigate. It was coming from the cargo area. Little Timmy came across a blanket with a NODULE. The lumps was eeriely TACITURN as Little Timmy approached it. Suddenly a LUGUBRIOUS alpaca jumped out from under the blanket. “Olé! Lolololololololololooo!” The alpaca screeched. The animal bit Little Timmy truncating one of Timmy’s fingers. The alpaca started running around in circles and began to TANTALIZE Little Timmy, “Lolololololololololooo!” The alpaca continued screeching. Little Timmy was about to go mentally insane when a titanic MAELSTROM appeard and sucked the ship in. Everybody died…


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Membean By: Ryan

I think Membean is a fun learning website. It is a website where you can you sign up and start learning new vocabulary immediately. I like membean because it teaches you words that you can use to improve your writing and understanding of words. It is also helpful because you learn root words and those can help you figure out what other words mean.

Membean isn’t one of those learning sites that teaches you a word and then let you forget about it. Membean refreshes old words in your memory very often. I still see words I learned in the beginning of the year!

Currently, I am writing a story with my friends and we use lots of the words we learned in Membean. I see and hear words I words learned on Membean in books, on TV, and on the radio. That is why I think Membean has helped me tremendously!


iPads By: Ryan

IPads are great learning devices. I like using iPads because I can go online to learn things and search  when I need to. I also like how homework is in Evernote so I can access it anywhere. Another great thing about the iPads is that I can type out words instead of having to write on paper.

We use iPads depending on the class. Some classes we use iPads often and other classes we don’t use them at all! I like iPads better than paper because I can email and connect to other people. I thought the iPads were a lot of fun this year and I hope we will have them every year.


Memory Give Away Giver By: Ryan

I would give away the memory of color because every thing else would seem so dull because it wouldn’t be bright and colorful. You could see the colors starting from green and blue because that would be the color of the ground and sky and you could see the two basic colors. Then you would slowly progress to being ale to see red, yellow, purple, and different shades, etc. That would make life more bright and colorful.


Ideal Teacher By: Ryan

An ideal teacher is a teacher that gives out a reasonable amount of homework each night. The great teacher has to reach out towards her students to help them if they need it. Also, the teachers need to be kind and fun so the student wants to learn. Children need a class to look forward to each day. The teacher should be able to teach and make things clear by explaining it. She should be responsible and attentive to all the students and listen to them. That is my ideal teacher.


The Giver Assignment By: Ryan

If I was assigned to a job I would probably be a computer scientist because I am interested in video games and other electronic stuff. I could teach computer programming and and game design to help other kids and adults who are interested in this topics. I play a lot of games so I know how they work. I cold help develop the community for the future. That is why I think I might become a computer scientist.


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Westing Game By: Ryan






I enjoyed the book a lot and would probably read it again for fun and pay attention to the details. I thought it was clever how Ellen Raskin threw in words right in front of your face that either had different meanings or other ways to look at it. Some of those clues give you the answer immediately if you knew where to look and think more deeply about them.

It was interesting how every character had a different characteristic and in the end those characteristics led to a whole new life for the character. Some of the moody people become very happy and lively, some get fancy jobs. In the end something good happened to all the characters and it was really a happy ending. I wish Ellen Raskin had written a sequel.

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Hero Project By: Ryan

I think the hero project was really fun and exciting because it combined writing and art. To me, the writing part of it wasn’t as fun as making the actual book. It took a lot of hard thinking and work to write and eventually put together. It meant a lot to my hero and a a lot of people appreciated the project. I think it extremely cool that we actually got a spot in the Frank Gallery! In fact, we inspired people so much that they also decided to do this project. In the end I think it’s a very touching, meaningful and fun project.

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How To Talk To Your Teen by: Ryan

In the book Cosmic, Liam is reading a book called Talk To Your Teen. Here is what I would add to the book.

Don’t allow your child to have caffeine after seven, because of experience, I found out that you can’t sleep well. Sleep is very important, especially for school. Without sleep it is hard to concentrate and your child won’t have the energy they need. Also, caffeine filled drinks usually have sugar in them. Too much sugar can be very bad for your child. Don’t restrict your child from having caffeine every once in a while though. If your child disobeys, then you should probably reconsider how much you let them have caffeine.

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Grown Up By: Ryan

If I was a grown up I would do whatever I wanted. I would buy a Lamborghini and a G5 jet. I would buy myself a large house and bunch of games.  When I’m done I would fly myself to Hawaii and buy a mansion on tropical island where I can relax all day. I really want a private submarine so I can go underwater and explore. I’m definitely going to get a lot of gaming systems and many games. Then I’ll fly around the world and go to every different country. I’m glad I’m an adult.

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