Brain Story By: Ryan


This is a story I wrote for sentences in LA:

One SATURNINE day on the cruise Little Timmy lied PROSTRATE vomiting on the ground next to him when suddenly the boat began to OSCILLATE. The swinging was violent as if a herd of elephants were ramming into the cruise. While this was happening there was a faint sound that sounded like, “lolololololololololooo!” Little Timmy thought he was hearing things so he dismissed the sound. Little Timmy went to his room to get some pills that made him SOPORIFIC. He woke up to see two massive police officers that were about to PINION him. “W-wh-what have I done?” Stammered Little Timmy. “Sorry kid, wrong room,” the officers thumped out. The boat started to rumble again, and that was when Little Timmy heard the sound again. This time he went to investigate. It was coming from the cargo area. Little Timmy came across a blanket with a NODULE. The lumps was eeriely TACITURN as Little Timmy approached it. Suddenly a LUGUBRIOUS alpaca jumped out from under the blanket. “Olé! Lolololololololololooo!” The alpaca screeched. The animal bit Little Timmy truncating one of Timmy’s fingers. The alpaca started running around in circles and began to TANTALIZE Little Timmy, “Lolololololololololooo!” The alpaca continued screeching. Little Timmy was about to go mentally insane when a titanic MAELSTROM appeard and sucked the ship in. Everybody died…


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