Last Day 2014

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We began the year with Camp Cheerio in western, North Carolina where we explored, challenged ourselves, and pushed limits. On the last day of school, facilitators from Triangle Training Center came to do some collaborative closing activities with our advisory groups. Most of you are a little taller, a whole lot smarter, and of course all of you are ready for summer!

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Remember that practice makes permanent and when things are tough, smile and say, “How fascinating!” Spend some time this summer reading what YOU want to read, write down your crazy ideas, add to your Life List, and try something new. Most importantly, enjoy being in the moment with those you love. Finally, take time to be still and see what you notice.

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Westing Game by Bella K

In our Language Arts class, we had to read the book The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin. The book was not an extremely long book, but it was CONFUSING. A first Mrs.Donnelly said that the author was really smart with this book, and I thought “Well, it’s just a book. How hard can a book be to understand?” As we read on the first and second chapters, automatically and right away, I realized that this book was not just any other. Every sentence, every word, was so carefully chosen that there was some kind of arcane meaning in it. When we were finally done, it took a lot of thinking to fully understand what happened.

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Open Note Tests by Davi

I like open note tests because I don’t need to memorize as much. Open note tests in a way take much more responsibility than tests with no notes. Since you make your own notes, if you don’t pay attention in class then you will do badly on the test. Open note tests make me feel more sure that I will do well on the test. To end this blog post I will say that open note tests rock, so don’t worry about them as much as you do other tests.