Squirrel and His Foolish Friends by Davi

Squirrel and His Foolish Friends


Once upon a time, there was a forest. In this forest, there lived a tribe of squirrels. All of the squirrels in this tribe were daredevils, except for one squirrel named Bob Scaredy Squirrel.

One day, Bob was talking with his friends, when they heard raucous laughter. Bob’s friends went investigating while he admired a caterpillar as it made its way up a tree. In the middle of its ascent, a lizard jumped from a nearby branch, grabbed the caterpillar, and started to run. As soon as it was out of sight, Bob heard a voice calling his name.

“Bob, come here Bob, you have to see this!!!!” Bob ran past the trees and saw, spread out on a cliff, a colossal log. Squirrels were running all over the log, their claws clacking against the wet wood.  Suddenly, there was a large crack and the log dipped a few feet. All the squirrels gasped, then started laughing. It seemed that the crack only enticed them more to go on the log, not to run away.

“Come on Bob,” Bob’s friends urged. “This log is really cool!!! It even cracked a little bit!!” Of course Bob, being a smart squirrel said no. When Bob’s friends started urging him even more, he started arguing. When the squirrels started chanting his name, Bob gave in.

He started to slowly walk towards the log, trying to not be scared. When he set one foot on the log, Bob started thinking of all the horrible things that could happen to him if he went on the log.

“No!” Bob declared, “I won’t do it!” And with that, Bob walked off into the forest. He walked for a little while, when he heard a large crack, and squirrels screaming, loudly at first, then slowly getting quieter. Bob raced back to find that the log had broken, and all the squirrels had fallen to the rocky ground below.

Moral: Do what’s right. Don’t give in to negative peer pressure.

The Smuggler On Comic Life by Davi

For my project on Comic Life, I chose The Smuggler. The Smuggler is about a smuggler who when trying to cross a border, is stopped by a border control officer. The border control officer then demanded to search the smuggler’s donkey. He does so, but finds nothing. This happens for ten years, and even thought the border control officer know that the juggler is smuggling something, he can’t prove it. In ten years, when the border control officer is retired, he sees the smuggler in the market, and asks him what he was smuggling. The smuggler says that he was smuggling donkeys. The moral of the story is to not overlook the obvious, and to not judge a book by it’s cover.


I Am Proud Of by Franny

First of all- my self. I am very proud of myself because currently this year. My parents have been very busy and I have been able to keep my grades up by myself. Plus, I am actually doing a pretty good job at it.

Second- my reading. I have been reading a lot more this year than I usually do (that might be partially because the book I am reading is really good…). I am getting a lot more books done.

Third- my time. I have really been working on finishing my homework, getting all my work done, and managing my time.

That is about it for what I am proud of.

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I Am Proud of By Sheridan


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 I am proud of my chances of being the best badminton player in my age group for my county. I won second place in the state and I won 16th in the national competitions. I have won many other chess tournaments as well. I am very proud of what I have accomplished over the past years and that I have continued with these things.

I Am Proud Of by Miriam D.

American flag

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I am proud of Dad because he was in the Marines for five years, the Army for twenty years, and he fought in the Vietnam war. He retired when he was fifty years old, with the status of a colonel. Today, he still tells us a lot of stories about the army and the war. He worked really hard to protect our country and I am really proud of him. I know he doesn’t like to admit it, but I know that it took a lot of courage for him to fight. I could never do that.



I Am Proud Of by Noah


I am proud of my ability to play the piano at high levels. After winning multiple first places at competitions, I was motivated to be at a state level of competition. I then participated in the regional competition, hoping to get past that level and then get to go to state level. Before regionals I had practiced my piano pieces so many times, I was almost positive I would win the competition. Sure enough I did win, although the suspense was nearly too much for me to handle while I was waiting for the results. I felt so great while driving home, I had passed the regionals and got the opportunity to win states and play in a recital! So after regionals, I had practiced my pieces another billion times and when states finally came I walked in and played my pieces. In the end, I was one of the few people to be selected for the honors recital.