Membean by Nate V.

In Language Arts we use a program called Membean. Membean helps you learn vocabulary by putting you through training sessions where you answer questions about words you already have and then you learn new words. We try to learn enough new words that we go up to the next level. Mrs. Donnelly can give us a quiz if she wants to. I like Membean so far and I think it is great. We got to write to the creator of Membean and suggest something to add and he wrote back! I would definitely recommend Membean to another school.


Memory by Nate V

Photo by Nate

In language arts we are reading a book called The Giver. In The Giver Jonas gets memories from the receiver. The memory I would give first would be a memory of a sled going down a hill in the snow. I would give this memory because it is a fun introduction to memory sharing. It would also be a calm memory before the pain memories. That is why I would share the sled memory first.


The Perfect Teacher by Nate V.

Photo by me

We are reading a book called The Giver in Language Arts. In The Giver there is a perfect world. This is my idea of a perfect teacher. A perfect teacher gives quizzes but not that many and doesn’t make them really hard. The teacher also make learning fun by mixing games with learning. He or she does give homework but not much homework so that it doesn’t take a long time. I think the perfect teacher should also have a good personality and be nice to their students. That is what I think a perfect teacher should be like.


Community Service by Nate V

Image by me

In school we did a community service project. My advisory went to table in chapel hill. TABLE is a food bank type organization that puts food in kids backpacks who can’t afford it over the weekend. Our advisory brought in 260 pounds of food! While we were there we sorted food in to categories and made sure it wasn’t expired. If in wasn’t we put it on a corresponding shelf that had to do with type and date it expired. I think that the community service was really fun and it felt good helping kids who couldn’t afford food on the weekends.


The Giver by Nate V.

Photo by me

In Language Arts class we are reading a book called The Giver. In the book when you turn twelve you get an assignment or job to keep for the rest of your life. The assignment is made by elders who study you when you are at school. I think I would be picked as engineer because I like designing things like vehicles and bridges. That is just one of the many jobs available. I might also be a nurturer and care for the little babies. That is what I think I would be chosen for in The Giver.


The Westing Game by Nate V

In Language Arts we read a mystery book called The Westing Game. It is about a man named Sam Westing who owns a huge company and is trying to find his true heir. He makes a game with 16 possible heirs but in the end only one will win.
We had to draw each character from the book and then put it into a trading card. Trading cards is an app on our iPad. For each card we had two fill in a bunch of information about the characters. At the end there was a test and we were allowed to use our cards. Mrs. Donnelly picked one card to grade and we picked the other and that was how it worked. The Westing Game is a good book and I definitely recommend it.

Hero Books by Nate V

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

Over the past month in Language Arts we worked on hero books. To make them we stamped paper and then ripped it. We made books that had a front scene, like sand, and a back scene, like water. The books were about a hero, like a relative in our life. My hero is my grandpa. After we made them, they were displayed in the FRANK Gallery in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. There was a reception and kids brought their family members and their heroes.

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The Lady Or The Tiger by Nate










The Lady Or The Tiger?

By Nate

Then as the man walked toward the doors the crowd became silent. The princess would never lie to me, he thought as the doors drew near. The man lifted the creaky, rusty latch of the gold plated doors. As they creaked open, the last thing he saw was the wide open jaws and spreading claws of the tiger. Then he fell down and heard the wail of the mourner, the scream of the crowd, and the princess laughing in a horrible tone. He thought if the princess can’t have me I guess nobody can and then drifted into blackness.

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Talk To Your Teen by Nate V


In the book Cosmic, Liam is reading a book called Talk to your Teen. Here is an example of something that should be in the book.

Food-make sure your teen isn’t totally going crazy on junk food. You may want to limit your teen to two snacks a day. The last thing you want is an overweight teen. Also, if they can buy things freely make sure that they are not buying too much junk food. You may also want to press them to eat fruit because they will probably like it better than vegetables.

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If I Was A Grown Up For A Day by Nate

If I was a grown up for a day I would live in the USA in North Carolina. I would have a Dodge Viper and live in a regular size house. I would travel all over the world and have fun meeting new people and going to places I’d never been. I would also try to help people in need as much as I could in poor countries.

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