The Lady Or The Tiger- My Ending by Franny C

She had made up her mind with what she thought to be a relatively safe and thought outplan. She did not know if it was the way it should be for she had not checked before this horror of sorts. As the man turned, the sight of the fear, anger, but yes­ satisfaction that had been clear asday in his lady’s eyes was seared into his brain and he could see nothing else. The people knew not about what he had seen or what door he was to choose. Though he wanted to trust that his princess would protect him, his body shook as he edged closer but not near enough to reach the doors. Those dreaded doors that would reveal his fate.

The people watched with growing fear for they knew they did not want this man to open those doors. But all the same, they crept to the edge of their seats. As he came closer, the tension and suspense hung in the air like the moisture on a humid day. They saw as he did notlook where he was going but crept blindly in the general direction of the doors. Finally, he was near enough to touch those large doors towering over him as if they, just like the king were excitedly awaiting his choice of death. Only the people on the sides of the arena near to himwere able to see now as he slowly pulled out a bony, shaking hand to the door. The door on theright. The door the princess had chosen. The door that was either the best decision he hadmade, or the worst luck he had ever experienced. He had decided to trust the princess.

As the door creaked open, every man, woman, and child held his or her breath and it wasdeathly silent. A baby was heard crying. The man closed his eyes as soon as the door showed acrack and he waited for death to come. He could even hear the snarl and smell the blood. But wait. He stopped. He was listening. The door was just open a crack but he could hear a low snarlcoming from inside. Was he wrong­ did the princess really want him to die rather than marrysomeone else? He slowly pulled the heavy door aside and waited for death to come. It did notcome, however. The tiger was tied. And he was safe. He could do nothing, hear nothing, feal nothing. He was safe and the princess would have to get him now. He heard nothing but all of a sudden, he was grabbed and forced to his nees. The guards went to untie the tiger and let it on him when he heard the sweetest voice he had ever heard. The princess. He listened and heard her exclaim that if the guards were to come near, she would nock them out and the tiger would get her as well. She was lifting him and they were dancing with joy. Her father had excepted.They were to be wedded at once.


The Lady or The Tiger Ending by Sylvia

He took one last glance at the princess, her eyes telling him she was up to something. He gracefully, but nervously, turned towards the doors. The doors, so alike and untouched, for he could hear nothing, but the small breaths the kingdom took, and the sounds of his own feet stepping onto the ground. Would it be the tiger, or the lady? The question stuck to his head, never to forget.

His almost silent footsteps headed towards the dreaded doors, ones he never wanted to open. The anxiousness was contagious. Everyone, including the king himself, had caught it. He reached out for the brass handle on the right door, opened it, for it was empty, nothing to be seen, all mouths dropped, the anxiousness had vanished. The looks were now shock, except the king. His barbaric, devil face was red as a rose, filled with drops of anger. The guards carefully and cautiously, approached the door with spears, swords, and many other weapons. The door still remained motionless. The king now ordered him to open the left door. There, he saw a ferocious tiger, licking his lips. He had just finished a pleasing meal. The king glanced at his daughter, but instead saw an empty chair, his eyes wandered back to the arena, and saw a familiar figure coming out of the right door, the princess.

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Lady Or Tiger Frederick C

My body was shaking vigorously, my hands and feet were sweating from fear. Will I die, or will I live with a stranger? I don’t know if I should trust the queen that signaled right to me. I looked at the audience, hoping for either a really bloody death, or a really funny marriage. Should I trust the queen? Or should I just make my own decision?

Then, I decided to choose the right door. Why would the princess want me to die? She loved me with all her heart, so why would she get rid of me? I saw it in her eyes, glaring at me with obvious fear. I could tell that she cared by looking at my eyes. But on the other side, I saw the king, wanting me to die from pain and torture from a hungry tiger. “Right,” I whispered with fear.

The doors were so colossal that three powerful guards had to pull with all their might. I wanted to look one more time around the castle, just in case I will meet the tiger with my “hilarious” death. The room smelled like fried chicken, with many elaborate decorations. When they opened the door, I saw nothing but a tremendously long, fat, creature. Finally, when it stepped out, out came a fat tiger challenging me to a duel. It ran up to me, but before I fell to my death, I ran up to the princess, gave her a smooch on the forehead, and died.

Even to this day in my reincarnation, I wonder why she killed me.

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Lady Or The Tiger? By Bella K.

The Lady Or The Tiger?

So there was Gus Wilfred, trembling full of horror and fright, gazing up at the two indistinguishable purple doors. At any moment, he could be lifeless and dead cold, or happier than ever with a lovesome princess. Gus’s heart felt like it was about to burst even before he even opened one of the colossal doors. He could hear his own heartbeat, and his mind was about to explode with frustration. Being pretty sure that he just breathed his last breath, he jerked open the left door without hesitating wanting to get this over with. Gus felt nothing. No sense at all. Not even a second of pain, or a warm hug with a nice fragrance of flowers. Instead, he was burning hot. Not the loveable hot, but boiling hot like a intense radiant light was sizzling him up. Gus was just in the middle of nothing. He was lost and trying to comprehend his situation. Was he inside a beast’s stomach? Or what had really happened to him?

Gus knew something was funky. He forced himself to open his eyelids. There he saw a vague sight of a figure in a sky blue dress covering him behind a couple of blue birds circling his head. Still, he was extremely tense. He finally remembered what caused this tension. You see, Gus had very serious memory problems and was airheaded. He was dragged in front of the two doors because he had forgotten to pay for a golden ring meant for her mother for her birthday and just strolled out the door. The hotness and tension was because he wasn’t breathing from all the nervousness. Brainless Gus was holding it the entire time because of the thought that he might die on his mother’s birthday and the pain she would have to go through. His oxygen had almost started cutting off causing his face to turn purple as well as the circling birds.

“Hello? Are you alive over there? Tell me, dead by happiness, dead thinking you are actually dead, or have you got no idea where you are?” asked the desperate princess. Finally realizing and after a brief flashback, was a fine woman that Gus had been dreaming all his life who indeed smell like flowers!

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The Lady Or The Tiger by Davi


I thought about the decision I had made. My lover looked so desperate, silently asking me; Which door? Which door? I pointed to the door on the right. The door that held a fearsome tiger. I felt like a monster, leading my love to a gruesome death, instead of giving him a happy life with a woman who is not me. I could almost smell the raw meat, hear the flesh being ripped apart, and my lover screaming. Oh the screaming, I thought. Those gut-wrenching screams. I could barely stand the thought of those screams. I laid my head down on my arm, closed my eyes, and prepared for the horror yet to come.


As the princess cautiously pointed to the door on the right, the first thought that popped into my head was: Is that the door with the lady? I scolded myself for thinking such a thought. The princess wouldn’t let me die. I confidently sauntered over to the door on the right. I grabbed the handle, then yanked open the door. As soon the door opened I heard a fearsome roar. I instinctively jumped up as a blur of black and orange barreled out of the door like a shot from a cannon. My hand found the knife in my sleeve and pulled it out, fast as lightning. The whole coliseum gasped as they saw the fifteen centimeter blade. By now the tiger had spun around and was prowling around me. It lunged for a second time, and I ducked. The tiger smacked into the door and fell to the ground. the tiger got up, its eyes rubies, its teeth bared in a formidable snarl. The tiger lunged for a third time, and I didn’t duck. I don’t really know what happened next. It was all a blur. All I know is that I heard a sickening thwack as my knife cut into the tiger’s neck and cut its head clean off.


Thwack. That was the only sound I heard. Then no more. I could barely look up, fearing what I would see. I looked up and saw my lover. Still alive and with the tiger dead at his feet. In his hand was a long curved knife. The murderous look on his fae said one thing. I hate you.

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Lady Or The Tiger by Vasili C.


Which door would you take if you were in this position? Would it be the door on the right or the door on the left? Would it be the lady or the tiger?

As he slowly approached the doors with fear and regret of his wrongdoing, thoughts raced through his head saying, “Right? No. Left? No. Right or left.” His arm hesitated for both doors each taking turns waiting.

The king raised his arm and said, “Go on with it.” So after a long while of carefully deciding which door to pick, he jumped to the door on the left and turned around. He blew one last kiss to the princess and opened the door.

He saw…the tiger. It jumped out at him and sliced him with his claw as he quickly died. Then the tiger picked him up in his mouth and carried him into his cave and that was the last of him, he was gone.He had died.

The princess ran to her room and started crying. She lived a long, sad, lonely life. Then she died lonely by herself in a castle.

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Lady or Tiger? By Anna W.

He felt a warm drop of sweat drip down his face. His heart was pounding like a drum beat. All he could smell was the scent of a dirty zoo cage. The room was full of silence. Every time he closed his eyes he imagined what was behind each door. Thoughts coming from every direction put him in lots of stress. He was thinking what he had been signaled before, to choose the door on the right side.

As thoughts were taking over his whole mind he slowly started walking toward the door on the right side. Just as he set the hot and wet palm of his hand on the doorknob it slid right off. That could have been a sign telling him that this was the wrong door.

He stood there anxiously. He tried to look under the door but the crack was way too small. His head was throbbing deeply. He felt as if the world was falling. He tried to savor the last moments of his life. He suddenly was hit with this one saying that his mother told him a while ago. it was to treat each day like it is the last day of your life.

He tiptoed to the left door and within one blink he yanked the door open. Right in front of him stood… nothing. He was shocked to see nothing in his panorama. All that was inside of that door was an empty room with a broken wooden chair.

He walked into the room suspiciously and picked up the chair. Just as he picked it up a piece of thin, old looking paper soared through the air then hit the ground. He picked it up and it said in large faded letters, “Right.” That was a very puzzling word to him. It was hard to tell if it was saying that this is the right room or if the room on the right side had the princess in it.

There was nobody in this room so there was only one more place to go, the door on the right side. He walked out of the room and heard the crowd going wild. He decided he was going to have to go into the door on the right.

He walked to the door and slowly turned the handle. Thinking the princess would be standing right there, again there was nothing in the room. This time there wasn’t a chair either. He walked in and there was a door. A small black door. He could hear a very quiet breathing through the door. He wondered if it was the tiger or the princess.

Hoping it was the princess, he crawled into the door. All he could see was pitch black. It almost didn’t seem real! He could smell a fragrant flower scent. He kept crawling until he saw a small light in the distance. As he got closer and closer he could heAr the breathing getting louder and louder. He finally got to the light and standing right at his eyes was a gorgeous princess with long silky, brown hair. She was wearing a beautiful, green and pink gown. Her name was Millie.

Millie took him by his hand, and they walked on a long path to a large castle with a landscape full of purple and red flowers. It felt like a sunny spring day and they could hear birds chirping everywhere. From what he could see he was already in love with Millie. They arrived in the castle and lived a long, fulfilled life.

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Lady Or The Tiger by: Lucy W.

In Language Arts we did a project about a story called The Lady Or The Tiger. Here is my story: He stood looking anxiously at the door to the right, turning around to meet his lover’s eyes again. She looked straight at him, smiling. He didn’t know what choice to make. The princess had his life in her hands. He walked very slowly to the right door, praying that he was going to live. He thought before he opened it, my lover may kill me or let me live with another maiden. He slowly grasped the door and opened it. Cautiously he walked inside. He heard a low growl coming from the dark room. He knew it. The tiger came towards him but it did not attack him. It simply sat down and purred. The tiger walked out into the light with the man. The king was confused. He was sure he put a ferocious tiger in that door. The king looked over at his daughter. She was smiling and laughing happily.

The king was furious. The tiger was tame and let the man live. The king yelled at his daughter. Screaming, the daughter started to run. The king made the guards catch her. She cried and furiously started hitting the guards. She was put in a cell, and was put on trial the next day with the man, her lover. The next day, the princess and her lover went into the arena. The king had pulled a trick on them. He put a ferocious tiger in each door.

They both walked out. The princess went to to the left, the man went to the right. They opened the doors at the same time. Then out came the two tigers. They ripped the princess and the man to pieces as the crowd started screaming, crying and yelling. The man and princess didn’t live, but they did die together and would love each other forever.

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Lady Or The Tiger by Grace

The young man walked hesitantly to the right door. He thought, would she kill me or would she let me live a happy life? He realized that she loved him enough to set him free, but he would rather die with her being the last he loved. He stopped and turned to the left. His hands were shaking as he slowly opened the the latch on the door. Then he saw a tiger run out. It was not hurting him. It must be tame. The tiger came up to him, sniffed him, then ran away.

What does this mean? The king took this as a sign. So, he stood up and announced the man’s innocence even though he opened the door with the tiger. They all rejoiced, and the King decided to have his daughter and the young man married at once.

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The lady Or The Tiger by Shaffer



The Lady Or The Tiger?


Standing between the two doors, not knowing which one was death or happiness, I look behind and see the princess. I cannot tell if she is mad or if she is happy. But suddenly, she waves her hand to the right.

I think, ok if she still loves me she will know that the maiden is on the right side and I won’t get hurt. But if she doesn’t love me at all, she will want me to die immediately. So without any hesitation, I moved to the left door thinking she hates me. I opened the door and out came a big, mean ferocious tiger, eating me with a smile on its face. I try to open his mouth to free myself, but the tiger was too strong.

I could feel my body just being torn apart and I was dying right there. While I was being eaten, I could hear the cry of the princess. She was very sad that I didn’t trust her and go to the right door. But now I know that she still loved me. Even though I was going to be with someone else, she did not care. All she cared about was me being alive and knowing I was happy.

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