The Lady Or The Tiger by: Kay Y.

Lady Or The Tiger?By Kay

In class we read a story called The Lady or The Tiger? We were supposed to finish the story how we thought it should end, here is my ending.

The night before he was put into the arena, the princessfought with herself about which fate was better. Shetossed and turned, one fate with the tiger, dying on thespot. But what seemed much worse to that
semi­barbaric princess was seeing the joy on his facewhen the maiden stepped out of the door. That beautifulmaiden, she hated more than anything in the world, shecould not stand the thought of the delight on both of theirfaces as they were instantly married. Knowing that shewould be asked would it be better to be responsible forhis death? After all the semi­barbaric princess is thereason that he’s in the arena in the first place. She tossedand turned all night until finally she made up her mind,and with that she fell asleep. The lover of the princessdidn’t know what the doors held, and which ever had themaiden he hadn’t the slightest idea what maiden wasbehind the door. The day that the lover of the princesswas to be tried everyone gathered in the arena to see thefate of the lover of the princess.

Most importantly that semi­barbaric princess sat to theright of the king. But when the lover of the princess askedher which door, she casually motioned to the right withher hand, expressionlessly knowing what the future held.She sat there expressionlessly as she watched the manwho she had once loved.


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Lady Or Tiger by: Ellie M

The man took a step toward the wooden doors. One door was darker, the other one was lighter. This showed who lives, who dies. Then, he looked around at the ugly masonry, with nails sticking out and holes in the stone, that made up the amphitheater. Then he looked up at the king’s terrace. The brick walls stood out against the stone. He took another step forward andanother and another until he found himself standing in front of the right door.
He reached for the doorknob, grasped the knob’s rough material and glanced at the princess.She nodded her head with a slight smile across her face. The man took a deep breath and blew her a kiss. She just nodded her head. “What if she doesn’t want me anymore?” he whispered to himself, “Of course she wants me.” With the sudden boost of confidence, he turned the knob and pushed forward.
The door swung open to a dark corridor. On one side there were skulls of the men that died. Onthe other side there were bouquets of flowers that were in everybody’s wedding. The man took a step in and looked at one of the skulls. It was cracked in half, bloody, and missing a few teeth. Hewalked to the other wall and smelled a bouquet of roses. Then, there was a sharp pain in his leg.He turned around and saw the tiger. Then he felt nothing.

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The Lady Or The Tiger by Nate










The Lady Or The Tiger?

By Nate

Then as the man walked toward the doors the crowd became silent. The princess would never lie to me, he thought as the doors drew near. The man lifted the creaky, rusty latch of the gold plated doors. As they creaked open, the last thing he saw was the wide open jaws and spreading claws of the tiger. Then he fell down and heard the wail of the mourner, the scream of the crowd, and the princess laughing in a horrible tone. He thought if the princess can’t have me I guess nobody can and then drifted into blackness.

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Lady or Tiger Blog Post by Batu






This is my Lady of Tiger ending. I hope you like it.

When I move my hand to the right I make a sacrifice. He will be gone both ways. One way I will have to live with envy. The other way, I will be able to visit him in the semi-barbaric futurity. The lady they chose was very rich and had a lot of fine clothes; rich, soft, silk fabrics, and was wearing lots of rare and sparkling gems embedded in her dress.

The tiger had vicious teeth and sharp claws. He was a bit crazy and liked the taste of human flesh. To get him into the cage we needed an army that was fully armed like they were going into war. I always hated that maiden and wanted revenge for all the years in envy and anger. So I thought to myself….

I was in the arena with two doors in front of me. I considered my choices, face instant death with no pain or get married instantly. I looked at the princess. She moved her hand to the right. I knew she was mad at me for cheating on her. I hoped that her barbarism didn’t get the best of her and send me to the tiger. I hoped she had forgiven me and sent me to the lady. So I walked to the right door and opened it, hoping for the best and then the worst came out. It missed me by a centimeter and landed in the center of the arena confused and startled by the bright light. Then it turned around and I saw its razor sharp teeth. I waited for the worst. I fainted for a few minutes. Then when I woke up. I saw the tiger looking at something behind me and charged at the thing. It was a pigeon and was very badly wounded when the tiger had charged and ran over me. The tiger had ruptured my heart and I was barely hanging in. Then I slipped away to heaven and waiting to meet me was the princess.

My Lady or Tiger Ending by Will P

“Well, we haven’t got all day here!” The kings voice boomed. Knowing that the princess had told him to go to the right, the young man decided to trust her. Heart thumping, stomach churning, he slowly walked toward the doors.

“Wait, what if the princess is trying to trick me? She is partly barbaric on that matter.” The young man thought. He turned toward the princess for one last look at her, sweat now pouring down his face. He turned back toward the doors, the king’s nasty remarks now only background noise. The young man confidently walked towards the door on the left, knowing that the tiger was inside of it. The young man could not bear the thought of the princess having to see him marry another lady. He decided to sacrifice himself. He reached out his arm and felt the ice cold door knob. He heard the princess yelling to tell him to open the other door but he refused. He paused for one last moment of life. He wanted to take it all in. The young man saw a huge room with marble pillars and fancy mosaics on the walls, smelled food being cooked in the kitchen for the kings supper, heard the princess trying to tell him to open the other door, and the king yelling at him to hurry up. With that, the young man opened the door on the left, bracing himself for the tiger.

Behind the door stood the most beautiful lady he had ever seen. The formidable young man’s jaw dropped. He stood looking at her for a long while. They were about to get married when the princess ran downstairs next to him. The princess yelled at the young man, opened the door on the right and was immediately devoured by an immense tiger. There was a flash of orange light and some shrieks. When the misery cleared the princess was gone.

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The Lady Or The Tiger By Charlie E

The man opened the door the slightest bit. The Jade and Diamond Door burst open, Pieces of crystal shrapnel flying everywhere, the tiger instantly pounced, jagged claws but when it landed, there was nothing in its scarred orange paws! It hesitated for a moment, a split second, but that was all that was needed for the man to jump on the tiger! He puts it in a deadly headlock, cutting of it’s airway, the tiger struggles, trying to get him off! Suddenly, it finds purchase on the mans scratchy clothes and flings him off its back in to the festive purple colosseum wall. The Princess, in desperation, rips the sword from her father’s belt and throws as far as she can towards her lover. The many hopefully leaps into the air, catches the spinning and gleaming sword and plunges it in to the deadly tigers neck, killing it instantaneously. There is awkward silence until there is an amass of cheering from everyone in the colosseum, except, for the King. He yells for silence and it comes. But after a while of thinking he stops, gets up, looks at the man and starts clapping slowly. The man has a smile slowly spreading across his face as he realizes what just happened. His lover rushes down the stairs and throws her hands around him, proclaiming her love for him to the world. Silently, the king thinks to himself “Any boy who can defeat a tiger in battle, is a son of and a well deserved one. Yes I agree he will be very good for my Daughter, who’s beauty surpasses that of all the gods.” And so with reader, you have learned that love may not be the powerful force in the universe, but it is certainly a force not to be reckoned with.