The Lady Or The Tiger By Charlie E

The man opened the door the slightest bit. The Jade and Diamond Door burst open, Pieces of crystal shrapnel flying everywhere, the tiger instantly pounced, jagged claws but when it landed, there was nothing in its scarred orange paws! It hesitated for a moment, a split second, but that was all that was needed for the man to jump on the tiger! He puts it in a deadly headlock, cutting of it’s airway, the tiger struggles, trying to get him off! Suddenly, it finds purchase on the mans scratchy clothes and flings him off its back in to the festive purple colosseum wall. The Princess, in desperation, rips the sword from her father’s belt and throws as far as she can towards her lover. The many hopefully leaps into the air, catches the spinning and gleaming sword and plunges it in to the deadly tigers neck, killing it instantaneously. There is awkward silence until there is an amass of cheering from everyone in the colosseum, except, for the King. He yells for silence and it comes. But after a while of thinking he stops, gets up, looks at the man and starts clapping slowly. The man has a smile slowly spreading across his face as he realizes what just happened. His lover rushes down the stairs and throws her hands around him, proclaiming her love for him to the world. Silently, the king thinks to himself “Any boy who can defeat a tiger in battle, is a son of and a well deserved one. Yes I agree he will be very good for my Daughter, who’s beauty surpasses that of all the gods.” And so with reader, you have learned that love may not be the powerful force in the universe, but it is certainly a force not to be reckoned with.

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