The Perfect Teacher for Me by Franny C

My perfect teacher would be someone who is firm, yet not strict, calm, yet fun. This would be because I like those teachers who find the fun activities and stick them into the classes, so that the classes are educational, but captivating. The teacher may have small surprises like homework passes to help students to strive to do their best work, and sometimes small parties or activities to celebrate events and holidays.

The teacher would help us with all our troubles and worries, and he/she would try to help the students the best they could. The teacher would give us fun examples to help us understand the topic and the teacher would not give up until he/she succeeded. We would have classes that everyone would enjoy, and everyone would gain from the teacher, even the teacher. We would all try to work together and learn from each other, and everyone would have their say. This would be my perfect teacher.


Ideal Teacher by Shaylen

Shaylen ideal


An ideal teacher would not give homework unless there’s a big test that week. Also, an ideal teacher would give extra tutorial time if they know that their students are very busy. Not only they would understand that Friday is part of the weekend and there should be no tests so you don’t have to panic about how you did to your parents. This is what an ideal teacher is to me.


Ideal Teacher by Sylvia








Photo of a magnet by Sylvia

I think that an ideal teacher would give little to no homework and especially no homework on the weekends because that is when you get a break from school. It would also be ideal if there were quizzes and tests but no grades so the pressure is off a bit. The whole purpose of quizzes and tests is to see which students understand the material, so we don’t really need grades. Besides, most of us get good grades anyway. It is also better for the teacher to actually teach his/her students, not just give them worksheets. That’s how I think an ideal teacher would be but I think that the teachers at Durham Academy are very good teachers and we are very lucky to go to school there.


An Ideal Teacher by Bella K.

An ideal teacher for any grade should not give any homework on weekends. Students get school off on weekends meant to rest and spend time with their friends, families, or outside of school activities such as sports or vacations. However, if we get work to do on Fridays, then what difference does that make from regular school days other than actually having school? Some teachers at DA give out homework on weekends for different reasons, but they should all know these two days are really supposed to be “work-free”.


The Ideal Teacher By Joanna

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We are reading The Giver in LA class. In The Giver, it is a perfect world. In The Giver, there would be perfect teachers. This is my perfect teacher. My teacher would be very nice, but if you misbehaved they would be strict. In class they would teach us lots of information, but it would be fun to learn. At the end of class, they would give us candy if we were all good and got thorough everything for that day. They wouldn’t give much homework, but the homework would require some thinking, not just facts. The homework would be fun, too. The teacher would check their email some time every night but not too late (like maybe 7:30 PM) because some people go to bed earlier than others and need help that night to get in the homework. The teacher would be helpful in class, too. Also, the teacher would allow you to bring your pet to class if it wasn’t disruptive to the class, but actually that wouldn’t be a very good idea. That is my ideal teacher.

Ideal Teacher By: Ryan

An ideal teacher is a teacher that gives out a reasonable amount of homework each night. The great teacher has to reach out towards her students to help them if they need it. Also, the teachers need to be kind and fun so the student wants to learn. Children need a class to look forward to each day. The teacher should be able to teach and make things clear by explaining it. She should be responsible and attentive to all the students and listen to them. That is my ideal teacher.


Ideal 1st Grade Teacher by Alex P.

In language arts we are still reading “The Giver”. We are discussing what an ideal teacher would be like.

To me, an ideal first grade teacher would be fun, encouraging, patient, kind, but firm. I believe he or she should also be able to explain things in many different ways and help establish confidence. The teacher should also encourage fortes but also strengthen less established academic areas to help make the student well-rounded. An ideal first grade teacher (to me) would have the kids play games in groups (boys and girls together) to learn and cooperate. The teacher would not use a lot of technology aside from simple things such as using a mouse, and learning to type so that the first graders can develop their handwriting. He or she would be fair to everyone and if there was a problem between students, the teacher would be able to solve the issue well. If there was a punishment, it would fit the “crime”. If the first grader did something wrong, the teacher shouldn’t yell or get frustrated. That only makes the student not want to do the suggestion or instruction. I also believe that a good teacher should show students how to do public speaking– after all, it is a life skill. I feel that teachers that teach younger children should especially be an excellent role model because it is easier to change at a younger age.


The Ideal Teacher by Anna W.









In Language Arts we are still reading The Giver. In this story there is an ideal society. I know that if I were to describe an ideal teacher it would be quite different.

An ideal teacher to me, would be a teacher who is involved with the students and their work. For example, they actually stand up in front of the class and describe things thoroughly, help their students, and make learning fun. I have some teachers who do what I mentioned and some that don’t. I prefer classes where the teacher is understanding and helpful. An ideal teacher would be strict about certain things to keep us on task. Although, they would not start yelling or lecturing us. I especially don’t like it when teachers do that! I like it when they explain what we are doing wrong and stay calm. That makes me actually want to do what they say.

A teacher that is involved with their students and their work is easier to be around. I can trust them and feel more comfortable with getting help or. I really enjoy when teachers make learning into a game. For example, in language arts we played jeopardy to study for a test. We also acted vocabulary words out to study for another test. I definitely think my ideal teacher is great!


The Ideal Teacher by David P.

Mrs. Donnelly’s daughter is learning to be a teacher. This is the feedback I would give her as a teacher:

I think that an ideal instructor would do a lot of things differently from the position that is referred to as “teacher”. In most schools, teachers teach, hand out work, and take up the work, with no real personalization of the work. In some cases, the students in these classes do not get to choose, and often feel that the class is useless. I think an ideal instructor should teach different subjects, but divide, say, science, into different interest groups, because there is really no importance to physics unless you are willing to go into a profession that involves it. For example, the instructor could divide kids into study groups in their own levels of biology, physical science, astrophysics, medical science, and psychological science. This kind of instruction would continue until the last year of high school, where kids could prepare for the SAT’s. There would also be an optional time in the day where the instructor would divide the students into study groups to pursue their own interests.

For example, I would benefit from this time because I plan to go into computer science. I would use the time to learn more languages like Ruby, Python, and JavaScript. Fortunately, I have benefited from a teacher who inspired me (although not taught me) to learn some HTML. Another student might use the time to learn all about a sport if they planned to do sports as their profession, or astronomy. Teaching is a constantly debated matter, and I have an idea as to what an ideal teacher would do.