Ideal Teacher by Shaylen

Shaylen ideal


An ideal teacher would not give homework unless there’s a big test that week. Also, an ideal teacher would give extra tutorial time if they know that their students are very busy. Not only they would understand that Friday is part of the weekend and there should be no tests so you don’t have to panic about how you did to your parents. This is what an ideal teacher is to me.


3 thoughts on “Ideal Teacher by Shaylen

  1. I am confused because you said that the teacher would not give homework unless there was a big test, but later you said that the teachers shouldn’t give tests at all. Wouldn’t that mean that there would be no homework?

  2. @19ryan what I’m saying s it’s recommended that there should be no tests but if they decide to then very little homework to prepare them

  3. I agree, I really love having more tutorial time as it is very helpful!

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