Valentine’s Poems by Cole

In class a few days ago, we made Valentine’s Day Poems. It is where we take an article from a newspaper or book, then cut it out and choose random words to make a poem. What is cool about this particular kind of “poem”, is you don’t know what it will be like until you are completely finished with the whole thing. Here is what mine looks like:

December 2011 Compared to December 2010 By Cole D.

It was a cold day when I woke up. I looked out the window and everything was white! Yes, no school! Mid-december 2010 was awesome! I went to the top of all the hills I could find and sledded down them all, on my brand new sled. Snow flurries pelting my face as I go down the hill at about 15 miles per hour. Snowball wars, building gigantic castles then throwing 2-foot snow chunks at each other. Throwing snow balls at the ice truck, who moved the snow out of the road and put salt down. Laughing, playing, talking, having fun. Getting snow in our shoes. Going inside and having hot chocolate. Going back out and sledding more. Watching the snow slowly melting away. The last snow drops are gone now. This day was very fun.


Mid-December 2011:
I wake up, knowing there won’t be snow. It hasn’t snowed in about a year now, and this winter is a bad one for sledding in North Carolina. I got a brand new sled, but it’ll probably have to wait another year. Sad, sitting inside all day, lonely. None of my friends are home, though I wish they were. Playing fetch with my dogs. Finally, my neighbors get home later that day. I ring their doorbells, and we play outside. Then we come over to my house. It’s mid-December now, and it’s about 60 outside. Later that day, we play basketball. I have a sleepover with my neighbor, which was fun. Just not as fun as last year. How I miss December 2010……..

The Past vs. the Future by Kayla B.

The Royal Wedding

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Today in Language Arts we saw a touching video about different events that had happened in the year of 2011. Some of the things in the video make you feel so greatful. It helps you see from other people’s prospectives. Some things in the video include the troops coming home, the tsunami in japan, Steve Jobs, and the Royal Wedding. So many natural disasters have happened in this world and some of us were not even close to being hurt. That is what makes me thankful. So many great things have happened too and I am looking forward to many more in the year 2012.

2011 by Josh

As 2011 is coming to a close, there are some things that I will remember for a lifetime, and others that I would like to remember, but I will forget. I will probably never forget the day at school when Osama Bin Ladin was killed, it was very hectic. At my old school, we would discuss important current events of the past day in LA. I remember when the earthquake in Japan occurred, we spent one entire class period sharing our information about it. I did a current event worksheet event about the royal wedding when William popped the question, and followed it up on the day of their wedding. There have been many bad things this year, such as the death of co-founder of apple, Steve Jobs, but there have been many goods things, such as my first year at sleep away camp. In the coming 2012 I am looking forward to the Presidential election, the London Olympics, and my birthday. This new year, I am going to try to become a better athlete. What are your new year’s resolutions? How do you want to spend the new year?

2011 Review By Sam D

2011 Review

                 This is my review on 2011. I am going to tell you about one thing that happened in 2011. My topic is Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs was a very good man that changed our world today. He started out dropping out of school and working with his friend  his own garage. Their first invention was called the Apple 1. And his great inventions carried on until now. Steve made a big impact on my life by making computer using easier and instead of the computer doing what it wants, it does what you want. Steve Jobs has made us feel like technology feel like we can treat it as your best friends.

Remembering 2011 and Looking Forward to 2012 by Cam

I think that there were two things from 2011 that I will really remember. The first was that my grandfather got out of the hospital. It really meant a lot to me to know that he was safe. It was extremely stressful on my father because it was his father that was in the hospital not mine. The second was a more global accomplishment. The terminating of Osama Bin Laden. If you had someone you loved during 9/11 that died I’m sure that you were elated when they announced it. Or you might of said, “About time.” No matter what your opinion was we can all agree that he was a truly evil man. In 2012 I am looking forward to the elections for The United States. There are several candidates that are in the race and are all willing to do their very best in the elections. My father is an economist so I am sure that he is itching to see what happens with the Euro Crisis. Will Greece have to be bailed out? All I know is that it has been a great year and I am looking forward to the new year of 2012!



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My Opinion of 2011 By Marta

I think 2011 was a spectacular year, but many disasters have also occurred, like the death of Steve Jobs, the Euro crisis in Greece, and more. Many great things have happened as well, like the Royal Wedding, and the military coming home from Iraq. I think this year has been a………..beautiful one. It has had beautiful happenings, but also bad ones, which causes me not to name 2011 a perfect year. Osama Bin Laden has died, and Barack Obama has remembered him, and so will we! Let us all try to enjoy this last month of the beautiful 2011

One More Year by Ian L


It has been a long year with a lot different things happening. The Tsunami in Japan, the death of Steve Jobs, the assassination of Osama Bin Laden, The Royal Wedding. All of these were huge things that defined the year, but some things that were more personal stood out to me. For instance, we got our laptops. This was a huge event for me because I had never really used a computer before 2010. Since than I have become very good at using them. Another huge thing in my life this year was that my uncle almost died. He was in a bike accident and flipped over the handlebars, puncturing one of his lungs. Also only yesterday I had my midterm exams. They were pretty hard, but I finished with a good grade. Like our teacher said, preparing for the exam is more stressful than actually taking the exam in most cases. It’s been a good year that I really enjoyed. One of the best of my life. I hope next year will be even better. Let’s hope 2012 is the best year yet!

What I Miss and What I Look Forward To By Olivia


My second home

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           2011 was an eventful year for me, probably the most eventful year since for me since I was born.

Last year I lived in Heidelberg,Germany. I didn’t speak german and I had never been there before, but I made it. I miss Heidelberg SO much. Yes, things were very hard for me at the beginning but things got easier gradually. We arrived in August and left in August. I was out of the U.S. for 361 days. By October I was communicating with people at school and in town and by November I could actually comprehend most of my classes. Heidelberg is the size of Durham but with a bigger population so it feels very urban. I was very indepentent. I went to school by myself, went grocery shopping for my parents, and went to school parties. All by myself. It was amazing. On the last day of school I cried because I knew that we would be leaving soon. I still write my old class and luckily I am going to visit them later this year. Also, coming home was softened by getting to come to Durham Academy! It’s a great school!

So many other things happened too! So many things I couldn’t name all of them. Among them were the deaths of Amy Winehouse, Elizabeth Taylor, Osama Bin Laden and Gaddafi. Also, there was the royal wedding and the euro crisis.

I know that as much I will miss 2011 I will come to love 2012 as much as I do 2011.  A lot of things will happen. For example, I will get braces and I will get to visit my old class. I hope that you have happy holidays and a wonderful new year, wherever you are and whatever the new year brings you!

I Made It By Mariana R

I made it through 2011 and the rough year that everybody has had. There are things that happened in 2011 that I think the next generations can’t forget. That is why I am going to write about it.

Steve Jobs

The death of Steve Jobs was very surprising. Steve Jobs was a great person. Everybody will remember his name for as long as we can keep it up. Steve Jobs made Apple a very successful business. He made many people happy with the iPhone, iMac, and other things from the Apple company.

Osama Bin Laden

Osama was a very bad person. We will all remember 9.11. Osama was the one who organized 9.11 and the tragic deaths. He was the number one most wanted on our C.I.A wanted list. His death was very celebrated in America. Before he got shot he used one of his many wives as a human shield.

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

The Japan earthquake and tsunami was a very tragic occurrence. Many people died. The people of Japan were very scared and needed help. Many people were sent to help the people that couldn’t help themselves. I tried to do whatever I could to help. I couldn’t go to Japan because it was the middle of school year for me but I still kept up with the news about Japan. My dad helped me find a source to help Japan by sending money and things that they might need.

Soldiers Come Home

The event of the soldiers coming home from battle is huge because all the moms, wives, family, and children of the men and women will get to see their family. If my dad, brother , or another family member went away to war I would be worried and I would miss them so much. If they came home by surprise I would feel like I just found a missing piece of me. That is why I know how the family of these soldiers would feel. It is a very happy and loving event.

A picture of 2011 with a Happy New Year Sign under it