Stylus Choice By: SAM D

If I were to choose one of the pens Mrs. Donnelly passed out, I would probably choose the Bamboo pen because it has the little thing on it and because it is light and easy to use. I would choose the Cosmonaut if it wasn’t so big and I would choose the Amazon if it was lighter.

App Choice SAM Duty

If I were to choose an app that helps me the most in school it would probably be Notes. Notes helps me write all of my assignments down so I know what to do when I get home. If I didn’t have Notes I would have to write my assignments down in my planner (which I lost).


Giver Memory by Sam D

If I was the Giver, I would probably give Jonas the memory of of rain. I think this is a good memory because it would inflict on Jonas’ life in big proportions of the feel of the water in that way. Although I would have probably chosen snow if it wasn’t already in the book because it seems better and has a little bit more impact.

Scrabble: My Favorite Family Game by Sam

My favorite family game is Scrabble because I like making the words and only being able to have seven tiles to put down. I always like to instead of making new words, add on to words like: tag=tagged, run=running, bug=bugs because then if I do that I can take credit for their word and also get extra points for them. And that’s why Scrabble is my favorite family game.

ABC Scrabble

from Flickrr

If I Were an Adult for a Day… By Sam D.

I wake up and fall out of bed. There is a loud thud. That is very strange because I don’t thud like that. It is also strange because I have a loft bed not a normal bed. I go to brush my teeth and see that I am big. I get happy because I am a grown-up. I go to my garage and there is a Ferrari in the spot where a car should be. I get even happier. I get in my car and drive to the gas station. They say that because I have a cool car I get special gas for free. I am excited because the gas prices are going up these days. I drive to Taco Bell and order a taco. I drive away eating my taco and go to the bank. I wanted to know how much money I owned. I asked the person and she said I had 7 quadrillion dollars. I am now so happy I almost have a seizure or something. I go back to my house and realize it is only 9:30! Wait, taco for breakfast? Who cares! I notice that I have a butler named Gordon. I say, “Gordon, go get me some Hawaiian Punch please.” And instead of saying “No, go get it yourself,” he actually went and got it for me! And that’s how my day as a multi-quadrillionaire grown-up went!

My Book By SAM

Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children

My book is a sort of scary but in a twisted way book. It is called Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. It is about a boy named Jacob whose grandfather has told him crazy stories about his life on a small island where there is a home for “peculiar” children. But these kids aren’t just peculiar, they have amazing powers. Many years later Jacob doesn’t believe his grandfather anymore. Later, he gets a crazy phone call from his grandfather saying that he is about to be killed!!! And thats where I have stopped reading. DUN DUN DUUUUUUN!

The Noob Story Part Three by Sam D

His next class was science and the science teacher had decided to do a chemistry lesson. His science teacher was named Mr. Henderson. He told the class to take out their homework assignments and then he would start his lesson. Stanley was so excited to turn in his homework assignment he was about to have a stroke or something. He opened his binder to the homework section and took out his homework. Mr. Henderson came over to Stanley and asked him for his homework. “I did every thing on the assignment even the things we weren’t supposed to do!!!” said Stanley in an extremely loud voice and scared Mr. Henderson to the point where he had to put on his Stanley-proof earmuffs. When Stanley was done Mr. Henderson took off the earmuffs, thanked Stanley for the homework, and collected the rest of the class’s homework. Stanley was off to a good start of the day. Mr. Henderson told them that they would be doing a chemistry project in groups of two using pure potassium, sulphur, baking soda, vinegar, and water. Stanley was very excited about the project they were going to be doing and was already wondering who he was going to be paired up with. Stanley ended up being partners with a guy named Jake Fezz. Jake was a normal kid at school, not unpopular not very popular but one thing’s for sure, he did not like Stanley one bit. But Jake was a nice and polite kid so he wasn’t mean to Stanley. He tried to be as nice as he could and pray he would survive Stanley. He was half right.

Thankful Thanksgiving by Sam D

At thanksgiving I am thankful for my dad. He does lots of good things for the family like devoting his valuble time to us kids and mom. He also makes m0ney to feed, clothe, bathe, and protect the family. He also takes time out of his morning to walk the dog, help me and my sister get ready for school, and drive us to school. There are so many good things my dad does for me.

The Noob Story Part Two by Sam D

While waiting in the car, he saw his Nintendo DS and picked it up and played Mario Kart on the way to school. When the car pulled up to the school, he shut his DS, and he and his mom walked into the school. When they got to the door for homeroom his mom kissed his cheek, told him that he was her sunshine, and left the school. The second he walked into homeroom he was nailed in the face with a wad of notebook paper, followed by what was like a million more. It made poor Stanley sad and he began to cry. His homeroom teacher pulled him out of the projectiles and told the class that their actions were inappropriate and that Stanley was just important as the rest of the class. That made Stanley feel a little better about himself and he heard the first bell and left for his next class.