The Noob Story Part Three by Sam D

His next class was science and the science teacher had decided to do a chemistry lesson. His science teacher was named Mr. Henderson. He told the class to take out their homework assignments and then he would start his lesson. Stanley was so excited to turn in his homework assignment he was about to have a stroke or something. He opened his binder to the homework section and took out his homework. Mr. Henderson came over to Stanley and asked him for his homework. “I did every thing on the assignment even the things we weren’t supposed to do!!!” said Stanley in an extremely loud voice and scared Mr. Henderson to the point where he had to put on his Stanley-proof earmuffs. When Stanley was done Mr. Henderson took off the earmuffs, thanked Stanley for the homework, and collected the rest of the class’s homework. Stanley was off to a good start of the day. Mr. Henderson told them that they would be doing a chemistry project in groups of two using pure potassium, sulphur, baking soda, vinegar, and water. Stanley was very excited about the project they were going to be doing and was already wondering who he was going to be paired up with. Stanley ended up being partners with a guy named Jake Fezz. Jake was a normal kid at school, not unpopular not very popular but one thing’s for sure, he did not like Stanley one bit. But Jake was a nice and polite kid so he wasn’t mean to Stanley. He tried to be as nice as he could and pray he would survive Stanley. He was half right.

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