Brain by Kira S.

To finish off the year, in Language Arts class we had to draw a brain with different sections that were going through our head throughout the year. You could make your brain however you wanted to. This year was a lot of fun! From Camp Cheerio to our first end of the year dance. Besides all the many tests and quizzes that we had to have to be prepared for seventh grade, this year was pretty easy and fun. I developed new friendships and made my old friendships stronger. I have learned a lot this year and I can’t wait for seventh grade and all the many challenges that it might bring! Have a great summer!


iPad by Kira S.






This year we were introduced to a new piece of technology. When I found out that we were getting iPads for another learning tool, I was excited to see all the different ways we could use it for learning. Throughout the year I learned a lot of things we could do with the iPad. Although in most of my classes, we only used it every once and a while. I used my iPad in Language Arts class the most. I used it for posting new blog post, Membean, Wisdom Tale reading, Cosmic reading, and many other assignments. It was definitely a change from using mostly only computers and paper and pencil to using iPads. It was a fun and educational experience!


Membean by Kira






Throughout the year in Language Arts class we have been doing vocabulary. We have also been using an online tool called Membean. Membean is a great way to expand your vocabulary and learn different parts of a word. I think that Membean has definitely helped me expand my vocabulary and knowledge about a variety of words. Membean is educational but is also fun! Some people might not be interested in learning vocabulary, but Membean helps make it fun! I’ve had a great time using Membean and I highly recommend it!


Membean By Joanna

In Language Arts, we use a website called Membean. Membean gives you vocabulary words and quizzes or gives you new words based on how well you are doing on the little quizzes on individual words. Also, it gives you a level of Membean. Your level is perfect for you and contains words on your level, so you can have words that aren’t too easy, but aren’t too hard. Also, Membean allows you to choose different lengths of practice time so you can do a bit or a lot! Membean also has an ITK button (or I Know This button) so you can skip a word if you know it by heart already. For me Membean is like vocabulary lists of words that I don’t already know from reading and news. Membean is vocabulary, so you kind of are like “Urrrgh, do I have to do this?” But it is really fine once you start! You should definitely try it out some time!


Giving Away A Memory by Kira S.







In Language Arts class, we are reading a book called The Giver. In The Giver the receiver and The Giver take away all the bad memories from the people in the community and even some of the good memories.

If I were to give away a memory I would give away the memory of deaths in my family first. I would give away deaths in my family because watching family members pass away would be something that I wouldn’t want to keep seeing in my mind. I would rather remember the good things about them and not the memories of the being sick or in pain. When losing that memory, I would also gain the good memories of them and the good thoughts about them. I would also rather give away the bad memories before the happy ones.


The First Memory by Dylan J.

Photo by Flickr Storm

We are currently reading the book The Giver in which there is Jonas who is the new Receiver who all the old memories are given to. The Old Receiver or the Giver gives memories to Jonas. If I were the Giver the first memory I would have given to Jonas would have been love and family so that when I started to give Jonas the hard memories he would remember the strongest good things, love and family.


The Ideal Teacher by Kira S






In Language Arts, we are reading The Giver.  The Giver is based on a society that is perfect and all the same. If I were to describe an ideal teacher, I would say that and ideal teacher is respectful to their students, meaning that they listen to their students when they want to share a thought. Another thing that I look for in a teacher is that they are nice. Along with being respectful and nice, I like a teacher who challenges their students with new things. I definitely like my teachers challenging me with things that I don’t think I can accomplish. Sometimes a student just needs support and motivation from their teacher! Lastly I think that an ideal teacher should have a good teaching strategy, one that works for them and for their students!


Community Service by Kira S

Every year Durham Academy tries to do at least two community services. Recently we had our second community service and my advisory went to Spring Arbor Community Home. I thought is was a great experience to go and talk to and do activities with the them. After we talked to them and asked them questions, we did an arts and crafts activity. We helped them paint flower pots and put a flower in the pot. It felt really good seeing there expression when we told them that they could keep the flower and watch it grow! When we were down with the pots, the therapy dog named Riley came and did tricks for them. In the end we gave them little gift bags that had little goodies in them. It was a fun and interesting experience!


The Giver by Kira S

In Language Arts class, we are reading a book called The Giver. In The Giver, we are learning how people are given “assignments” once they turn twelve. I think my “assignment” would be the yard work because I would be nice to keep up the crops and organizing the plants. Since I like to be neat and tidy and get things done efficiently. I think those are good qualities to have in every job or “assignment”.