Brain by Kira S.

To finish off the year, in Language Arts class we had to draw a brain with different sections that were going through our head throughout the year. You could make your brain however you wanted to. This year was a lot of fun! From Camp Cheerio to our first end of the year dance. Besides all the many tests and quizzes that we had to have to be prepared for seventh grade, this year was pretty easy and fun. I developed new friendships and made my old friendships stronger. I have learned a lot this year and I can’t wait for seventh grade and all the many challenges that it might bring! Have a great summer!


Brains by Jenny


To wrap up the year of projects our last project was to draw our brains and put the things in it that happen in our everyday life and that relate to our life. One thing I put was school because I come to school every day except for the weekends and this is where I get my education. I also put technology in my brain because technology has been helping me a lot in school lately and I use it out of school. Another thing I put in my brain was sports because sports keep me healthy, they keep me in shape and are a good workout. I also put my family and friends because they are a big part of my life and help me with things when I need help and always have my back. These were the things on my brain. What was on yours?