The First Memory by Dylan J.

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We are currently reading the book The Giver in which there is Jonas who is the new Receiver who all the old memories are given to. The Old Receiver or the Giver gives memories to Jonas. If I were the Giver the first memory I would have given to Jonas would have been love and family so that when I started to give Jonas the hard memories he would remember the strongest good things, love and family.


The Westing Game by Dylan J.

The Westing Game is about a group of people who buy apartments from Sunset Towers and live their lives normally. Then they are all called to witness the reading of the will of Sam Westing, a millionaire who owns a paper company who died. In the will, Westing calls all of the people heirs and say he was murdered and they most solve his game, The Westing Game. The people are partnered up and then each pair is given ten thousand dollars and clues to find the murderer. Read the book to find out the ending!

Hero Project by Dylan J.

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Over the winter and the beginning of spring we worked on our hero projects, which was about someone in our lives we chose to write three short stories about and describe them with three characteristics. I did my oldest brother Kiran. My three words to describe him were inspiring, caring, and patience. For the art part of the project, we folded many folds on a paper and made it into a pop up collage book. Then we would print out our stories and put them on the books. At the end, our books were put up in the FRANK Gallery in Chapel Hill.

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Talk To Your Teen by Dylan J.

One way to get your teen to talk is do things that will make them want to do it again with you. For example, card games.

If your teen seems upset, then ask them if they want to talk about it.

Give allowance to your teen if he does all of his chores.

Go to movies sometimes with your whole family.

Do things that include family time.

Wisdom Tales Test by Dylan J.

Today in L.A. We took an open note test on wisdom tales. I like open note tests because I usually take good notes so you can just copy from your notes. I studied by going over my notes and making sure there were no misspellings, left out tales, and that I could understand my notes. In my opinion, I would rather have an open note test than a regular test. I liked this and I hope I get a good grade.

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Tennis Tournament by Dylan J.

Last summer I competed in a tournament in Charlotte and the people I played there were really good. I did very well but at the end I just got a lucky shot. In the final match, I just needed to score one more point. The other person came up to the net and slammed it. I barely got my racket on the ball but I lobbed the ball over his head as the last point. I then got a medal for 1st place. Next summer I am going to do this again.


I am Grateful For… by Dylan J.






I am grateful for my grandmother who was always so nice, creative, and playful. She would always try to make me and my brothers smile. She even wore a Halloween costume once when she was with us. I was thankful for what she did to make us smile. I will miss her and I hope she passes on to a better place. Her soul will always be with us.

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My Top Three Favorite Books By Dylan J

My all time favorite book was Inheritance in the Eragon series. I like this book because the plot was written well and it keeps you reading with exciting things on each page. Although, if you do not like reading books that are long, this might be a little long. It is 839 pages long.

My second favorite book is The Heroes of Olympus series. I like this series because I am into Greek mythology and I like how they have different characters tell their part of the stories at different times. These books are around 400-600 pages long, so a little long.

My third favorite book is Evil Genius by Catherine Jinks. It might be a little inappropriate because it is about a kid who is extremely smart that is manipulated into doing many evil things. Although I still liked this book because it hooks you in. It is 486 pages but the font is tiny and it should be about 650 pages.

I hope you enjoy these suggestions.

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Community Service By Dylan J.

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When we first got to the Ronald Mcdonald House we were given a tour of the house then we went outside to fill up bags of sand to make luminaries for the holidays. When we started filling the bags of sand it was fun but then when time went by it got harder. By the end of it my arms were hurting me because of all the bags of sand I carried. You might think that lifting sand is easy but when it is about 3lbs each bag for one hour and thirty minutes your arms get tired. Hopefully our work will make the Ronald Mcdonald House light up during the holidays.