A Memory by Alex P.

In class, we are still currently reading “The Giver”. The Giver is an aged man who has burdened with the memories of the world and previous generations, before there was Sameness and Climate Control. The Giver has a successor, the Receiver, who has to accept the memories of joy and grief.

If I were the Giver, the first memory I would give is the memory of the Olympics. This would teach the successor about the diversity there once was. It would show him or her that differences is okay, and that he or she should not be afraid or ashamed of them. It would also give him or her the experience of pride, excitement, prejudice, and joy. The scene would be during the opening ceremony, when all the athletes representing their countries proudly walk in the procession. It would show all the faces and traditional dress of each nationality, you would be able to hear music and the announcer saying the name of each country. This would teach the Receiver to appreciate each person’s culture and talent (which in this case would be the different kinds of sports).


Memory by Frederick

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If I had to give a memory, it would be me watching a movie. The reason why I would give away this memory because it is relaxing, with popcorn, soda, and candy. It would also be very interesting in that community because they have no such thing. I would probably show a sports movie because they don’t have sports either.


What Memory Would I Give Away? By Davi



In Language Arts class we are reading a book called The Giver. In The Giver, the Giver gives memories to the main character Jonas, as part of his training. The memory then disappears, or fades to almost nothing.

I would give away the memory of the beach in Peru. I would give this memory away because it is one of the best I have. The community in The Giver probably doesn’t know what a beach is, so I want to give them that memory. The beach is fun, beautiful, and not always crowded. The residents of the town in The Giver would, most certainly enjoy a memory of the beach.

My Memory I Would Give First by Neil

In the book The Giver there is a person that keeps all the memories so the people don’t have to suffer from the terrible memories. That person is called the Giver. The Giver suffers from all the bad memories, but there are also many good memories. As he gets old he has to give these memories to Jonas the future Giver. He is called the Receiver. If I were the Giver the first memory I would give the Receiver is the memory of hope. Hope is an important feeling to have. Times are hard in The Giver and I think the Receiver really needs hope to make things better.


What Memory I Would Give Away First by Noah

In the book The Giver there is a role called the The Giver, this special role’s responsibility is to transfer memories to the Receiver. If I were The Giver, the first memory I would give is my first time wake boarding. I would give this memory because it was really fun and exhilarating and I had a sense of accomplishment after I couldn’t get up in the previous couple tries.


The First Memory by Dylan J.

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We are currently reading the book The Giver in which there is Jonas who is the new Receiver who all the old memories are given to. The Old Receiver or the Giver gives memories to Jonas. If I were the Giver the first memory I would have given to Jonas would have been love and family so that when I started to give Jonas the hard memories he would remember the strongest good things, love and family.