Hero Book by Norman

We made hero books about someone who we thought was a hero. We stamped pieces of paper with patterns and let them dry. We chose a background color and painted a big sheet of paper that color. Our hero needed to be in it somewhere. We then put on scraps of paper and glued them on. It took a while to fold it but eventually we got it. We put on the side background, the cover and the back cover after we glued the words “My Hero” on it. We then put our hero stories on the back. Then it was off to the Frank Gallery in Chapel Hill. I kept the book a secret to my hero (my dad) and it was a surprise. My dad really liked the story and I can’t wait until we have it at home.

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Hero Books by Joanna

We just finished making a book and writing about our heroes. Our heroes are people in our lives who have a big impact on our life. My hero is my brother. He is kind and extremely smart. We started making our hero books with figuring out our hero. Then we got all of our information about them and started thinking about which moment with our hero we were going to depict in our book. Finally, Mrs. Gignoux came to help us with making the actual hero book during one period of Language Arts, while in the other period we wrote about our hero over several days. Then when we were finished with our books and our writing, we pasted the story into the book. Yay! Our books were finally done and ready to be put in the Frank Gallery in Chapel Hill, North Carolina!

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Hero Blog Post by Frederick

Photo by Mrs.Donnelly

Our class did a book project on our hero. I did my dad. In the beginning, I thought it would take forever to finish, but it was very short and more fun than I would ever think. Mrs. Gignoux was our artist. In the beginning, we had to divide our books in sections and then color the background. We then cut pictures into the shapes we wanted. I did my book in the streets of South Korea. After a few big days of making our books, we finally finished. I felt really good after I finished putting everything together. I was sad that my hero couldn’t come, but I felt really special, and I will never forget this day.

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Hero Books by Anna W.

For a couple weeks our 6th grade Language Arts class worked on hero books. Each student picked a hero then wrote a story about him or her. The writing was definitely the hardest part because there was a lot of planning, organizing, and brainstorming. In my opinion the art was the best part. I looked forward to working on my hero book each day.

Peg Gignoux is an artist who did our hero books with us. She taught us how to do many new things like stamping designs. I loved picking the colors and designs I wanted to use because it was almost like shopping.

We each got to pick a scene that our hero book would show. My scene was a farm with my mother and me riding horses. It was very colorful and creative. There is a part that pops out on the books, and it is supposed to be from where the viewer is looking. My pop out was a wooden fence. Later we glued our covers and writing on. The books were pressed under wooden boards to flatten them. Finally, they were taken to the Frank Gallery in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

There was a reception at the Frank Gallery where all of the families could come and see the books. I came with my hero, which is my mom. She absolutely loved it! I had a good time looking at all of my friend’s books too!

I am proud of how my hero’s book turned out! I feel like I learned a lot from this experience! I hope we do another project like this!

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Hero Project by Dylan J.

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

Over the winter and the beginning of spring we worked on our hero projects, which was about someone in our lives we chose to write three short stories about and describe them with three characteristics. I did my oldest brother Kiran. My three words to describe him were inspiring, caring, and patience. For the art part of the project, we folded many folds on a paper and made it into a pop up collage book. Then we would print out our stories and put them on the books. At the end, our books were put up in the FRANK Gallery in Chapel Hill.

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