iPads in 6th Grade By Joanna

In 6th grade, we used iPads. iPads were useful in class and at home/study hall. In classes we used them to read books, to put up blog posts, to do class work, and much more. The class we used iPads in the least was probably Science or History. The class we used the iPads in the most was probably Language Arts or Spanish. In all of our classes, we wrote down the homework on the iPad apps using either calendar, Evernote, or reminders. These were very useful for homework because you would have Spanish homework, Language Arts homework, and what the homework actually was that day, all in one little bundle of iPadness. iPads in 6th grade were very useful and kind of fun.


Membean By Joanna

In Language Arts, we use a website called Membean. Membean gives you vocabulary words and quizzes or gives you new words based on how well you are doing on the little quizzes on individual words. Also, it gives you a level of Membean. Your level is perfect for you and contains words on your level, so you can have words that aren’t too easy, but aren’t too hard. Also, Membean allows you to choose different lengths of practice time so you can do a bit or a lot! Membean also has an ITK button (or I Know This button) so you can skip a word if you know it by heart already. For me Membean is like vocabulary lists of words that I don’t already know from reading and news. Membean is vocabulary, so you kind of are like “Urrrgh, do I have to do this?” But it is really fine once you start! You should definitely try it out some time!


My First Memory I Would Give By Joanna






If I was the Giver, I would give the memory of hiking in the mountains first, so the Receiver could get a big hill and a town and sunshine and maybe some snow all at the same time! In the memory, you would be in the middle of the mountainside and you would be looking out at the other mountains and at the bottom of this one there would be a town. Then you would keep going up and up and it starts snowing so you head back down the mountain. This memory would also transmit a little pain, too because of being tired and cold. This would be a good memory to give the new Receiver as their first memory.

The Ideal Teacher By Joanna

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We are reading The Giver in LA class. In The Giver, it is a perfect world. In The Giver, there would be perfect teachers. This is my perfect teacher. My teacher would be very nice, but if you misbehaved they would be strict. In class they would teach us lots of information, but it would be fun to learn. At the end of class, they would give us candy if we were all good and got thorough everything for that day. They wouldn’t give much homework, but the homework would require some thinking, not just facts. The homework would be fun, too. The teacher would check their email some time every night but not too late (like maybe 7:30 PM) because some people go to bed earlier than others and need help that night to get in the homework. The teacher would be helpful in class, too. Also, the teacher would allow you to bring your pet to class if it wasn’t disruptive to the class, but actually that wouldn’t be a very good idea. That is my ideal teacher.

Community Service #2 By Joanna

For community service this time, we went to Hope Valley Elementary to help out with the classes. My friend Kristina and I were assigned to Kindergarten kids. First, we were told to play with the Kindergartners for their recess. They almost immediately idolized us and would do whatever we said and follow us wherever we went. Then, we went back inside with them and we went to their cafeteria. This was slightly awkward because neither of us have been in a cafeteria for over three years, but soon we kind of got where to sit. Then, we went back to the classroom with about five Kindergarteners hanging on to each hand. When we got to the classroom, we played math games with them. Then they learned even and odd numbers. Finally, we had to leave. All of the kids wanted us to come back tomorrow. We told them that we would talk to our advisor about coming back again some time. Our community service was very, very cute.


The Giver: My Assignment By Joanna

In Language Arts, we started a book called The Giver. The Giver is about a “perfect” society. In The Giver, there are different Assignments. I think that my Assignment would be a Doctor. I think this would be my Assignment because I am not afraid of blood and I can actually do some Doctor stuff. The elder people would observe that in my volunteer time I go to the hospital or a doctor office and make the meals for the patients (if I did volunteer time in The Giver). Also, I would not be disappointed if I was a doctor. The other thing the I might be is a Nurturer, who looks after new children. If I were in The Giver, I would probably be a doctor.


The Westing Game By Joanna B.

In Language Arts, we read The Westing Game. While we read the book, we made trading cards for each character. We had a list of 25 characters to draw pictures of and write short bits of information about. A trading card has 10 boxes to put information in. Each box has some other bit of information.







In the trading card, you can add a picture and change the style of the card


Hero Books by Joanna

We just finished making a book and writing about our heroes. Our heroes are people in our lives who have a big impact on our life. My hero is my brother. He is kind and extremely smart. We started making our hero books with figuring out our hero. Then we got all of our information about them and started thinking about which moment with our hero we were going to depict in our book. Finally, Mrs. Gignoux came to help us with making the actual hero book during one period of Language Arts, while in the other period we wrote about our hero over several days. Then when we were finished with our books and our writing, we pasted the story into the book. Yay! Our books were finally done and ready to be put in the Frank Gallery in Chapel Hill, North Carolina!

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Lady Or The Tiger? By Joanna

The Lady Or The Tiger?By Joanna

Without hesitation, he walked toward the door onthe right. When he was right in front of the right door, hehesitated and took one last look at the princess. Heartpounding, head spinning, he turns toward the door. Helooks at it and thinks of all of the time that he spent withthe princess. He wonders if the princess truly did lovehim, and had guided him to the door with the lady behindit. He imagines the priest and the dancing, happy peoplewhen the lady comes out.

Then he remembers her barbaric side. He wonderswhat it would be like to be torn apart by a tiger. He thinksof the orange and black beast that may be the last thinghe ever sees. But then he banishes these thoughts fromhis mind, the audience is getting restless, shouting forhim to make his decision.

He lifts his hand up to the handle of the door andswings it open. It crashes loudly as the chains and hingeson it protest against the force of his push. He sees thelady and his face brightens. The priest and the happypeople walk out! But the door, which he threw open a littletoo forcefully, swings back and whacks him, throwing himto the wall in the back of the chamber. He falls from thewall, right onto his head. There is a sound something likea wettish crack, and his body goes totally limp. He isdead. The lady in the room quickly exits through the backpassage, looking horrified.

The princess’s anguished cry is hidden in a largeaudience’s worth of gasps. They did not expect this oncehe chose the door with the lady behind it. Neither did theprincess. The priest and the happy people stop, becomered with embarrassment, and scamper back to the doorunder the king. The mourners wails pierce the air. Theaudience slowly filters out of the arena, heads down,dragging their feet, mourning for the man who died justwhen he was offered a brand new life.