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We are reading The Giver in LA class. In The Giver, it is a perfect world. In The Giver, there would be perfect teachers. This is my perfect teacher. My teacher would be very nice, but if you misbehaved they would be strict. In class they would teach us lots of information, but it would be fun to learn. At the end of class, they would give us candy if we were all good and got thorough everything for that day. They wouldn’t give much homework, but the homework would require some thinking, not just facts. The homework would be fun, too. The teacher would check their email some time every night but not too late (like maybe 7:30 PM) because some people go to bed earlier than others and need help that night to get in the homework. The teacher would be helpful in class, too. Also, the teacher would allow you to bring your pet to class if it wasn’t disruptive to the class, but actually that wouldn’t be a very good idea. That is my ideal teacher.

3 thoughts on “The Ideal Teacher By Joanna

  1. I like how you said that they would be nice, but strict when the time comes. I also think that you should be allowed to bring your pet to class if he/she doesn’t disrupt the learning.

  2. I like the idea of niceness, but not all students are as ideal. Pets can’t really be quiet during a school day. Not all learning is perfectly fun, but we are required to do it. And candy? It would make the non-perfect students feel bad. And candy is bad for you. The point of a teacher is to HELP, not cause obesity or teeth problems. However, the rest are good ideas.

  3. I think this is a great representation of the ideal teacher but it definitely is a difficult balance to find between being too nice and too strict. Really cool ideas and thoughts!
    -Nicole Donnelly

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