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  1. 19davi at |

    I like how you said that they would be nice, but strict when the time comes. I also think that you should be allowed to bring your pet to class if he/she doesn’t disrupt the learning.

  2. 19david at |

    I like the idea of niceness, but not all students are as ideal. Pets can’t really be quiet during a school day. Not all learning is perfectly fun, but we are required to do it. And candy? It would make the non-perfect students feel bad. And candy is bad for you. The point of a teacher is to HELP, not cause obesity or teeth problems. However, the rest are good ideas.

  3. Nicole at |

    I think this is a great representation of the ideal teacher but it definitely is a difficult balance to find between being too nice and too strict. Really cool ideas and thoughts!
    -Nicole Donnelly

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