What Was The Best Experience For You This Year? By David

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With the school year coming to a close, I think it is safe to designate one special thing about this year. This can be from all the way back to the first day of school to today, even. For me, it was getting to meet all of my morning teachers and Mrs. Donnelly on the first day of class. It made me happy that there were so many nice teachers that I would get for a whole year. What was yours? Please comment below!


The Ideal Teacher By Joanna

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We are reading The Giver in LA class. In The Giver, it is a perfect world. In The Giver, there would be perfect teachers. This is my perfect teacher. My teacher would be very nice, but if you misbehaved they would be strict. In class they would teach us lots of information, but it would be fun to learn. At the end of class, they would give us candy if we were all good and got thorough everything for that day. They wouldn’t give much homework, but the homework would require some thinking, not just facts. The homework would be fun, too. The teacher would check their email some time every night but not too late (like maybe 7:30 PM) because some people go to bed earlier than others and need help that night to get in the homework. The teacher would be helpful in class, too. Also, the teacher would allow you to bring your pet to class if it wasn’t disruptive to the class, but actually that wouldn’t be a very good idea. That is my ideal teacher.

The Ideal Teacher by Norman







The ideal teacher would teach hands on learning. They would also teach things useful in the real world, like how to tie certain knots, and how to build a good fire. The ideal teacher would educate us about real world problems like hunger and poverty and how to avoid them. The ideal teacher would teach many different subjects like a language of your choice, history, math, science, outdoors skills and many others. The ideal teacher would help us through any blocks that we might have when learning.


The Ideal Teacher by David P.

Mrs. Donnelly’s daughter is learning to be a teacher. This is the feedback I would give her as a teacher:

I think that an ideal instructor would do a lot of things differently from the position that is referred to as “teacher”. In most schools, teachers teach, hand out work, and take up the work, with no real personalization of the work. In some cases, the students in these classes do not get to choose, and often feel that the class is useless. I think an ideal instructor should teach different subjects, but divide, say, science, into different interest groups, because there is really no importance to physics unless you are willing to go into a profession that involves it. For example, the instructor could divide kids into study groups in their own levels of biology, physical science, astrophysics, medical science, and psychological science. This kind of instruction would continue until the last year of high school, where kids could prepare for the SAT’s. There would also be an optional time in the day where the instructor would divide the students into study groups to pursue their own interests.

For example, I would benefit from this time because I plan to go into computer science. I would use the time to learn more languages like Ruby, Python, and JavaScript. Fortunately, I have benefited from a teacher who inspired me (although not taught me) to learn some HTML. Another student might use the time to learn all about a sport if they planned to do sports as their profession, or astronomy. Teaching is a constantly debated matter, and I have an idea as to what an ideal teacher would do.


The Ideal Teacher by: Davi

For me, an ideal teacher would be a person who listens; a person who doesn’t think that they are superior to the students because of their age. A ideal teacher would be a person who understands kids, and helps them with their problems.

These days, teachers aren’t always open to suggestions. They have their lessons already in their head, and they don’t listen to new ideas. There will always be teachers like that. Then there are some teachers who are close, if not already ideal. They are open, listen to their students, and treat their students as equals; no matter if they are young or old, big or small, or the same religion or race. They treat their students as if they were fully fledged adults; with respect and kindness. That, is an ideal teacher.

The Ideal Teacher By: Ellie M

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My ideal teacher would post all of the homework for the next week ahead of time on the Sunday before that school week so his/her students can plan ahead for that week. An ideal teacher would also have more two-day assignents that might take a little longer to complete. Also, at our school our homework should take about 20 minutes. Some teachers say “stop once it is 20 minutes” but others just want you to finish it no matter how long it takes. An ideal teacher should also assign projects that are relatively fun that students get to choose between certain guidelines. This makes learning a lot more fun! Lastly, the ideal teacher would give you back your quizzes and tests the next day (and not lose a test or two). Half of my teachers don’t do that!


The Ideal Teacher by Noah


In language arts class we are currently reading The Giver. In this book, the setting is in an ideal community where everything is perfect in the eyes of the people who live there. An ideal teacher in the ideal community would treat kids nicely, explain directions thoroughly and be patient. Some things that an ideal teacher shouldn’t do are: don’t just give worksheet after worksheet and project after project, this just makes students very tired out. Instead of giving thousands of worksheets and just handing them in, take a while and discuss them. Ideal teachers should also incorporate fun projects and not make them due in a very short period of time.


My Ideal Teacher by Katie C.

In LA class we are reading the book The Giver by Lois Lowry. The Giver is about an ideal society. My ideal teacher would be a teacher that’s nice but strict. Also, they would be a good teacher, but in class we would have fun while learning. They would teach us very well so we would learn a lot. Every so often the teacher would give us some candy if we do very well on something. Also, the teacher would have us write on paper with pens and pencils, because you learn it better if you write it. They would be nice and helpful. The teacher would not give you a lot of homework, but some homework so we can get better at what we are learning. That would be my ideal teacher.


The Ideal Teacher By Shaffer W.

In my Language Arts class we are reading a book called The Giver, and each year a couple of kids who turn twelve get assigned a job and they have to train for that job each day. My teacher has told us to tell her about what our ideal teacher would be. So I have had some teachers that have been so awesome and not so awesome. One way they can be awesome is how they teach me, I like it when they talk to me and explain the material to me. A not so awesome teacher would have us take notes as fast as we can and then he/she tells us to study them and learn it for the next time. I want a teacher who is fun, but smart, and can make us smart. A teacher who can make homework a hobby for us, and who can prepare us for the real world.


The Ideal Teacher by Jenny

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In the book, The Giver, by Lois Lowry Jonas and his family unit live in a perfect and ideal community. Everything is the same and so perfect because the leaders committed to sameness. I think that the Ideal Teacher would be a great teacher by helping students when they need help. Not giving a ton of homework but just the right amount that would be needed. I don’t like it when teachers give tests or quizzes like every other three days or one every week, but sometimes it’s ok, so not that many quizzes would also be a great teacher! I like it when teachers explain things well like the activities or projects we do, because sometimes teachers don’t always give great explanations and it is kind of hard to complete the task we are given. These are my thoughts of an ideal teacher, what are yours?