My 7th Grade Year By: Shaffer W


Next year, I will be a seventh grade at Durham Academy middle school, I am very excited about this. One reason I am excited is because I get to play school sports. I just cannot wait to play because my sister is two years older than me and I had to watch her play every game she had. So now it’s my turn to play all the sports that I want in middle school.

One thing that I am not looking forward to is all the homework that I’m going to have. When my sister was in seventh grade she said that it was very hard and she had so much homework almost every night she got home. So I’m not looking forward to the homework. So I predict that when I’m done with seventh grade, I think that I will have a fun time.


iPads By: Shaffer W.

My 6th grade experience with iPads was one of the best years I have ever had. Having iPads this whole year has been an honor to have because I don’t think any other school just gets an iPad for school. When I use my iPad, I use my iPad in Language Arts class.One thing that I use my iPad for in this class is vocabulary, we sometimes have 10 vocabulary words each week and I use my iPad to study them. Another class I use my iPad for is Spanish. One thing that I use my iPad for in this class is taking notes. My teacher will write information on the board and then I will copy them in Evernote on my iPad. Sometimes I don’t want to use my iPad when I email someone that has nothing to do with school because one of our teachers can see what we are doing on our iPads and I can get in big trouble. Email can be used for school use though.

Membean By: Shaffer W.

Membean is a fun, new way of learning vocabulary words. I do Membean almost all of the time at school and I learn new words every time I go on it. I have experienced Membean for quite a while now and I can tell you that it has been so much fun learning new words.

One thing that I like about Membean is that when you get a word wrong, it takes you back when you first learned it and you answer it again. Sometimes when I’m not on Membean, I hear words or read words in a book that I learned on Membean which is pretty cool. I have come a long way with Membean and I would very much recommend it to any other student because Membean is that awesome.


My Memory I Would Give First by Shaffer

In the book, The Giver, Jonas is selected to be the next Receiver of Memory. Jonas and the current Receiver, also known as The Giver, will meet every day and The Giver will transfer his memories to Jonas. The memories are good, bad, and fun, and they can hurt. So if I were The Giver, the memory I would give first are the bad memories, but the bad memory I would give first is pain because I want to get them over with because there are more good memories than bad memories. So when were finished with the bad memories, the person I’m training will be scared and afraid and then I would give him/her all the good memories to end the training.


The Ideal Teacher By Shaffer W.

In my Language Arts class we are reading a book called The Giver, and each year a couple of kids who turn twelve get assigned a job and they have to train for that job each day. My teacher has told us to tell her about what our ideal teacher would be. So I have had some teachers that have been so awesome and not so awesome. One way they can be awesome is how they teach me, I like it when they talk to me and explain the material to me. A not so awesome teacher would have us take notes as fast as we can and then he/she tells us to study them and learn it for the next time. I want a teacher who is fun, but smart, and can make us smart. A teacher who can make homework a hobby for us, and who can prepare us for the real world.


Community Service By: Shaffer W






Photo by Mrs. D

At my school, we did community service and it means that we go to places and help other people with stuff that they need help with. For my class, we went to an organization called, TABLE. it is an organization where we give food to people who don’t have food to eat. When we first got there, we unloaded the food from the cars and out them on the table, then we wrote dates on all the food to make sure no food was expired. Then, we put the foods in the section where they belonged. After that, a couple of students and I volunteered to sweep the porch and make it nice and neat. When we finished, the lady who was there and told us what to do showed us a picture of the children that came to TABLE to eat food, they actually looked very hungry but thankful. I think this was a great experience for me because now I know how lucky I am to have all the food that I have. I felt very good taking the food to TABLE because it makes me feel really good about myself when I help other people.

The Giver Assignment By: Shaffer W


During my language arts class, my class is reading a book called, The Giver. In this book, there is no war, fear, and pain. You would think this is a good thing but you have no choices as well. So when you are twelve years old, you have this ceremony and at that ceremony you’re assigned a job for the rest of your life until you retire. So if I were in this book, I think I would be assigned to police officer. I think I would be a good police officer because I am strong, fast, smart, and I am pretty good at aiming a gun.


Hero Bookmaking Experience by Shaffer

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

I enjoyed making these books; they were hard, but with local artist Peg Gignoux’s help it was much better. Working with her was fantastic, she taught my class how to do everything we needed to know. If one of us had a problem with something she knew how to fix it right away. Making my book from start to finish was very difficult. I had some problems, but Mrs. Gignoux came over and helped me out, and I was ready to go.

When people walk out of the Frank Galley after seeing all those books about everyone’s hero, I want them to know that everyone can have a hero and make a book about it. It feels very good to honor someone, because when the person you honored goes to see your book about you honoring them, they will feel special, like someone really cares about them and they will be very happy. It feels a little weird having my work displayed in the gallery because I do not know what people will think of my work. I don’t know if they will be like that one is weird or that one is amazing.

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The lady Or The Tiger by Shaffer



The Lady Or The Tiger?


Standing between the two doors, not knowing which one was death or happiness, I look behind and see the princess. I cannot tell if she is mad or if she is happy. But suddenly, she waves her hand to the right.

I think, ok if she still loves me she will know that the maiden is on the right side and I won’t get hurt. But if she doesn’t love me at all, she will want me to die immediately. So without any hesitation, I moved to the left door thinking she hates me. I opened the door and out came a big, mean ferocious tiger, eating me with a smile on its face. I try to open his mouth to free myself, but the tiger was too strong.

I could feel my body just being torn apart and I was dying right there. While I was being eaten, I could hear the cry of the princess. She was very sad that I didn’t trust her and go to the right door. But now I know that she still loved me. Even though I was going to be with someone else, she did not care. All she cared about was me being alive and knowing I was happy.

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Talk To Your Teen by Shaffer W.







Here are some ways how to talk to your teen:

You want to talk to your teen about things they are interested in.

You ask them if you want to hang out with them.

Buy them presents and if they like them you’ve done a good job, but if they do not like them, you can return the gifts and wait for the next thing.

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