Membean by Jack H

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In Language Arts class we are using a great program named Membean. This program helps everyone in the class with their spelling and vocabulary. There are several things it does. It teaches you new words, the definition for those words, and how the word is broken up. At the beginning of the year, I was not very good at Membean, but as I kept using it I got better and better. Membean is really easy  to use and I think all teachers should get an account for their students.

Membean by Frederick

My experience with Membean was good. It is a great program to use and it is easy to learn. Sometimes I got frustrated, but that’s really rare. I like how Membean keeps reviewing to really get it in our heads. Also because of Membean, I can understand some words in books. It was so cool to write a letter to Mr. Satish. He gave us great advice and tips. I’m looking forward to Membean next year because I get more time to do it, and I can learn in a different way.


Membean by Davi

I think that Membean is a wonderful program. Membean teaches us new words, and strengthens them, before adding new words to our vocabulary. It does this with multiple choice questions, word maps, and pictures. Event though Membean has its flaws, I think that it is still better than memorizing vocabulary lists. Vocabulary lists just make you memorize the words for one week, then you can forget them. Membean revisits old words, so that you can’t just forget them. Every once in a while, one of your very first words might pop up. Because of this, you remember more words, and your vocabulary grows. In conclusion, Membean is amazing. Try it out, and share your opinions on it with a comment.


Membean By: Shaffer W.

Membean is a fun, new way of learning vocabulary words. I do Membean almost all of the time at school and I learn new words every time I go on it. I have experienced Membean for quite a while now and I can tell you that it has been so much fun learning new words.

One thing that I like about Membean is that when you get a word wrong, it takes you back when you first learned it and you answer it again. Sometimes when I’m not on Membean, I hear words or read words in a book that I learned on Membean which is pretty cool. I have come a long way with Membean and I would very much recommend it to any other student because Membean is that awesome.