Membean by Davi

I think that Membean is a wonderful program. Membean teaches us new words, and strengthens them, before adding new words to our vocabulary. It does this with multiple choice questions, word maps, and pictures. Event though Membean has its flaws, I think that it is still better than memorizing vocabulary lists. Vocabulary lists just make you memorize the words for one week, then you can forget them. Membean revisits old words, so that you can’t just forget them. Every once in a while, one of your very first words might pop up. Because of this, you remember more words, and your vocabulary grows. In conclusion, Membean is amazing. Try it out, and share your opinions on it with a comment.


What’s Your Favorite Movie? By Davi

I decided to do this blog post instead of my quarterly What Is Your Favorite Book post. I am going to put chambers and categories below. At the beginning of course comment, put the number of the genre your answering about, then the name of the movie. Thanks!


1. Action

2. Comedy

3. Foreign

4.  Horror

5. Thriller

6.  General

Lady Or The Tiger? by Jack H.


Heart pounding, eyes widening, the man looked at the princess for help. The princess used her thumb to point to the right, but she did it so no one would see. The princess had seen the man with the other woman that was going to be his wife if a tiger does not come out. The man knew that the princess had seen them, so he had to ponder if she was telling the truth or if she hated him. If she hated him, he would be eaten by a tiger. As he looked at the door with tears running loose down his face not knowing what to open the left door or the right one. One step at a time, he look at all the people holding their breaths, some not looking, some eyes fixed on him as if they werenailed to him. On his tenth step, he tripped and the king got up and yelled, “Get on with it, I don’t have all day!” That was followed by an eruption by the crowd.

He got up and opened the door on the right out leapt a tiger. Now he knew he was going to die. He looked at the tiger running around the stadium, then at the princess, with the blood running out his face. She looked back with a wink. The tiger charged, so the man ran into where the tiger came from. The tiger bit the man and the crowd went dead quiet. The man grunted with pain.

Later, after everyone left the stadium the guards got sent out to get the man a bury him. The man passed out with blood loss. The man woke up under two feet of dirt. He quickly started to dig his way out. He was about to suffocate, but he broke through the dirt.

He got up, dusted himself off, and walked to the next city. From that day on, he was known as the man who beat the tiger.

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Open Note Test by Jack

Open note tests are not really easy. Just because they’re open note does not mean that you don’t have to study. When you take an open note test you’re not just copying from your notes you have to think, study, and use your notes to help you. I liked that we got to use our iPads to take notes but I think we should have each country in different notes so it is easier to find the story. I like open note test because all of your information is right in front of you. It took a long time but I think I did good on it.

Christmas by Jenny D






Christmas!! Christmas is definitly my favorite holiday! I love decorating for Christmas like getting our tree, decorating it, decorating the outside of our house, hanging snowflakes, and absolutely opening presents on Christmas Day! We got our Christmas tree on Monday and our wreath to decorate. Once we were done decorating our Christmas tree I could feel the holiday season coming sooner and sooner. But one thing I don’t like is Christmas Eve, because I am so excited that I can’t fall asleep. I hope everyone has a good Christmas, what is everyone asking for?

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I Am Thankful For… by Jenny

Photo by Jenny

I am thankful for sleep. I am thankful for sleep because without sleep you would be grumpy and cranky in the morning. When you go to sleep you can forget about all the bad things that happened the night before and just relax and sleep. It is good to get your 8-10 hours of sleep! I love to go to sleep so I can just relax and think about how the next day is going to be and all of the good things that can happen. I am grateful that we have sleep so we can get all of our stress out and just SLEEP.

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Edublog: First Thoughts + New Technology By Cole D.

This is my first blog post. I think that Edublogs is a great place to to share ideas, learn, be creative, and interact with others. I am very excited to be writing articles and sharing them. I’m very thankful that we have such amazing technology, while others don’t have anything basically. Edublogs is one of the best technologies on the web in my opinion. I am writing this article to tell everyone that Edublogs is amazing. I think that if more people get an Edublogs account, it will change modern technology. For example, no more wasted trees by printing thousands of paper newspapers. Therefore, all newpapers would be on the Internet. Also, in the 1800s, they had no technology at all basically. And then think about now, with people texting each other things like “lol”, and many more abbreviations. Also, Siri, built into the new Apple iPhone 4S, can do basically anything you ask it. For example, you could say: Siri, find a shopping center near here. Next thing you know, BOOM! There’s a map showing all shopping centers within a 10-mile radius of your location. I think that technology is catching up very fast.

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