Cole’s TapTyping Review

I tried TapTyping for the iPad. It is very cool. I think that we should keep it for next year because it helps you Type faster on the iPad’s glass screen; also, it gives you tips. I think that we should keep this app for next year. It is very helpful and helps you type much better on the iPad, as it is normally hard, but with TapTyping it is easier.

Jonas’s First Memory: By Cole

I think that Jonas’s first memory should have been a memory about the actual OUTSIDE world out of the community. If it were like this, Jonas would get a feel for real life; not boring life in Sameness and within the Community. Also, in the memory, there should be animals like hippos, elephants, etc, so he knows that they actually exist. In the memory, he would be sitting in the warm sun, or on a beach, or the wide open plains. I would give this memory to Jonas because it is important to know what is going on in the real world.



Blogsy: My First Thoughts by Cole

This is my first time doing Blogsy so here are my first thoughts: Blogsy is a good way to express ideas, however I feel that Edublogs is easier to navigate and chat and is less complex. In addition to that, I fell that Edublogs has more user that I know of. Overall, I like Blogsy and will use it, but not as much as Edublogs. Blogsy has some cool features however, that Edublogs doesn’t. For example, with the click of a button, you can go to YouTube, or different popular sites or applications. Overall, I would give Blogsy a 7/10 as it is very cool and allows you to go to different sites with the click of a button. However, Blogsy is relatively complex, and is limited to what it allows you to do.


Valentine’s Poems by Cole

In class a few days ago, we made Valentine’s Day Poems. It is where we take an article from a newspaper or book, then cut it out and choose random words to make a poem. What is cool about this particular kind of “poem”, is you don’t know what it will be like until you are completely finished with the whole thing. Here is what mine looks like:

Games That My Family Plays By Cole D.

Currently, my family plays Words With Friends, an online type of Scrabble for the iPhone, making big words for lots of points like JARS, with the J on the triple letter and S on the triple word, for 99 points. We used to play Monopoly and Sorry and  with our grandmother. We would all sit around the dining room table, my brother and I arguing about “No! You’re cheating! You gave yourself too much money!” while my mom tried to get us to stop. So, my mom would then be the banker, and we would try to win. In Sorry, my brother, grandparents, cousins, and I play Sorry, trying to make it around the board. It was really fun. Most of the time, someone would get all their pieces out very quickly, and end up losing very badly. We also would build puzzles and play Jenga. In Jenga, the tower would fall, and it sometimes fell on you. We had really good times playing board games.

Photo from Flickr Creative Commons

If I Woke Up As An Adult By Cole D.

If I woke up as an adult, I would wake up in a different house. I wouldn’t know where I lived. I would check out the house, see a clock that read 4:00 A.M. I would check out the house, go into a bedroom, and see two kids sleeping. I think, are those my kids? The house is giant. I go into another room. The kitchen. I see the garage, laundry room. Then, in the living room, I see a picture of me in a nice suit, with another woman in a bridal dress. Is that my wife? It’s now 5:30, and I decide to look around some more. There is a playroom upstairs. Then, I slowly open a large door, and find the same woman as in the wedding picture, sleeping in a bed. I go into the living room to reflect on what’s happening. I can’t remember anything! I finally remember one thing. When I went to sleep last time I remember, I was 12. Now I’m 34! At 7:00, I remember something else. A few faint memories of me playing with my kids. I decide to go back to sleep on the couch in the living room. I dream about memories. I woke up with a start. In my dreams, I dreamed about things that happened in real life before! I look at the clock. 9:00. At 9:30, I hear footsteps. I act casual. A kid comes down. He says “Good morning, dad.” I say “Good morning son.” He called me dad! So I am his dad! I asked him “Is your brother up?” He said “David? Yeah, he’s up.” A few seconds later, David came into the room. I said “How’d you sleep?” He said “Good, but James kept me up a little bit.” Then, I was thinking, good, I know their names again. James and David. At 10:00, my “wife” came into the room. I said “Good morning, you slept late”. She said “Yeah, What time is it?” I said “11:00.” She went over and made some coffee. I glanced into the kitchen and saw her driver’s license. It said: Age: 32 Name: Margaret Dickson. At 12:00, we sat in the kitchen and ate lunch together. It was a Saturday. I asked James if he has any homework. “No, I just have to read a little bit. 7th grade is kind of easy for me.” So he’s in 7th grade. I asked “David, what about you?” He said “No.” I picked up a phone next to me and checked the date. It said: MARCH 17, 2034. Carolyn, my wife, asked “Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, I charged your phone last night.” I said “Thanks.” My two children went outside to play, and told me to come with them. I did, and they jumped on pogo sticks, rode bikes, and then came inside at 4:00. They got a snack, then asked me if I would have a pillow fight. I asked my wife, and she said yes. So, David and James tried to kill me with pillows, and I fought back. We were laughing the whole time. Then, Carolyn called us for dinner. My kids ran downstairs, and we ate dinner. After dinner, we went upstairs. My kids played video games, and I cleaned the house. At 9:00, my wife told David and James “Time for bed.” They said, “One sec mom!” My wife let them have 5 minutes, then they went to bed. My wife and I went to bed at 11:00. And that is my day as an adult.



December 2011 Compared to December 2010 By Cole D.

It was a cold day when I woke up. I looked out the window and everything was white! Yes, no school! Mid-december 2010 was awesome! I went to the top of all the hills I could find and sledded down them all, on my brand new sled. Snow flurries pelting my face as I go down the hill at about 15 miles per hour. Snowball wars, building gigantic castles then throwing 2-foot snow chunks at each other. Throwing snow balls at the ice truck, who moved the snow out of the road and put salt down. Laughing, playing, talking, having fun. Getting snow in our shoes. Going inside and having hot chocolate. Going back out and sledding more. Watching the snow slowly melting away. The last snow drops are gone now. This day was very fun.


Mid-December 2011:
I wake up, knowing there won’t be snow. It hasn’t snowed in about a year now, and this winter is a bad one for sledding in North Carolina. I got a brand new sled, but it’ll probably have to wait another year. Sad, sitting inside all day, lonely. None of my friends are home, though I wish they were. Playing fetch with my dogs. Finally, my neighbors get home later that day. I ring their doorbells, and we play outside. Then we come over to my house. It’s mid-December now, and it’s about 60 outside. Later that day, we play basketball. I have a sleepover with my neighbor, which was fun. Just not as fun as last year. How I miss December 2010……..

My Winter Break by Cole D.

My winter break was very long and exciting. On the 23rd, we went Christmas shopping with my grandfather, and got lots of toys. On Christmas Eve, we went to our Grandfather’s house and opened the presents. And later that night, we went to my OTHER grandparents’ house, and opened gifts there and had dinner. On the way back from dinner, I hid in my cousins car. They didn’t notice me until they were at their house, when I jumped out from behind the back seat and scared them all. It was really funny seeing their reactions. They called my dad and my brother, telling them to come to their house and pick me up. They did, and they were laughing, too. On the way home, we saw a car wreck. My dad checked it out, and came back 1 hour later when the police got there. Apparently the person who crashed was under the influence of alcohol. His car was destroyed, and my dad also said that the person had left the scene, which is illegal. If you don’t want to get grossed out, don’t read the next sentence. The man had left a trail of blood everywhere when he ran away into the woods. I got home at about 9:30. Then, at 10:00, we went to bed, exhausted. The next morning we woke up, and had to wait 3 hours for my dad to get up. When he got up, we ran downstairs and were amazed at the gifts we got. I had gotten a new iPhone! I was so excited, and I use it all the time now. After we were done at our dad’s house, we went to our mom’s house and opened gifts there, and got some really things. Then, at 12:00, my OTHER grandparent’s came to our house for lunch. My cousins are late a lot, so they got to my house at 2:00.When they got there, we all ate a huge lunch, then opened our other gifts. After we opened the gifts, we went to our basement and played until 3:00, when we came upstairs and went outside to play. Then they left at 6:00, and I took a nap because I was exhausted. I woke up at 7:00 the next morning and saw that my neighbors’ trampoline was up. So, I spent the whole day jumping on it. I also did on the 27th and 28th, From the 28th through 29th, I didn’t do much except for play with my new Christmas gifts. On New Year’s Eve, my dad had his friend over until 10:00. At 12:00, I watched the acorn drop. Then, we went to bed at 2:00 in the morning. On New Year’s Day, I jumped on the trampoline again, and had my friends over. On January 2nd, we made a movie and posted it to YouTube. It was really cool.

The Cav by Cole D.

The Cav is our school’s newspaper. It is on EduBlogs and currently, I am in it. It is a club that meets every seven school days during school. It’s where we write articles about life at our school, reviews of books, how tos, etc. It would be great if you could check it out. The link is below:


Photo taken by: Cole D.

The Cav Homepage:

2011 Review by Cole D.

This is my 2011 review. There are lots of things that are special that happened to me during this eventful year. For example, I got a new dog, Mako. Also, I got another new dog, Blue. They are very cute and play a lot. Another thing that happened to me this year is that I am now able to bike up to Harris Teeter, a store near my house, by myself. These two things stick with me because I play with my dogs a lot now and I bike up to Harris Teeter about every day. In addition to those, I got a new bed, my walls were painted, and my playroom was redone. These stick because I use my room a lot and I use my play room a lot, too. Some things that happened to me this year that are sad are that my step-grandpa died this year. Also, I cut my finger with a pocket knife this year. (I have the scar to prove it.) These are some of the many things (bad and good), that happened to me during this year.


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Photo of: PhotoWalk Egg in China (Built in 2011)