Thanksgiving By Alex P

Pumpkin pie baking,

Gardeners raking,

School is out,

No homework to worry about


The family says the prayer,

Dessert is saved for later,

Food piled on the platter,

Utensils clatter


Delicious flavors,

So much to savor,

Which to eat first?

None of the foods are the “worst”


Dinner comes to a close,

There aren’t any woes,

Outside it gets dark,

Which is what marks,

The end of Thanksgiving dinner.






Image created by me on Doodle Buddy

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Poem by Ian L

I made this poem during English class. The words I use are not crossed out in purple pencil. The transcript of this piece of newspaper (the poem part) is:



Different ideas by looking

at the big picture.

Change by comparing

ideas from you.






Word/Newspaper Poem By Marta

In class, we made these word poems out of newspaper articles and book pages, and crossed of the words we were not using, and left the words you use blank. It is very fun to make, and it can be any article, any page, and any color! Also, it’s very quick, and can be a very good emergency gift if you completely forget someones birthday!


Marta's Poem

Valentine’s Poems by Cole

In class a few days ago, we made Valentine’s Day Poems. It is where we take an article from a newspaper or book, then cut it out and choose random words to make a poem. What is cool about this particular kind of “poem”, is you don’t know what it will be like until you are completely finished with the whole thing. Here is what mine looks like:

Poem by Maggie D.

In language arts last week we made poems. We got an article out of a newspaper and crossed out words, we left some words blank so that it makes a poem. Then we glued it on a card and we could give it to someone for Valentines Day. This is a picture of one that I made for my mom.


Picture Taken by Mrs. Donnelly

Series Poems by Matthew

This is a series of poems like the Red Wheelbarrow.


From flickrcc

The Blue Bucket

So much depends
A blue
with clear and muddy
water inside
and with
green cows behind the water

A Green Cow

So much depends
a green cow
with red and blue
lungs inside
and with
a black spear to the left of it

The Black Spear On the Ground

So much depends
a black
with extremely hard
metal inside,
and with
a tall, gold, and fat statue in front of the weapon

The Tall, Gold, and Fat Statue

So much depends
a tall, gold, and fat
with extremely heavy
gold inside
and with
the same blue bucket to the right of the king