iPad Stylus by Maggie D

Today in Language Arts we tested styluses for the iPads. We tested the Bamboo, Amazon Basic, and the Cosmonaut. The Amazon Basic was really light and I didn’t like it at all. I liked the Bamboo a lot because it was really easy to write with. I also really liked the Cosmonaut. The Cosmonaut is really thick and big so it is hard to use. It is really easy to write with. I really like it because the end it a point so you know exactly where it will write. The Amazon Basic also had a little string hanging off of it at the end that got in my way a lot. Also the Bamboo is heavy so it is really easy to write with. The Bamboo is also the smallest so you can fit it in your pencil pouch or your iPad case. Next year I think that we should definitely get the Bamboo stylus.



Apps by Maggie D

One of the apps that I really like is Paperport Notes. I put all of my notes on that app. It’s a really good app. It is really easy to draw with your finger in this app too because you can zoom in and write, and then when you zoom out it is a regular size writing and isn’t to big. It is also really easy to type. There is also a a highlighter so that you can highlight things. I think that this is an awesome app that we should definitely keep this app for the iPads next year.

I also think that we should keep the Stickies app. I like it because you can make different categories for your stickies. So if you click one of the categories you can make a stickie just for that category. I also like it because it’s really easy to use. That’s why I think we should keep that app.


Memory by Maggie D

We are reading a book in Language Arts called The Giver. The Giver is giving this boy named Jonas memories of things that he doesn’t know about. If I were the Giver I would give Jonas the memory of the beach. I would give him that memory because I love the beach. I love getting super hot and then playing in the ocean. That is the memory that I would give Jonas.



Poem by Maggie D.

In language arts last week we made poems. We got an article out of a newspaper and crossed out words, we left some words blank so that it makes a poem. Then we glued it on a card and we could give it to someone for Valentines Day. This is a picture of one that I made for my mom.


Picture Taken by Mrs. Donnelly

My Puppy by Maggie D.

On Wednesday I am getting a havanese puppy. I have been begging for a puppy for years and I am finally getting one. The breeder named the litter all names from the show Modern Family. My dog’s original name was Jay but we are changing it to Billy. Here are some pictures of Billy.


6 Weeks Old


4 Weeks Old

Family Game by Maggie D

My family always plays Scrabble and Words With Friends. My sister and I don’t like Words With friends but the rest of my family is obsessed with it. When we go to see my grandparents at Christmas there is always a scrabble board out and people playing it. Sometimes we make a scrabble board that describes one person in our family. Once we made one about my grandma and it was really funny. My family also likes puzzles a lot. My grandma always gets the hardest puzzle she can find and expects us to finish it. We usually get three fourths of it done. We stay up all night to try and finish it. Those are the games that my family likes to play whenever we get together.

Scrabble Letters


If I Woke Up An Adult by Maggie D

If I woke up as an adult I would be 24 and would have already finished college. I would drive a white mini cooper with 2 black stripes on the front. I would buy a Havanese puppy and put bows in her hair. I would call my friends and go to the mall. I would buy all the clothes, shoes, purses, and jewelry I wanted. I would have gotten a boyfriend in college. We would get married. I would buy a private jet and we would go to Paris and London for our honeymoon. Then I would have five kids, 4 boys and 1 girl. I would spoil my girl! She will have everything she wants! I would trade my mini in for a BIG white BMW. I will be the best mom ever!!!!! That’s the life I am dreaming of!

Husband wife and baby


My Book by Maggie D

I am reading Murdered My Sweet by Joan Lowery Nixon. It’s about a young girl, Jenny,  and her mom who is a mystery writer. One of her relatives, Arnold Harmony, started the biggest chocolate company, Harmony Chocolates. Arnold invites the whole family to a party. The party is to read his new will in front of everyone so that nobody gets in a fight when he dies. Before he reads his will his son gets murdered. Jenny’s mom thinks that she can solve the murder because she writes mystery novels. This book is really good.

2011 Reflection by Maggie D.

William and Kate Mountbatten-Windsor


Today in Langauge Arts we watched a video about 2011. There were a lot of  big things that happened. Something that really stood out to me was the Royal Wedding.  Kate and William got married on April 29, 2011 at Westminster Abbey. All the Kings and Queens get crowned in Westminster Abbey. I know a lot of people that weren’t at the wedding woke up really early to watch it on TV. At school we went into one of the teacher’s classrooms and watched the wedding. So many things happened in 2011, but the Royal Wedding is something that I remembered most. I hope that so many more great things will happen in 2012!