iPads by Michiko

At the beginning of the school year, Durham Academy gave each student an iPad. The iPads were for school work only and at the end of the year the iPads were all turned in. Throughout this year I have used my iPad so much. I write all of my homework down on it and use it to email my teachers if I am absent, but the most helpful thing on the iPad is an app called Evernote.

Evernote is an app that you can take notes in but in addition to that your teachers can share a notebook of theirs with you so that you can get things like vocabulary lists that they put in their notebook. In just about every class Evernote is used. If you forget to write down your homework you can find it in Evernote.

In every class I use my iPad at least a little bit. In science, instead of my teacher collecting our homework and grading it he makes a short multiple choice quiz that you can use your homework on. It only has things that are on your homework. It is in an app called Nearpod.

We do projects on our iPads too! For projects we use more than one app. For example, if I was doing a Keynote presentation I would use Keynote, Reminders to remind me to do it, Safari, Camera, Sketchbook Express, and Easybib. My iPad has been very helpful during the year.


Helpful Apps On Our iPads By Anna

This year Durham Academy provided iPads for the whole middle school. After having them for a few mounths they have been very helpful. We have some textbooks on the iPad and some books just to read for fun. A lot of times we don’t even have to take as many binders home because the homework is on our iPads. I’m really glad we got iPads because they can be used for many things other schools can’t do.

Evernote is an app on our iPads. It is used daily by most Durham Academy students because it is very helpful. Why is it helpful? This app is very helpful because you can take notes, find handouts that teachers have shared with students, find what your homework is, and mail important things to teachers if they need to read or check them. Some students find all their homework in Evernote, but some use their Reminders app to record homework during the school day. I love Evernote, although sometimes it is stubborn and won’t cooperate. I am glad we have Evernote because it is a good source to easily find work if you are absent or forgot what the homework for certain classes were.

Another helpful app on our iPads is the Outlook Mail app. It is useful because if you need help on homework, don’t understand something, or forgot how to do something, you can easily contact a teacher or friend about it instead of coming to school early to figure it out or calling someone. On this app you can send pictures, messages, and messages to multiple people. It is also very simple to send a new message, reply to a message, save a draft, and read incoming mail. One bad thing about this app is that if you don’t have internet it will not send mail. Other then that the Outlook Mail app is a great way to quickly get in touch with people.

The last helpful app is Mindmeister. You can use it for taking notes and making maps which can be used for studying our vocabulary words. You can also insert photos, document, and PDFs. We use it most in our Language Arts class. Now that we have our iPads we can say bye to paper and pen and do it on Mindmeister much faster!



iPads by Michael J

This year people are very excited about the new iPads. The whole middle school got them for school purposes. They are helpful because we use less paper, it decreases our trips to the labs, and they are fun to use. I prefer to use iPads for taking notes and doing written homework, but some people still like to use paper.

The technology people have done a really great job setting them up. People think iPads are like portable computers, but they are a little bit different. Computers are easier to use for typing and can print documents. Also, I think computers are easier to use because the touch screen of an iPad can have some glitches. A few ways to help that though is to get a bluetooth keyboard, which you can match to your iPad, or a stylus, which limits touching your iPad. At school, now we have the option of the iPad and paper for most things. I would like the school to eventually have the option of using iPads and paper for everything.

An annoying thing about the iPads is the notifications and the keyboard clicks during class. There is a way to turn it off but not everyone has. In my opinion the iPads are helpful and useful but they can be distracting. I am excited to see what people will think of them.


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iPads By Dylan J.

There are many different types of learners and the iPad helps most of them. If you are a hearing learner this device is extremely helpful.

1. I think that the most useful app is Evernote because you can write your homework there, you can write reports, and you can email the things you have made on Evernote to people.

2. The second most useful app in my opinion is Google docs. It can do everything Evernote does. You can also make presentations on it which you cannot do on Evernote.

3. The third is GoodReader because you can answer and edit things the teachers have put onto Evernote.

4.Sketch Book Express I think is a great app for all artists and drawers and if you are in art.

5. The 5th most useful app in my opinion is Veracross because that is where all of the teachers share their new notebooks with you.

I also think that styluses are extremely useful. I hope this information came in handy.


Ipad image

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Top 5 Apps I like to Use By Kayla B



A few apps I like to use on my iPad are Draw Something, Words With Friends, Hanging With Friends, Reminders, and MindMeister. Draw Something is a game you can play with your friends if they have the app. It is where you have three word choices, each worth a different amount of coins, and pick one to draw. When you get a certain amount of coins you can buy new colors to draw with. After you draw your choice, your friend has to try and guess what your drawing is. If they don’t know what it is, they hit pass and your turn starts all over. Another app I like to use is called Words With Friends. Words With Friends is another game you can play with your friends and it is a lot like scrabble. You have seven letters and you have to make a word on the playing board. My third top favorite app is Hanging With Friends. Hanging With Friends is made by the same people who made Words With Friends. It’s like a twist on hangman. One player makes a word when they have twelve letters, but the word can only be eight letters long. Then the second player has to guess your word. Each player has five balloons and each time they guess a word wrong they lose a balloon. The first person to lose all of their balloons loses the game. Reminders is an app that comes with the iPad. I like reminders because it helps you remember important things. It can remind you of tests, quizzes, and special events that might be going on. The last app that I like to use is MindMeister. We use MindMeister in class a lot for The Giver. It is a way that you can organize your notes and put them in different categories. These are my top five favorite apps.


My Top Five Most Used Apps by Dylan P.

My top five most used apps are:
5. Sketch Book Express- This app is very fun and creative. It gives you the ability to draw whatever you want.
4. Mind Meister-This app is used for mapping out our Giver notes. It is very cool how it set it up. It reminds me of a mind expanding its knowledge.
3. iBooks- This one is almost self explanatory. It is used for reading. We have read Cosmic, The Westing Game, and we are presently reading The Giver.
2. Google Docs- It was already very useful for writing and work on the computer but know it is you can bring it everywhere on the iPad.
1. Notes- This is the most simple but in my opinion, the most useful on this list. It comes with the iPad and does not cost any money. I use it for well, taking notes and recording homework. It is much easier than bringing a notebook around I think and I’m much more organized because of it.

Cole’s TapTyping Review

I tried TapTyping for the iPad. It is very cool. I think that we should keep it for next year because it helps you Type faster on the iPad’s glass screen; also, it gives you tips. I think that we should keep this app for next year. It is very helpful and helps you type much better on the iPad, as it is normally hard, but with TapTyping it is easier.

Apps for Next Year Finn M.

The apps for next year that I think are going to be most useful are All of the drawing apps. I think all of the drawing apps are good for next year because they are good for taking notes, drawing, and proofreading. They are good for taking notes because you can add pictures or draw pictures to describe your drawing. They are good for drawing probably because they are drawing apps. They are good for proofreading because you can export a picture, underline it, or highlight it, and if you mess up you can erase it. Some of the apps that I am talking about are: Penultimate, Skitch, Sketchbookx, and Paperport Notes.

iPad App by Haley C

I think we should keep TED on the iPad. The reason is it’s really fun to use if you’re bored. It just has a lot of cool videos to watch. It is kind of like the news, but maybe a little more interesting. It shows a lot of people’s worldwide ideas, and it’s really cool.